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Trump plays peacemaker as GOP debates health care bill

President Trump met with Senate Republicans Tuesday after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell delayed voting on their health care bill. Associated Press White House reporter Ken Thomas joins CBSN to discuss.
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Narco tunnel linked to El Chapo found across from Mexican National Guard base
Mexican authorities discovered a 650-foot tunnel built by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman in Tijuana — across the street from a National Guard base
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NBC's Chuck Todd fails to ask Fauci about COVID origins amid questions about Wuhan lab
"Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd failed to ask guest Dr. Anthony Fauci about the origins of the coronavirus on Sunday, which some viewers considered an oversight, particularly in light of reports that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.
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California prepares for heavy rain and mudslides
Storms brought rare rain to California on Monday and increased the risk of mudslides in fire-ravaged communities, driving property owners to stack sandbags and authorities to order evacuations.
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Americans Who Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction Doubles Since Trump Left Office: Poll
The lowest percentage ever is a two-way tie between October 2017 during Trump's term and at the tail end of former President George W. Bush's term in 2008.
Philadelphia DA candidate addresses 2013 incident where woman was found dead in his bathtub
A criminal defense lawyer running for Philadelphia district attorney took to his campaign website to provide an explanation for a 2013 incident that he says people "will not let" go away – a woman found dead in the bathtub of his home.
Pelosi, Biden praise moms on Mother's Day amid progressive talk of 'birthing people'
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the White House issued Mother's Day messages on Sunday as some progressives use the term "birthing people" instead.
Ireland will no longer require travelers from Italy and Austria to quarantine for two weeks
International travel is starting to return.
What is "clean meat" and should you be eating it?
There may be an alternative on the horizon to your typical ground beef burger. Paul Shapiro, author of "Clean Meat," joins CBSN to discuss efforts to create meat in a lab and how it could change the way we eat.
CES 2018: What to expect from the Consumer Electronics Show editor-in-chief Lindsey Turrentine joins CBSN from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with a preview of what's buzzing in the tech world -- everything from futuristic cars to smart health devices to voice-activated toilets.
Pelicans executive fined $50,000 for criticizing officials in wake of Zion Williamson injury
NBA punishes VP David Griffin for suggesting that referees haven't been paying attention as Pelicans star is "mauled in the paint on a regular basis."
Rare snow falls in the Sahara Desert
A rare blanket of snow in the Sahara Desert was spotted over the weekend -- an unusual sight for an area known for its relentless heat.
Oprah's breakout interview on 60 Minutes
Mike Wallace interviewed Winfrey in 1986 in her first appearance on the broadcast
Kentucky Derby Winner Fails Postrace Drug Test
LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Bob Baffert’s frustration was apparent as he tried to digest the latest positive drug test involving one of his prized thoroughbreds.
Trump once said Oprah should be his VP
Donald Trump once praised Oprah Winfrey as a potential running-mate. In an interview nearly 20 years ago on CNN's "Larry King Live," Trump mused about running for president. King asked "Do have a vice presidential candidate in mind?" To which Trump replied: "Oprah, I love Oprah. Oprah would always be my first choice."
H&M "racist" monkey hoodie causes outrage
Some social media users called for a boycott of clothing retailer H&M, slamming the brand over a "racist" hoodie.
Rescuers save woman clinging to tree in the middle of raging river
Firefighters in China rushed to rescue a woman clinging to a tree in the middle of a raging river. The woman had tried to ride a tricycle across a bridge that was overtaken by rising water.
Cyberattack shuts down major U.S. fuel pipeline network
A major U.S. fuel pipeline operator was forced to shut down its entire network after a cyberattack that the company says was caused by ransomware. Christina Ruffini has more.
Fox Host Confronts GOP Rep. Over Opposition to Cheney, Asks if It's Because She's 'Not as Loyal' to Trump
"What is it about Liz Cheney that isn't focusing on this [GOP] mission? She opposes Joe Biden's agenda very strongly," Chris Wallace pointed out.
Oprah for president?
Oprah's speech at the Golden Globes spurred talk of a possible presidential run. "She would absolutely do it," her longtime partner Stedman Graham told the L.A. Times. Here's what Oprah told "CBS This Morning" about running for office in October.
Baltimore schools close amid heating and flooding issues
"There's icicles in the classrooms ... it's inhuman for these children." Baltimore students were seen wearing jackets and gloves in class after heating systems failed and one school was flooded due to frozen pipes bursting.
Aziz Ansari makes history at Golden Globes
Aziz Ansari made history at the Golden Globes, being the first Asian-American to win for Best Actor In TV Show, Comedy or Musical.
Deadly gunfights near popular beach resorts in Mexico
Two separate clashes between gunmen and police killed 18 people over the weekend in Mexico.
H&M faces criticism over message on sweatshirt
The H&M fashion chain is facing criticism over the message on one of its hoodies. A promotional photo shows a black boy wearing a sweatshirt that reads, "Coolest monkey in the jungle."
How color, sound and smell can change the taste of food
How food tastes is not just determined by its ingredients. At a research kitchen in London, a psychology professor and a top chef are trying to see how big of a role perception plays. Mark Phillips did some taste testing to see how sound and smell can actually change the flavor.
Facebook's rules are 'in shambles, unclear,' says oversight board co-chair
JFK airport mishaps mean nightmare weekend for travelers
Cold weather forced cancellations and delays at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, then a burst pipe and other mechanical issues compounded the chaos and disruption at one of the busiest terminals. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave has the latest.
Biden admin rejects that extended unemployment benefits to blame for dismal job report
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said on Sunday that the dismal April jobs report shows the economy has a "long way to go" as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic amid criticism that extended unemployment benefits are lowering the incentive for Americans to get back to work.
US Navy seizes weapons in Arabian Sea likely bound for Yemen
The U.S. Navy announced Sunday it seized an arms shipment of thousands of assault weapons, machines guns and sniper rifles hidden aboard a ship in the Arabian Sea, apparently bound for Yemen to support the country's Houthi rebels.
Missing female journalist found in Houston
Courtney Roland, a female sports reporter who had been reported missing in Houston, has been found apparently unharmed, according to police. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green report.
North and South Korea prepare for talks ahead of Olympics
North and South Korea's governments will hold talks this week in the Demilitarized Zone. CBS News foreign correspondent Ben Tracy has the latest from Seoul.
What's next for the #MeToo and "Time's Up" movements?
It was a red carpet blackout at the 75th Golden Globes Awards last night, as Hollywood's biggest stars dressed in all black to call attention to gender inequality and sexual misconduct in the entertainment business and beyond. New York Times reporter and CBS News contributor Jodi Kantor joined CBS News correspondents Jericka Duncan and Bianna Golodryga on CBSN with more on the impact of the #MeToo and "Time's Up" movements.
Trump calls Medina Spirit a ‘junky’ after horse tests positive for betamethasone
Former President Donald Trump called Medina Spirit a “junky” on Sunday, after the Kentucky Derby winner’s trainer revealed the horse tested positive for an illegal substance. “So now even our Kentucky Derby winner, Medina Spirit, is a junky. This is emblematic of what is happening to our Country,” Trump said in a posting on his blog...
Zacarias Moussaoui Fast Facts
Read CNN's Fast Facts on convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui.
Trump's DOJ snooped on reporters at the Washington Post
Washington post reporter Devlin Barrett discusses his reporting about how the Trump-era Justice Department secretly obtained the phone records of three Post journalists. "This is a thing that happens regardless of who is in power," he notes, as a "culture of leak hunting" has been "growing inside the government for a long period of time."
Time's Up: NYT reporters on the Golden Globes' push to the future
Sexual misconduct was a theme of Sunday night's Golden Globes. Celebrities dressed in all black flooded the red carpet in protest. The reporting of New York Times' Jodi Kantor and Melena Ryzik, among others, helped exposed alleged sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood. Kantor and Ryzik join "CBS This Morning" to discuss how the award ceremony sent powerful messages.
Canelo Alvarez trashes Demetrius Andrade for crashing press conference
First, Canelo Alvarez manhandled his opponent. Then, he embarrassed another fighter.
Earliest ever tropical storm forms in the Eastern Pacific
Andres becomes the earliest tropical storm to ever form in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. CNN meteorologist Karen Maginnis has the latest on the track.
Should 'sedition caucus' lawmakers be booked on TV?
Brian Stelter raises a recent debate about whether Sunday political shows should be interviewing GOP lawmakers who backed Trump's bid to overturn the election results. If they are booked on TV, Susan Glasser says, "it's most important that there be accountability in the questioning and in the way in which this is presented."
Fire breaks out at Trump Tower
The NYPD confirmed they were responding to a fire at Trump Tower in Manhattan on Monday morning, with smoke billowing out of one corner.
Man fatally shot by police in Massachusetts after driving car into police station
A fatal shooting occurred outside a Massachusetts police station after a man rammed his car into the facility. It was confirmed that a "police-involved" shooting occurred within the confines of the station.
Memory expert on the right's effort to downplay Capitol riot
Psychology professor Dan P. McAdams says "memory is a work in progress, it's always evolving and changing." He asserts that Trump-aligned media outlets are trying to "change the meaning" of the January 6 insurrection so that it's remembered as largely peaceful, and thus "we should cut them all a break and move on."
Queen Elizabeth opens up about coronation in rare interview
Britain's Queen Elizabeth is revealing secrets about the day she was crowned nearly 65 years ago. The queen was interviewed for a documentary that will air on the Smithsonian Channel this Sunday. In the program, she also watches film footage of her coronation in June 1953. Charlie D'Agata reports.
Is it time to 'unlearn' some Covid-era norms?
Brian Stelter says Covid-19 coverage is changing as cases dissipate in the United States, and it's important for media outlets to model the "new normal." Amanda Marcotte says journalists are feeling more "empowered to ask hard questions" of public health authorities. At the same time, David Zurawik points out, memories of the pandemic's peak are still fresh.
Cataract surgery in older women may reduce risk of death, study shows
New study reveals a longer life might be an unexpected benefit of cataract surgery, the most frequently performed operation in the U.S. A large study of women links the eye procedure to a 60 percent lower risk of dying from all causes. Dr. Christopher Starr, an ophthalmologist at Weill Cornell Medical Center, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the findings.
McCarthy confirms he's backing Stefanik for No. 3 House Republican post
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy confirmed on Sunday that he backs Rep. Elise Stefanik for the role of House Republican conference chair, as Rep. Liz Cheney faces a vote to oust her from the influential GOP leadership post.
Glasser: 'Multiple big lies' are warping politics and health
Susan Glasser and Brian Stelter discuss the connections between bogus claims about the election and erroneous info about coronavirus. She says Donald Trump's supporters are "the most resistant to basic factual arguments and information about why the vaccine is safe and necessary for public health." David Zurawik joins the conversation.
Police chief arrested, charged with underage solicitation
Prosecutors are accusing the police chief in a small Pennsylvania town of trying to solicit sex online from an undercover agent posing as a 14-year-old girl. The attorney general's office arrested Leechburg Police Chief Michael Diebold at a spot in Westmoreland County where he had allegedly hoped to meet up with the girl.
Georgia middle school student, 11, jumped from school bus to escape bullying: father
An 11-year-old boy in Georgia jumped out of a window on a school bus last week to escape bullying, the boy's dad said.