Top 'Fortnite' team FaZe Clan believes a 'fair compromise' can be reached with Epic Games to allow teen banned for life to play again

jarvis fortnite faze clan epic gamesScreenshot YouTube/Jarvis, Epic Games

After 17-year-old Jarvis Khattri's emotional response to being issued a lifetime ban from "Fortnite" for using "aimbots," a software hack, FaZe Clan has issued a statement seeking a "fair compromise" with Epic Games. Khattri is a member of the hugely popular competitive esports team FaZe Clan, which he joined after his older brother Frazier Khattri (FaZe Kaye) began featuring him in YouTube videos. In a statement shared with Insider, FaZe Clan said it will "remain hopeful and stand ready to work with Epic Games in any way possible to come up with opportunity [sic] that allows Jarvis to play again at some point in his life." Previously, "Fortnite" maker Epic Games told Insider that cheat software like Khattri used in YouTube videos was subject to a "zero tolerance policy," but members of FaZe Clan like FaZe Banks have argued that Khattri's punishment was unfair compared to other disciplinary actions taken by Epic Games. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

FaZe Clan is hoping to reach a "fair compromise" with Epic Games that will allow its 17-year-old "Fortnite" streamer Jarvis Khattri to play again, in light of the lifetime ban he received for using "aimbots" for YouTube videos.

In a statement shared with Insider, the major esports team said "FaZe Clan is deeply saddened by the devastating impact this had had on Jarvis's life.  But we remain hopeful and stand ready to work with Epic Games in any way possible to come up with opportunity [sic] that allows Jarvis to play again at some point in his life."

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Fiona Hill Faces Off With Republicans in Impeachment Inquiry
“I did say to him, Ambassador Sondland, Gordon, I think this is all going to blow up. And here we are," Fiona Hill told the House Intelligence Committee Thursday.
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All hail the next Queen Elizabeth II.
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Widow of murdered Brooklyn pizza joint owner breaks down in court
The grief-stricken widow of slain L&B Spumoni Gardens co-owner Louis Barbati could barely hold it together Thursday when she took the stand at the trial of her husband’s alleged murderer. Joann Barbati gripped a handful of tissues in Brooklyn Supreme Court as she was shown surveillance footage from June 29, 2016, the day her husband...
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Man accused of unprovoked attack on elderly man flips out in court
A 37-year-old man with a lengthy rap sheet threw a fit in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday and had to be dragged out by guards as he was brought to face charges for an unprovoked beating of a 77-year-old man. Romeil Moore, who has been charged with second-degree assault for the Oct. 8 attack in Clinton...
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Coldplay won't go on tour to promote their new album while working to make gigs more environmentally sustainable
Getty Images British band Coldplay will not tour to promote their new album, but are working on how to make their gigs environmentally sustainable, lead singer Chris Martin said. "Our dream is to have a show with no single-use plastic, to have it be largely solar-powered," Martin told BBC. Coldplay will play a one-off show at London's Natural History Museum on Monday to promote the album. All performance proceeds will go to environmental charity ClientEarth. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. LONDON (Reuters) - British band Coldplay will not tour to promote their new album, but are working on how to make their gigs environmentally sustainable, lead singer Chris Martin said. The rock group, known for songs like "Yellow", "Paradise" and "Viva la Vida", will release their eighth studio album "Everyday Life" on Friday. The 52-minute record is made up of two halves, "Sunrise" and "Sunset".See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:Chrissy Teigen has a message for people who don't like John Legend's 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' remake: 'Get over it'Watch Dwayne Johnson sing a 'Moana' track in a video message to a 3-year-old boy 'in the fight of his life' says a 'racist' flight attendant called the police on him after he missed an announcement to put his laptop away
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These songs inspired by Trump’s handwritten quid pro quo defense are peak Twitter
The Twitter-verse is alive with the sound of music that was inspired by the most unusual of lyricists: US President Donald J. Trump. Earlier this week the embattled number 45 put on one of the strangest performances of his presidency as he spoke to media outside the White House. Starring as both narrator and lead, the President acted out what it might look like if he directly responded to inquiries raised by US Ambassador Gordon Sondland during the ongoing impeachment hearings. It has to be seen to be believed, here’s a video from C-SPAN: But if you’re not able to… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Twitter
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Trump and Navy clash again over SEAL commando who posed with corpse
U.S. President Donald Trump and senior Navy officials clashed over a high-profile war-crimes case as Trump vowed on Twitter on Thursday he would not allow a Navy SEAL convicted of battlefield misconduct to be expelled from the elite commando force.
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Secret Service spent more than $250,000 at Trump's properties in the first 5 months of his presidency, records show
AP Photo/Scott Heppell, File Newly released records show that the Secret Service spent more than $250,000 at Trump properties during the first five months of Trump's presidency. These new records offered new insight into federal spending, as documents reviewed in the past showed that federal spending at Trump properties amounted to just $84,000 in the first five months of his term. But these new records show expenses racked up on Secret Service credit cards, amounting to another $254,000 spent by just one agency. Some of the dates on the spending records even appear to align with the weekend trips Trump has taken to his golf resorts. "On April 2, 2017, for instance, Trump played golf at his club in suburban Virginia — a short drive from the White House," The Washington Post reported. "That day, the records show, the Secret Service made five separate payments to "Trump National Golf Club" totaling $26,802, the records show." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Newly released records show that the Secret Service spent more than $250,000 at Trump properties during the first five months of Trump's presidency. Records reviewed in the past showed that federal spending at Trump properties amounted to just $84,000 in the first five months of his term. But these newly released documents, which detail expenses made on Secret Service credit cards, amounted to $254,000, The Washington Post reported.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Pentagon official drops a bomb, reveals 3 separate inquiries about Ukraine military aid on the day of Trump's July 25 call with ZelenskyTulsi Gabbard is more well-known after Hillary Clinton took a jab at her, but also less popularRepublicans are grasping at straws after EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland blew up one of their last defenses of TrumpSEE ALSO: President Trump spent the summer jet-setting, watching cable TV, and golfing. Here are his most memorable moments.
Business Insider
Here's how to make a "computer on a card" from the 1960s
Michael Gardi says, "There were probably millions of CARDIACs (CARDboard Illustrative Aid to Computation) distributed to high schools and colleges in the late 60s and early 70s. Heck even my little high school in Northern Ontario got a bunch of them. But they are all but impossible to find now, so here is the next best thing." The CARDIAC Instructable presented here is not a computer, it's a device to help you understand how a computer works. You the user will: decode instructions by sliding panels up and down, move the program counter "lady bug" from one memory location to the next, perform the duties of an arithmetic logic unit (ALU), read inputs from one sliding strip, and write output results to another (with a pencil). Along the way you will you will learn the internal workings of a typical Von Neumann architecture computer. Some fairly sophisticated programs can be executed (by you manually remember) on the CARDIAC. Stacks, subroutines, recursion, and bootstrapping for example can all be demonstrated. Image: Instructables Read the rest
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Australia v Pakistan: first Test, day two – live!
Updates from the second day of play at the GabbaNew Zealand v England – live first Test coverage!Any thoughts? Email or tweet @GeoffLemonSport 12.32am GMT 6th over: Australia 34-0 (Warner 18, Burns 12) The errors keep building. Overpitched, so Warner can drive two runs through cover. On the legs, square for two more. The runs coming too easily, both batsmen have a start. Then overpitched again and Warner drives for four. Nice stride, perfect balance, out through cover. Imran looks for a solution by shifting to around the wicket, right-armer to left-hander, but bowls the same length and Warner can drive through cover again for three. The ball gets saved because third slip has been moved to cover and is able to chase it down. Australia off to a flyer, nearly 6 runs an over. Time for a change. 12.27am GMT 5th over: Australia 23-0 (Warner 7, Burns 12) Shaheen is the one not getting it right now. Just enough width for Warner to steer it away behind point, his most productive shot in Test cricket, for three runs. Then down leg side, and Burns doesn’t hit it with the bat but gets some thigh pad on it, four leg byes. Continue reading...
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Alphabet X’s new Everyday Robot project wants to build robots that can learn from the world around them
Image: Everyday Robots Today, Alphabet’s X moonshot division (formerly known as Google X) unveiled the Everyday Robot project, whose goal is to develop a “general-purpose learning robot.” The idea is that its robots could use cameras and complex machine learning algorithms to see and learn from the world around them without needing to be coded for every individual movement. The team is testing robots that can help out in workplace environments, though right now, these early robots are focused on learning how to sort trash. Here’s what one of them looks like — it reminds me of a very tall, one-armed Wall-E (ironic, given what the robots are tasked to do): Here’s a GIF of a robot actually sorting a recyclable can from a compost pile to a... Continue reading…
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Browns' Myles Garrett on Alleged Mason Rudolph Racial Slur: I Know What I Heard
Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett issued a statement on Twitter after he told the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph called him a racial slur before the fight during their Nov...
All the winners from the 70th annual National Book Awards
The 70th annual National Book Awards bestowed the top honor in fiction on Susan Choi author of the coming of age novel “Trust Exercise,” while the biggest round of applause for the night went to Susan Broom, the winner in nonfiction for “The Yellow House.” LeVar Burton, who played Lt. Commander Gordi LaForge in “Star...
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Browns GM John Dorsey Lends Support to Myles Garrett After Upheld Suspension
Cleveland Browns general manager John Dorsey offered continued "organizational support" for defensive end Myles Garrett after his indefinite suspension was upheld upon appeal Thursday: ...
Brenda Song says she wasn't "Asian enough" for Crazy Rich Asians
"It broke my heart," the actress told Teen Vogue
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No Deal on NAFTA Successor, but Democrats Point to Progress
Talks on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement will continue through the Thanksgiving break, with a vote possible in the weeks ahead, House leaders said.
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Bolivia funeral procession turns violent – in pictures
Marchers clash with police during the funerals of eight indigenous people killed by security forces in La Paz Continue reading...
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Ex-Vikings Kicker, Co-Inventor of Nerf Football Fred Cox Dies at Age 80
Former Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox, who was the co-inventor of the Nerf football, died Wednesday. He was 80...
Victoria's Secret cancels annual televised fashion show as viewers turn off
‘Evolution’ of marketing strategy comes as audiences for the runway show have slumped The annual Victoria’s Secret televised fashion show, known for its jewel-encrusted bras and supermodels sporting angel wings, will not be held this holiday season, according to an announcement by parent company L Brands Inc.The official confirmation comes months after Shanina Shaik, an Australian model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, told the Daily Telegraph the show would not be going ahead. Continue reading...
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What the cast of 'Frozen 2' looks like in real life
Disney Animation Disney's sequel to its animated hit movie "Frozen" arrives in theaters on November 22. Keep reading to see the full cast of voice actors who play the returning characters like Queen Elsa and Princess Anna, along with newcomers like Yelena, Honeymaren, and Ryder. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. The A-list cast of Disney's billion-dollar movie "Frozen" all returned for the new sequel, which arrives in theaters on November 22. But in addition to Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, and Josh Gad, other actors like Evan Rachel Wood and Martha Plimpton have joined the cast.  Keep reading to what the cast of "Frozen 2" looks like in real life.Queen Elsa is voiced by Broadway icon Idina Menzel. Disney and Kevin Winter/Getty Images via Disney Idina Menzel provides the powerhouse vocals for Queen Elsa's regular scenes in addition to the epic ballads she sings throughout both films.  In "Frozen 2," Elsa's powers are tested as she ventures into an enchanted forest protected by the spirits of water, earth, wind, and fire. And no, Elsa doesn't have any sort of love interest (gay or otherwise) in the second "Frozen" movie. Young Elsa was voiced by Mattea Conforti. Disney and Kevin Winter/Getty Images via Disney "Frozen 2" opens with a flashback to a night when Anna and Elsa were much younger, before Elsa's powers were made into a big secret. Actress Mattea Conforti provided the voice for that littler version of Elsa. Princess Anna is played by Kristen Bell. Disney and Kevin Winter/Getty Images via Disney Kristen Bell, currently the star of NBC's critically-acclaimed comedy "The Good Place," also does the singing for her character's musical moments in "Frozen 2." The sequel shows Anna confronting the bumpy road of long-term relationships as she and Kristoff try to figure out if "happily ever after" is a real thing. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:An abandoned 'Avengers: Infinity War' scene had the heroes fighting versions of themselvesThere are 10 major movies coming to theaters Christmas week — here they all areThe 14 best movies of 2019 so far that you absolutely need to see
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'This is all going to blow up': Highlights from Day 5 of impeachment hearings
President Donald Trump’s former Russia adviser Fiona Hill urged lawmakers in the House of Representatives impeachment inquiry on Thursday not to promote “politically driven falsehoods” that cast doubt on Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election.
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The Impeachment Hearings Have Shown the Policy Costs of Trump’s Narcissism
Yes, they’ve clarified what happened in Ukraine. But they’ve painted a broader picture too.
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2 men run 500 mile marathon to raise awareness of veteran suicides
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'Sounds like a Ramones song': Trump's Ukraine remarks become punk rock hit
President’s poetic words set to music in the style of the Ramones, the Smiths and moreDonald Trump treated reporters on Tuesday to what appeared to be a spoken-word poem about his feelings on allegations of a quid pro quo with Ukraine.His remarks, penned in enormous letters with black marker, were helpfully transcribed and photographed for anyone who might want to stage a performance of their own. Continue reading...
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In defense of Coldplay: Why the band’s new album should stop the hate
Coldplay became the biggest band from the 21st century on the strength of 2000’s “Parachutes” — the group’s Grammy-winning, double-platinum debut — and its even better follow-up, 2002’s “A Rush of Blood to the Head.” It truly seemed to be — to borrow from one of their signature songs — all “Yellow,” with the stars...
New York Post
CDC finds 47 deaths now linked to vaping
Health officials are reporting a rise in lung illnesses linked to vaping. There are now nearly 2,300 illnesses and nearly 50 deaths. As Dr. Jon LaPook reports, the news comes after a teen was hospitalized for what could be "popcorn lung."
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Trump signs continuing resolution to hold off a government shutdown -- for now
Donald Trump welcomed Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to the White House despite objections from lawmakers to the authoritarian leader.       
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Tesla to unveil long-hyped 'cyberpunk' electric pickup truck
Elon Musk has said he wants to build ‘supertruck with crazy torque’ as Ford and GM plan offerings of their ownElon Musk has talked for years about building an electric pickup truck that would threaten Detroit’s automakers, and on Thursday he will finally take off the wrapping. Tesla’s so-called “cybertruck” will debut at an evening event in Los Angeles.In a tweet on Thursday, Musk referenced his longtime ambition to build “a Tesla supertruck with crazy torque, dynamic air suspension” that “corners like its on rails” (sic). Continue reading...
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Imelda Staunton set to replace Olivia Colman in Netflix's The Crown
Oscar-nominated 63-year-old will reportedly play the Queen in seasons five and six of dramaImelda Staunton will reportedly replace Olivia Colman as the Queen in Netflix’s The Crown.The 63-year-old actor will take the role for seasons five and six of the critically acclaimed show, according to the Daily Mail. Continue reading...
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Harrison Ford to star in ‘The Staircase’ series
Harrison Ford could soon be taking on the first regular television role of his career. Variety has learned exclusively from sources that the iconic movie star is attached to star in a series adaptation of “The Staircase,” the docuseries that detailed the trial of American novelist Michael Peterson, who was accused of murdering his wife...
New York Post
Bill that would decriminalize marijuana at federal level passes House vote
A divided U.S. House committee approved a proposal Wednesday to decriminalize and tax marijuana at the federal level. The House Judiciary Committee approved the proposal 24-10 after more than two hours of debate. It would reverse a longstanding federal prohibition by removing marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, while allowing states to set their own rules on pot.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
‘The Feed’ is a scary mix of ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Succession’
Technology is turning us into zombies in this new Amazon show.
New York Post
Virus Outbreak Closes Colorado Schools for More Than 20,000 Students
The “extremely contagious” virus forced a school district to close all of its schools for the first time, officials said.
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Antonio Brown Rumors: Patriots Not Interested in Signing WR Despite Recent Buzz
Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown reportedly won't rejoin the New England Patriots after all. Tom E. Curran of NBC Sports Boston spoke to two sources who said the AFC East leaders "scoffed at the idea" of bringing him back...
Charlie Martin: ‘Being visible as a trans woman at Le Mans – a lot of good can come from that’
Stonewall spokeswoman aims to become the first transgender driver to contest the French classic, seven years after facial and reconstruction surgeryCharlie Martin is a driver with grand ambition, her aspirations undaunted by anything the world of motor racing can throw at her. Martin has faced the very heart of darkness in preparing to take her own life before choosing to embrace a new one through the arduous process of gender transition. Now she stands as a role model, one of the latest “champions” chosen by Stonewall to promote its LGBT Rainbow Laces campaign.Martin lives and drives with the passion and exuberance of someone who has already decisively conquered their greatest fears and for whom every moment is simply a joy to be seized. Unsurprisingly she has embraced her new position as a spokesperson for Stonewall’s campaign, which begins on Friday, aimed at encouraging the LGBT community into sport. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Talking Horses: what would a Labour win mean for the gambling industry?
Labour have followed the Lib Dems in pledging stronger regulation, but what might ‘a Gambling Act for the digital age’ actually look like?The Labour party and the Liberal Democrats have published their manifestos for next month’s general election over the last two days. While they are understandably keen to differentiate their offers to the British public wherever possible, gambling is one area where both parties appear to be in full agreement on the need for stronger regulation.The Lib Dems are promising to “introduce a compulsory levy on gambling companies to fund research, education and treatment of problem gambling”. The party also wants to ban the use of credit cards for gambling, “restrict gambling advertising” and “establish a Gambling Ombudsman.” Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Investing: get the full picture before you risk peer-to-peer
Platforms such as Zopa offer higher rates than banks and building societies for those ready to take chancesAre your savings at risk of being overthrown by dark forces, never to be seen again? Marc Chagall’s La Révolution and Raoul Dufy’s Les Régates (The Regatta) and were allegedly pledged as security on FundingSecure, a peer-to-peer platform that promised small savers returns of 16% a year. But the company collapsed in October, putting at risk £80m of savers’ cash. The art dealer who pledged the works – but appeared not to physically hand them over – simply sold them to someone else.Peer-to-peer (P2P) lenders promise better interest rates than the banks, using the internet to link up savers with prospective borrowers. Zopa, RateSetter and Funding Circle are the biggest players, and account for the bulk of the £6bn that will flow through P2P platforms this year, according to data from Brismo and Link Group. Continue reading...
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Michael Bloomberg takes another step to 2020 run
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg filed paperwork to run for the Democratic nomination for president. But he hasn't officially joined the race. Ed O'Keefe reports.
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Goldman flags risks for Australia's Westpac bank amid money-laundering scandal
Goldman Sachs cut its target price for Westpac Banking Corp on Friday as Australia's second-biggest bank stands accused of massive breaches of anti-money laundering laws and faces billions of dollars in fines.
Was same-sex behavior in animals hardwired from the beginning?
It's possible that scientists have been examining same-sex sexual behavior in animals incorrectly.
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Christian McCaffrey is the youngest member of Madden’s ‘99 Club’
Christian McCaffrey’s season keeps getting better. The Panthers’ running back became the first player in NFL history to rack up 1,000 rushing yards and 500 receiving while picking up steam in the race for MVP this season. Oh, and on Thursday, the 23-year-old became the youngest player to join the ’99 Club,’ a small fraternity...
New York Post
Amnesty International: Chile using violence as a deterrent
The human rights group says the security forces are using violence is to discourage further protests.
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BBC News - Home
MLB labor talks don’t seem to be going very well
ARLINGTON, Texas — If you’ve been searching for the opportune time to visit Antarctica, consider 2022. It’s not like you’ll be missing any baseball. OK, it’s too soon to set in stone Major League Baseball’s first work stoppage since the 1994-95 dumpster fire that slashed and burned the game to within a few inches of...
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New York Post
Lucas Torreira Says 'We Will See What Happens' Amid Arsenal Transfer Rumours
Lucas Torreira resisted the chance to slam the door shut on the idea he will leave Arsenal in the near future. The combative midfielder's long-term status with the Gunners has been in doubt amid transfer links with Serie A duo Napoli and AC Milan...
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Martha Stewart Gives a Sharp Performance in This Knives Out Video and the Internet Responded Accordingly
For some people, holiday gatherings can be more spine-tingling than a horror movie. But Martha Stewart has you covered with all the right cutlery to ease the tension — or perhaps cut right through it. The domestic goddess is giving the internet a good scare in just one minute with a promotional video for Rian…
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Teen in California shooting used 'ghost gun'
AUDIO ONLY: A 16-year-old boy who opened fire at his Southern California high school, killing two classmates and wounding three others before shooting himself in the head, used a "ghost gun" built from parts, the local sheriff said on Thursday.
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Rams WR Brandin Cooks Says He Never Considered Retirement Amid Concussions
Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks told reporters Thursday that he did not consider retirement after suffering his second concussion of the season (and fifth since ...
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