US diplomat pleas for husband jailed in Belarus after visiting family

The pro-democracy protests and subsequent crackdown in Belarus are hitting home for one American couple. 
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More than half a million votes already cast in 2020 election
Election Day isn’t until Nov. 3, but more than half a million votes have already been cast in this year’s election.
‘You Bet Your Ass I Have Regrets.’ As Election Day Nears, More of Trump’s Former Officials Are Speaking Out Against Him
Never in recent history have so many senior former U.S. officials publicly attacked the commander in chief they served, or the decisions he’s made, as the ranks lining up to say President Donald Trump put himself and his re-election ahead of the country, thereby threatening its security. One of the latest salvos comes from Trump’s…
Lakers Vs. Nuggets Game 4 Live Stream: How To Watch The NBA Live On TNT
Can the Nuggets even the series at 2-2?
Style Conversational Week 1403: Do adjust your set
The Empress of The Style Invitational discusses this week's contest and results.
Solicitation charges dropped against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft
Two solicitation of prostitution charges filed against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft in Florida were dropped Thursday, court documents show.
South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem shares video on social distancing: ‘Less COVID, more hunting’ 
How do South Dakotans practice social distancing?
Colorado man shoots, kills woman over kids playing near yard
A Colorado man was busted for shooting and killing a woman in a feud over her grandchildren playing near his yard, prosecutors said. Jason Arroyo, 33, of Denver, was charged Tuesday for the shooting that killed Patricia Cruz, 55, and wounded two other of her relatives, news station KMGH-TV reported. Police said Arroyo became upset...
What's in the iPhone 12? Wall Street analysts give us their predictions
Apple users are still awaiting the unveiling of the iPhone 12, after the tech giant introduced only new iPads, Apple Watches and a new services bundle at its virtual event last week.
Celebrity splits are none of our business, but we still care
Celebrity divorce is none of our business, but we can't seem to look away. It can be hard for us regular folks to watch a celebrity couple unravel. Here's why.
White House touts unusual Justice Department announcement about 'discarded' Trump ballots in Pennsylvania
The Justice Department said Thursday that it is investigating "potential issues with mail-in ballots" in the swing state of Pennsylvania and, in a highly unusual disclosure, revealed that several ballots marked for President Donald Trump were "discarded."
Adventures in entrenching minority rule.
China says US has 'created enough troubles for the world' as UN spat continues
China's Ambassador to the United Nations said Thursday that the US has "created enough troubles for the world already" as the two nations continued to spar over the coronavirus pandemic during a tense meeting of the UN Security Council.
The craziest moments from ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’
Well they didn’t come here to make friends, did they? In the history of “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor,” you’d be hard pressed to find a dull moment, as its contestants pull off viewer-worthy stunts to win love and, let’s face it, lots of attention. Fans have watched in shock and awe as lovesick singles...
ESPN's Mark Jones vows to dismiss security detail at upcoming game: 'I’d rather not have the officer shoot me'
ESPN NBA and college football broadcaster Mark Jones cut loose Wednesday with a series of anti-police Twitter posts after a Kentucky grand jury declined to indict three Louisville officers on any charges connected with the death of Breonna Taylor earlier this year.
Death of District Heights man assaulted last month is ruled a homicide
Steven Anthony Thompson died of his injuries on Sept. 4.
United to be first U.S. airline to offer covid-19 tests for passengers
The airline said the tests may allow travelers who test negative to forgo quarantine and entry requirements for some destinations, including Hawaii.
Trent Dilfer makes Super Bowl prediction, talks young NFL quarterbacks
Trent Dilfer, a Super Bowl champion with the Baltimore Ravens in 2000, played 14 seasons in the NFL, and after announcing his retirement, he was hired by ESPN as an analyst, a position that he held until 2017.
Florida Supreme Court rules against Parkland families
Florida's highest court on Thursday capped the amount a school board can be forced to pay the victims and families who filed lawsuits against the district at $300,000 following the 2018 Parkland mass shooting at a high school.
Infectious disease expert: Vaccine likely to be 50-70% effective
Dr. Michael Saag joins The Lead.
'Put up or shut up.' The Pennsylvania Attorney General challenges President Trump over claims of voter fraud
Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro joins The Lead.
Momentum Builds for GOP Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden as Ads Target Ron Kind
Navy SEAL and Republican congressional candidate Derrick Van Orden has seen an uptick in support in Wisconsin as advertisements have begun targeting his opponent, Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI).
Facebook, Twitter Remove More Russian-Backed Fake Accounts Ahead Of Election
The social media companies said the accounts and pages were linked to Russian actors that had launched "hack-and-leak" operations to hurt Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.
Tips to celebrate Halloween safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
Halloween 2020 doesn't have to be canceled by coronavirus. Here are tips to keep your little ghosts happy, even without traditional trick-or-treating.
Trump’s in worse position than in 2016 in part because his opponent is in much better position
A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows how much more positively Joe Biden is viewed than Hillary Clinton.
Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’ Reshoots Reportedly Cost $70 Million
The new figure is more than double previous estimates that the Snyder Cut would cost around $30 million.
Dan Crenshaw’s Texas campaign ad looks like a Hollywood action movie trailer
Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw dropped an epic, four-minute spot on Thursday casting him and five fellow Texas GOPers as an "Expendables"-esque team in a high-stakes fight to take the polls this fall.
UFC's Dana White addresses Colby Covington remarks: 'We don't muzzle anybody here'
UFC President Dana White is not one to beat around the bush and he doesn’t expect his fighters to be any different.
Whose vote counts?
Whose vote counts, Explained/Netflix Additional resources for Vox’s new Explained mini-series on Netflix, starting September 28. America is the world’s oldest democracy, founded on the radical idea that governments “derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.” But around 40% of Americans today choose not to give that consent. That voter turnout rate lags behind most other developed democracies. A majority of Americans now say their government needs a fundamental redesign. American democracy is unique in a lot of ways. You won’t find the “right to vote” in our constitution. And the rules around voting are written by partisan politicians, who sometimes benefit from making voting harder. We let unlimited money flood our elections, which are the most expensive in the world. And at different times in the last few years, the House, the Senate and the presidency have been controlled by a party that most people voted against — the result of compromises made almost 250 years ago, before political parties existed. The Vox/Netflix series “Whose Vote Counts” looks at what impact all this has on the power of your vote, as well as some of the best ideas out there to make our government represent us better. Votes aren’t created equal in America. But they are, in the words of the late civil rights hero John Lewis, who helped expand the right to vote to all Americans, “the most powerful nonviolent tool we have to make change in a democratic society.” Make your plan to vote at When We All Vote.
Amazon redesigns Echo, unveils car security, flying Ring indoor drone and Luna gaming service
A new Ring security drone and Ring for the car were part of Amazon's virtual press event along with new Alexa products and the Luna gaming service.
FNC's Andrew Napolitano: I Would Have Indicted Breonna Taylor Officers
Appearing Thursday on the Fox News Channel, network judicial analyst Andrew Napolitano said he would have indicted all three Louisville police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.
‘Life was upended’: Corey Johnson on why he dropped out of mayoral race
“Something had to come off my plate,” City Council Speaker Corey Johnson told The Post of his decision to quit the 2021 mayoral race. Johnson was already dealing with his work at City Hall, his ongoing struggle with depression, and a life — and city  —  “upended” by the pandemic. Running for mayor at the...
Dolphins vs. Jaguars prediction: Take underdog in Thursday Night Football
The Miami Dolphins visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars isn’t the most attractive matchup for “Thursday Night Football,” but with FitzMagic vs. Minshew Magic, it’s again Must-See TV (we’ll spare you the “Seinfeld” references this week). The line has been wavering between the Jaguars -2.5 and -3 all week with most books charging extra vig (-120 instead...
Miranda July's crime dramedy, 'Kajillionaire'
Gina Rodriguez talks about her role in the new film from director Miranda July set in modern day Los Angeles. Rick Damigella reports.
UC Regent Richard Blum wrote an "inappropriate" letter to get student into UC Berkeley
University of California Regent Richard Blum, a wealthy donor to UC Berkeley, wrote an "inappropriate letter of support" to help a student get into the university, according to the California State Auditor's office. UC officials are reviewing the case, which was discovered during an audit of the UC system's admission's process.
Listen to Episode 30 of ‘Pinstripe Pod’: Do Yankees Want White Sox or Twins? feat. Willie Randolph
The Yankees still are not sure who they will play on Tuesday when the playoffs begin. Will it be the White Sox, Twins or even the Indians? It seems like it will come down to the Twins or White Sox, but the final weekend of the season will determine their opponent and whether it will...
Biden Supporter Moons Donald Trump Jr. at New Hampshire Event
Donald Trump Jr. was campaigning in New Hampshire on Thursday where one man in a group of Biden supporters mooned the president's son.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Haute Dog’ On HBO Max, Where Dog Groomers Compete, ‘Chopped’ Style, And Let The Fur Fly
Three expert "pet stylists" go through two challenges for a $10,000 prize in this kitschy new reality competition. Robin Thede is on board as one of the judges.
What Senate Republicans are saying after Trump refused to commit to an orderly transfer of power
Republicans uniformly insisted that there will be a peaceful transition no matter what the outcome of the election, though many failed to mention the president.
California GOP warns that Newsom's gas vehicle sales ban will cost jobs
California’s state Republican Party is warning that a new move by Gov. Gavin Newsom to ultimately ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035 could lead to more than 350,000 job losses in the Golden State.
Wray says protests more peaceful in cities, states that saw federal help
FBI Director Christopher Wray on Thursday said that states and cities that had federal help in dealing with widespread protests this year did a better job of keeping the peace than jurisdictions that did not.
Seattle officer on leave after video shows cop rolling bicycle over head of person lying in street
A livestream shows an officer rolling a bike over the head or neck of a person lying in the street amid a protest in Seattle.
After Thousands of Dollars in Damages, North Carolina Mayor Says Rioters Are 'Co-opting' Racial Justice Movement at Breonna Taylor Protests
Following months of minimal damage during protests in Durham, North Carolina, the police chief said Wednesday night's destruction "caught us by surprise."
Trump says he's not sure election can be 'honest'
President Donald Trump continued to cast doubt on whether or not November's election could be "honest," again questioning the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. The remarks come a day after he refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. (Sept. 24)
1980s-style banana hair clips are making a comeback
Note to nostalgia hounds: The banana clip is back. Fashionistas and hypebeasts have tunneled their way through early aughts and ’90s fashion trends over the past few years— think low-rise jeans, Paul Frank tees and platform slides. But now they’re starting to borrow from an earlier era: the 1980s. Shoulder pads, acid-wash denim — as...
Watch live: Trump holds rally in Jacksonville, Florida
President Trump is hoping to keep the Sunshine State away from Joe Biden.
WATCH: Pilot Honors His WWII Veteran Father with Personal Flyover
A World War II veteran's son paid tribute to him with a flyover in the sky above his home in Virginia on Wednesday.
No in-person New York Fashion Week? No problem for these standout L.A. labels
Tom Ford, Wolk Morais and Lavie by CK offered showcases of standout spring and summer 2021 collections.