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В Свердловской области объявлено штормовое предупреждение

В Свердловской области объявлено штормовое предупреждение
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Woman Tries First Proper Meal After 23 Years of Only Eating Potato Chips
A woman who lived on a diet of cheese and onion flavored potato chip sandwiches for 23 years has finally eaten a proper meal – after being hypnotized.
8 m
Houston Teacher Resigns As Video Shows Grades Being Traded for Book Reviews
"That's a straight-up abuse of power and very unprofessional," said one commenter on the viral video.
8 m
Texas rampage is 27th school shooting so far this year
At least two dozen children have been killed by gunfire on school property in the first five months of 2022.
9 m
HR Survey Leaves Readers Baffled at Answer to What is Better Than Pay Raise
"Companies like this skew the results to fit whatever narrative absolves them of needing to change," one user commented.
Woman Celebrating Hysterectomy With Custom Cookies Praised: 'F**k HPV'
"I needed a way to send my uterus and cervix off with a big old f*** you," said Suzie Campbell who commissioned the cookies following her surgery.
Target’s Memorial Day Sale includes 40% off patio furniture, swim, more
Target really hit the bullseye with these steals.
‘Better Call Saul’: 5 Questions That Must Be Answered in the Final Episodes
Six episodes to go and the pressure is on.
Man Backed for Sending Dying Mom to Hospice Over Cruel Remark About His Son
"You don't get an 'I get to be cruel' free card when you're dying," wrote one commenter in defense of the man.
How Atlanta Director Hiro Murai Helped Bring Surrealism to Prestige TV
In the early 2010s, Hiro Murai was a Los Angeles-based music-video director, working regularly with the local Odd Future music collective—which included Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt, and Tyler, the Creator, among others—as well as making the occasional video for musicians like Death Cab for Cutie, Usher, Lupe Fiasco, St. Vincent, and the Shins. Much of…
Shireen Abu Akleh's voice was the soundtrack of my childhood. Her legacy lives on
As a young Palestinian girl, I copied Abu Akleh's TV sign-off. She was brave and unwavering – a true trailblazer for many other women to follow her path.
'What Do You Think This Is?': Queen Sasses Photographer in Resurfaced Clip
The clip uploaded to TikTok from the 2007 documentary series "Monarchy: The Royal Family at Work" appears to show the queen's frustration during a photoshoot
Judge blocks $1.2 million 'Wizard of Oz' dress sale amid ownership dispute
A judge has halted the sale of a pinafore dress worn by Judy Garland in "The Wizard of Oz" -- just one day before it was expected to fetch up to $1.2 million at auction.
Republicans Send Their Thoughts and Prayers After Texas School Shooting
The shooting has sparked a debate over gun safety, but no Republican has mentioned the issue in their message of solidarity to the families of the victims.
Ukrainian officials offer their condolences to Uvalde
President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other Ukrainian leaders took to social media to stand in sympathy and solidarity with a tragedy unfolding across the world.
'I'm Donating My Breast Milk To Moms Running Out of Baby Formula'
We have a chest freezer full of all the milk I had pumped early on. I'm open to sharing it, so I put that on my Facebook page.
Kate Bosworth and Justin Long take romantic trip to Ireland
Long confirmed that he was dating someone in December 2021, with Page Six breaking the news that his girlfriend was Bosworth. They met on a movie set.
Opinion: Texas' new social media law affects all of us
Congress needs to pass a law affirming the right of social media companies to moderate content on their platforms.
Texas school shooting investigation seeks answers
The community in Uvalde, Texas is reeling as the investigation into the deadly shooting at Robb Elementary School continues. "CBS Mornings" co-host Tony Dokoupil joined Tanya Rivero at the site of the attack to discuss what we know so far.
Imagining what a Nick Saban voicemail apology to Jimbo Fisher might sound like | Opinion
Did Nick Saban leave a voicemail apology? That's the lingering question we would like answered after last week's Saban-Jimbo Fisher spat.
Brooklyn Beckham tattoos wedding vows to Nicola Peltz on his arm
Beckham is quite literally wearing his heart on his sleeve, having debuted yet another tat dedicated to his new wife.
When Will the 'Hunter x Hunter' Manga Return?
"Hunter x Hunter" manga creator Yoshihiro Togashi has announced the manga's 4-year hiatus is ending, much to the delight of fans.
Services set for 'hero' officer killed in supermarket attack
The security guard killed in the Buffalo supermarket shooting on May 14 will be laid to rest Wednesday, as the country grapples with another massacre at a Texas school that killed 19 children and two adults
Путин заявил, что доллар "скукоживается"
Владимир Путин заявил, что рубль укрепляется, а доллар падает
Community begins to mourn in wake of Uvalde school shooting
CBS News correspondent Janet Shamlian joined CBS News' Tanya Rivero from Uvalde, Texas with an update on the aftermath of Tuesday's deadly school shooting.
Climate change case against Exxon can proceed, court rules
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey says oil giant misled investors about the risks posed by global warming.
Alec Baldwin weighs in on airport workplace safety in since-deleted Instagram post
Alec Baldwin weighed in on the physical altercation involving a former NFL player and an airport employee. The actor emphasized the importance of workplace safety.
Dubai street cat is living the American dream on Instagram
“At this point I have run out of hangers!” Mansuri said. Benson boasts a wardrobe of more than 250 items. His mom purges the closet annually and donates the clothes to charity.
Шума от столичных электричек станет меньше
На участках МЦД с плотной городской застройкой уложат почти 35 км виброизолирующих матов
Liam Payne steps out with Aliana Mawla, the ‘other woman’ in Maya Henry breakup
The One Direction alum and the model walked arm in arm through a London airport after their PDA-filled Instagram photos caused drama with his ex-fiancée.
Kate Moss denies being thrown down stairs by Johnny Depp
Kate Moss, 48, was called as a rebuttal witness Wednesday.
Путин: Инфляция в странах Запада выше, чем в России
Темпы роста инфляции в России ниже, чем на Западе, заявил президент Владимир Путин на заседании президиума Государственного Совета.
A new report blames Boris Johnson for allowing parties during COVID lockdown
The investigative report cited a failure in leadership among the prime minister and other top British officials for allowing boozy government parties that broke lockdown rules.
Reuters Poll: Joe Biden Plummets to Nearly Lowest Approval of Presidency
President Joe Biden's approval rating has plummeted to the lowest approval rating of his presidency amid multiple crises, a Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed Wednesday.
Johnny Depp's Grin After Kate Moss' Testimony Delights Social Media
During testimony Wednesday in Amber Heard's defamation trial, Moss denied the rumor that Depp ever pushed her down a flight of stairs.
David Perdue’s historically bad comeback attempt
How his 52-point loss stacks up to others in recent years.
Vladimir Putin Plays on Dual Existential Threats
How the Kremlin is using nuclear threats and a looming global food crisis to try and escape sanctions over its Ukraine war.
Глава Минтруда анонсировал доставку повышенных на 10% пенсий с 3 июня
Повышенную на 10% пенсию пожилым неработающим гражданам Пенсионный фонд России (ПФР) начнет доставлять уже 3 июня
В вузах Заполярья увеличено количество бюджетных мест
В Мурманском государственном техническом университете (МГТУ) планируется набрать абитуриентов более чем на 700 бюджетных мест, в которые входят 100 мест для IT-специалистов
The Beauty of Failure: How the Best Leaders Learn from Their Mistakes
Leaders should consider the following four strategies for turning their mistakes into teachable moments.
Who is Girl Scouts Murder Suspect Gene Leroy Hart and Where Is He Now?
Gene Leroy Hart remains the only suspect in the Oklahoma Girl Scout murders of June 13, 1977.
Путин призвал быстро решать вопросы соцподдержки военнослужащих, участвующих в спецоперации
Владимир Путин назвал всех участников спецоперации РФ на Украине героями.
Louisiana-inspired dirty rice: Try the Instant Pot recipe
Make this Instant Pot “dirty rice” and loved ones will clamor for it again and again.
Коммунальщиков столицы научат спасать горожан
Как сообщили в пресс-службе департамента гражданской обороны, чрезвычайных ситуаций и пожарной безопасности Москвы, обучение проводят профессиональные спасатели
В Пензе состоялась презентация нашумевшей книги о чиновниках
Сборник очерков и эссе рассказывает о самых ярких эпизодах профессиональной деятельности автора
I flew 14 hours to surprise my boyfriend and it didn’t go well
Imagine traveling over 5,000 miles to surprise your significant other, but they were less than enthused when you showed up.
Student Brings Gun to Washington Elementary School, Shows Classmates
The incident took place a day before a gunman killed 19 children and two teachers at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.
Глава МИД Украины признал плохой ситуацию для ВСУ в Донбассе
Ситуация в Донбассе для ВСУ чрезвычайно плоха
5/25: CBS News Mornings
19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; primary results pour in amid Texas shooting.