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Tropical Depression Nicholas could hamper recovery in Louisiana, which is still staggering after blow from Hurricane Ida

Tropical Depression Nicholas could hamper recovery efforts in Louisiana as it threatens to unleash heavy rainfall in a state still staggering after the devastation of Hurricane Ida.
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John Wayne Gacy victim identified through DNA from tooth
Francis Wayne Alexander's remains were found more than 40 years ago in the crawl space of infamous serial killer John Wayne Gacy's home.
Guatemalan man illegally in U.S. kills Florida girl, 5, in DUI collision, authorities say
A man living in the United States illegally fled from a deadly Florida car collision in which a 5-year-old girl was killed Saturday, authorities said.
Family members of Americans detained abroad call on Biden administration to do more
The families of roughly two dozen US citizens and legal permanent residents detained abroad penned a letter to President Joe Biden on Monday urging him to do more to secure the release of their loved ones.
Capitol Police division protecting congressional leadership was unprepared for January 6, department watchdog says
The US Capitol Police division tasked with protecting congressional leaders was understaffed, didn't have the right kind of equipment and lacked a comprehensive plan during the Capitol riot on January 6, a new department watchdog report says.
MAGA House Candidate Urges Pastor Greg Locke to Run for Office: 'Demon-Killing Machine'
Locke previously said only "crack-smoking, demon-possessed leftists" believe Biden won the presidential election.
Illinois Democrats draw fire for 'gerrymandered' map in redistricting battles
The Illinois Republican Party as well as GOP lawmakers tore into the state Democrats over the newly-proposed redistricting map that is giving Pablo Picasso a run for his money.
More than $210K raised for cinematographer shot dead by Alec Baldwin
A GoFundMe page has received more than $210,000 in donations for the family of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was shot dead by actor Alec Baldwin.
Former Mets manager Luis Rojas interviews for Padres job
A familiar Mets name is on the list of Padres’ managerial candidates.
Buyer of Jeffrey Epstein’s Gulfstream Jet Regrets His Purchase
New York State Sex Offender Registry via APA Georgia man has filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, claiming the late sex-trafficker sold him a Gulfstream jet in the weeks before his 2019 arrest without disclosing that the aircraft was used in a “criminal enterprise.”Thomas Huff claims that JEGE LLC, the company Epstein once controlled and which owns the plane, has been “damaged by the stigma” connected to sex offender.“JEGE’s customers, some of which are very well known to the public, are tracked, surveilled, and reported to the press for using, what they believed to be Jeffrey Epstein’s company,” states the federal suit filed in Atlanta last week.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
Alec Baldwin Movie Takes 'A Pause' After Fatal Shooting, Will Resume Filming At Some Point
Filming of the movie is on an indefinite hiatus after the cinematographer was fatally shot by Alec Baldwin during a scene rehearsal.
Greenhouse Gas Levels Hit Record High in 2020, Despite Decreased Gas Usage
Even as the pandemic caused a temporary decrease in fuel emissions, greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere still increased.
Another victim of John Wayne Gacy is identified
Authorities in Illinois have identified another victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy, who was convicted of killing 33 young men and boys in the 1970s. They believe Francis Wayne Alexander of North Carolina was killed by Gacy in 1976 or 1977. (Oct. 25)
‘Invasion’ creator: ‘Without a doubt, I believe aliens are out there’
David Weil, the co-creator of new Apple sci-fi epic “Invasion,” said that he wanted to showcase an alien story that doesn’t center around an action star like Tom Cruise or Will Smith. “We’ve seen so many great alien invasion stories, but they’re often led by these movie stars and action heroes. We wanted to turn...
State Department will form new cyber bureau
The Biden administration is launching a new bureau for cyberspace and digital policy at the State Department as part of an effort to strengthen diplomats' cyber expertise, Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced in an email to the department's workforce on Monday.
U.S. Judge Rules Pablo Escobar’s ‘Cocaine Hippos’ Should Have Legal Rights
The case involves a lawsuit against the Colombian government over whether to kill or sterilize the hippos
Final Piece of Overturned Cargo Ship Removed Off Georgia Coast But Work Still Remains
Crew members were rescued safely after the 2019 capsizing, but the ship was a complete loss costing more than $204 million.
Anti-Defamation League CEO on Facebook: Never has a single company been responsible for so much misfortune
Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, blasted Facebook on Monday following the publication of a series of articles revealing the company's struggles to stop hate speech, human trafficking and coordinated groups that sowed discord ahead of the January 6 insurrection.
Snoop Dogg mourns death of mom Beverly Tate: 'Mama thank u for having me'
Rapper Snoop Dogg is paying tribute to his mother, Beverly Tate, who died Sunday, with a series of heartfelt Instagram posts documenting his grief.
Brian Laundrie Mistaken for Mom, Not Watched Carefully, Police Admit
"No case is perfect," North Port Police Public Information Officer Josh Taylor said in response to the mistake.
North Carolina man ID’ed as one of John Wayne Gacy’s victims
Another of John Wayne Gacy's victims has finally been identified more than 40 years after dying at the hands of the twisted killer.
Packers’ Davante Adams could miss Cardinals showdown on COVID list
The Packers likely will have to face the unbeaten Cardinals without 2020 All-Pro receiver Davante Adams and defensive coordinator Joe Barry.
Editor from The Atlatnic claims Glenn Youngkin supports threats of violence against school board members
Norman Ornstein, contributing editor for The Atlantic, made the bold assertion that Virginia gubernatorial Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin supports violent threats against school board members.
Mark Zuckerberg accuses whistleblowers and media of plotting against Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg angrily fired back at a torrent of bad press on Monday, accusing whistleblowers and reporters of plotting against the company as it posted better-than-expected quarterly profits.  “My view is that what we are seeing is a coordinated effort to selectively use leaked documents to paint a false picture of our company,” Zuckerberg said...
Actually Thoughtful Last-Minute Gifts You Can Send Instantly Online
Photo: iStock/Scouted.Whether you’re a chronic last-minute shopper or have had a ridiculously busy Q4, we’re all guilty of forgetting to buy a gift for graduations, anniversaries, Christmas, baby showers, and, well, the list goes on. Even if that’s not the case, it can be especially challenging to gift someone who lives far away and that you won’t be seeing in real life anytime in the foreseeable future, which is why finding last-minute gifts you can send online is frankly a game-changer. After all, having the forethought to shop for the appropriate gift for the occasion or event in question, wrap it and then send it off in time is something that can seem nearly impossible—regardless of what time of year it is.Because I too am a lifelong procrastinator (I literally wait until Christmas eve to do my gift shopping every damn year without fail) I’ve rounded up a few solid gifts you can send online—many of which arrive instantly via email. Best of all, these e-gifts, if you will, are actually thoughtful, so they won’t give away the fact that you waited until the very last second to think about it—even if you did. Hey, no judgment here. Of course, even if you have planned ahead, you can send these awesome gifts ahead of time too.From Masterclass subscriptions that offer a slew of different courses taught by celebrities and industry experts like Gordon Ramsey and Anna Wintour, to thoughtful subscription boxes that will keep the gifts coming each month, there’s no shortage of great digital gifts you can send online instantly.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Dave Chappelle Doubles Down on Netflix Controversy: “I Am Not Bending To Anybody’s Demands”
“I said what I said, and boy, I heard what you said."
How U.S., China and Russia Are Reacting to Latest Government Overthrow in Sudan
The U.S. "condemns" a takeover led by Sudan's top general, while China calls for "dialogue" and Russia blames "a failed policy" since the last coup in 2019.
Richard Jefferson rips ball boy who called him a jerk
Richard Jefferson explained his side of accusations made by a TikToker who claimed was the ex-Nets star was 'biggest jerk' he'd met.
3 states lead the U.S. in workers quitting jobs
Workers are joining the "Great Resignation" due to burnout, COVID-19 anxiety and a search for higher wages, experts say.
Fast-Food Staff Quit, Citing 'Rat Infestation' and Low Pay in Note to Customers
A report stated that the note was signed "the manager who's had enough!" The Clark County Health Department said there have been issues with this location.
Families of US hostages, detainees urge Biden to take action
The families of 26 Americans currently being held hostage or wrongly detained overseas sent a letter to Biden questioning his administration’s efforts in bringing their loved ones home.
Auburn football coach Bryan Harsin declines to say whether he received COVID-19 vaccine
Bryan Harsin was asked about his vaccination status with new Auburn policy requiring all University employees to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 8.
Powerball Drawing For 10/25/21, Monday Jackpot is $93 Million
Monday night's 10/25/21 Powerball jackpot is worth $93 million, with a cash-value option worth $65.3 million.
The Supply Chain Crisis Is Killing Small Businesses Like Mine | Opinion
Our distributor dropped us as customers to concentrate on the larger, corporate accounts nationwide, to ensure they keep and retain those customers.
Inside the FBI Plot to Nab a German ISIS Woman Over 5-Year-Old Girl’s Murder
Sven Hoppe“You will be caught and prosecuted if you have committed crimes inside the Islamic State.”That was the strong message conveyed on Monday in the successful prosecution of Jennifer Wenisch, a German female ISIS returnee who had, upon her return to Germany from Syria in 2016, claimed innocence. The truth, however, was far more sinister.27-year-old Wenisch was a convert to Islam who traveled from northwest Germany to Syria to join ISIS in 2014. Once with ISIS, she married Taha al-Jumailly and lived with him in Mosul, where they bought an enslaved Yazidi woman and her 5-year-old daughter. The couple was subsequently implicated in the murder of the child. Read more at The Daily Beast.
Florida Woman, Displeased With Service, Hit Teen KFC Drive-Thru Staffer in Neck: Police
Alexandra Maldonado is facing felony charges after the October 22 attack, including child abuse due to the worker being a minor.
Kanye West's Yeezy brand sued over alleged shipping delays
A lawsuit filed by the state of California against West's fashion business alleges delayed e-commerce shipments violate the state's business code.
NYPD to crack down on Washington Square Park weed dealers after Post story
Cops plan to crack down on the drug dealers peddling pot amid families and tourists in Washington Square Park, a law-enforcement source said Monday.
Florida Warned Not to Withhold Funds From School Boards as Punishment for Mask Mandates
The U.S. Department of Education said Monday it's "prepared to initiate enforcement action to stop these impermissible state actions."
Trevor and Marissa Lawrence go all-out for bye week Halloween party
The Jaguars had a bye in Week 7, and some players let loose at an early Halloween party.
Police say there are multiple reports of injuries after reports of shots fired at mall in Boise
Six people, including a police officer, were injured Monday when shots were reportedly fired at an Idaho mall, according to tweets from the Boise Police Department.
VA parents slam Obama ‘fake outrage’ comments amid McAuliffe-Youngkin gov race
Virginia parents and parent advocates are blasting Obama for condemning Glenn Youngkin's focus on hot-button education and parent involvement issues, dismissing them as “fake outrage.”
Carli Lloyd ends career as most impactful soccer player, man or woman, in US history
Carli Lloyd scored winning goal in gold-medal games at 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and outscored Japan on her own in 2015 World Cup finale.
Unknown Neighbor Helped Feed Kids Abandoned in Houston House of Horrors
Scott HalleranThree children found abandoned in a Texas apartment along with the skeletal remains of a 9-year-old boy believed to be their brother had been surviving in part thanks to a neighbor who brought them food and charged their cell phone after the home’s power was recently cut off, a spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to The Daily Beast.The unidentified resident of the CityParc II complex in the Houston suburbs had been helping the kids, ages 7, 10, and 15, for at least the past couple of weeks, cops said. The 15-year-old boy said his parents left him and the others alone in the home several months ago and hadn’t lived there since, said police.The children had been living for a year or more with their brother’s dead body, which was lying out in the open when officers arrived. Deputies said the two younger boys “appeared malnourished and showed signs of physical injury,” according to an announcement issued by law enforcement authorities.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Boise police respond to ‘shots fired’ at mall, say multiple people are injured
Boise police on Monday responded to reports of “shots fired” at a mall on N. Milwaukee where multiple people were injured.
For evidence of inflation, look no further than kids' shoes
Tariffs and supply-chain woes have driven up children's shoe prices to their highest level in 70 years, group says.
Prosecutors move forward on one of two murder charges filed by D.C. police against suspect
The killings occurred Saturday in Southeast Washington and last year in Upper Northwest
Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' shooting accident: A lookback at Hollywood’s biggest on-set tragedies
The shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the Alec Baldwin movie “Rust” is a reminder of the dangers that can exist on film and television sets.
U.S. Launches New Bureau to Combat Cybercrime After Rise in Cyberattacks During Pandemic
The creation of this new department serves as a product of Antony Blinken's belief that the country has entered a "fundamentally new era in global affairs."