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Video of Cat 'Dreaming of Warm Milk' Goes Viral: 'Dangerous Level of Cute'

One pet lover commented: "Thank you for the purest, most wholesome thing I have witnessed all day.."
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Jamie Lynn Spears Unveils Texts Sent to Britney During Conservatorship Battle
In an interview on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, Jamie Lynn Spears discussed efforts she says she made to help free her sister from her conservatorship.
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Meat Loaf was ‘seriously ill’ with COVID days before his death: report
The singer and actor, real name Michael Lee Aday, had been outspoken about COVID, specifically railing against vaccine mandates, TMZ said.
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George MacKay Has Found His Niche in Homoerotic War Movies
From 1917 to Munich: The Edge of War, George MacKay has found his thing.
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Pope vows justice for abuse victims after predecessor faulted
A German report found that Pope Benedict XVI mishandled four cases of abusive clergy during his tenure as archbishop of Munich.
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Adele postpones Las Vegas residency
The 15-time Grammy award-winner sobbed in an Instagram video announcing the postponement, blaming COVID and delivery delays.
Blinken: Meeting with Russia was 'not a negotiation,' but an exchange of concerns and ideas
Pope Francis pledges justice for victims of abuse after predecessor faulted
Pope Francis pledged Friday to provide justice to victims of clergy sexual abuse, a day after an independent audit faulted his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, for having botched four cases of abusive clergy when he was archbishop of Munich, Germany.
The win-now Rams have no time for methodical roster-building
Build through the draft? The Los Angeles Rams, two wins away from their second Super Bowl appearance in four years, would rather pull off blockbuster trades.
Penn swimmer alleges Lia Thomas colluded with fellow transgender athlete to lose
Yalie Iszac Henig, who is transitioning from female to male, beat Thomas in both the women’s 100- and 400-yard freestyle races during an Ivy League swim meet on Jan. 8.
McCarthy warned GOP to stop holding speakership over his head in December
CNN's Melanie Zanona reports that during a December 8 meeting of the GOP conference, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy delivered a stern warning to party members trying to hold their vote for speaker over his head.
Michigan GOP co-chair said Trump campaign encouraged efforts to give him state's electoral votes
Meshawn Maddock was one of 16 Republicans who signed a document saying Michigan's 16 electoral votes should go to former President Trump.
Democratic secretaries of state group posts record fundraising
Americans will choose top election officials in more than half the states this year -- and the contests are awash in campaign money, underscoring their key role in democracy.
Detroit: Boyfriend charged in murder and dismemberment of mom of 4
A Detroit man has been arrested in the murder of a woman found dismembered in garbage bags.
Blinken warns Russia against Ukraine invasion
Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met in Geneva for roughly 90 minutes Friday.
Can anyone on the Yankees be a No. 2 starter behind Gerrit Cole, or must the search continue?
The Yankees have an ace in Gerrit Cole, but do they have a good enough supporting cast behind him?
Tom Brady on what he attributes playoff success to, how Bucs are able to avenge regular-season losses
Tom Brady is one of the most accomplished professional athletes in history.
Biden’s approach to the presidency was flawed from the start
The sooner he acknowledges that, the sooner he can change course.
'I hadn't seen roles like this': TV strives to give autism the accurate portrayal it deserves
"As We See It" star Albert Rutecki hopes series viewers get that people on the autism spectrum are "complex humans who have our own wants and needs."
Japan widens COVID restrictions due to omicron
Restaurants and bars will close early in Tokyo and a dozen other areas across Japan beginning Friday as the country widens COVID-19 restrictions due to the omicron variant, which has caused cases to surge to new highs in metropolitan areas.
Judge who shamed cancer patient for overgrown weeds apologizes
Judge Alexis Krot, has admitted that she went too after she ridiculed Burhan Chowdhur during a hearing on Jan. 10.
The latest on tensions at the Ukraine-Russia border
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met to discuss escalating tensions on Ukraine-Russia border. Follow here for the latest.
Doctor debunks DeSantis' claim about Covid-19 vaccines
At a press conference, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said that some nurses don't want to get the Covid-19 vaccines because they are trying to get pregnant. However, current studies show there is no established link between Covid-19 vaccines and infertility.
3 cops charged in girl's shooting death outside Philadelphia fired
The three Sharon Hill officers face charges of manslaughter and reckless endangerment after the summer incident that left 8-year-old Fanta Bility dead and three other people wounded.
Donald Trump at 'Substantial Risk of Prosecution' in Georgia
Norm Eisen, senior fellow of research group Brookings, said plans to bring in a special grand jury increases the chances of indictment against former president.
Opinion: Negative portrayals of Black NFL coaches fuel questions of media bias
The NFL has for decades struggled to hire Black head coaches. A study says one reason is the negative portrayals of Black coaches in the media.
Rooftop Revelations: Mentorship and ownership is the solution to policies from 'liberal white racists'
On day 62 of his rooftop vigil, Pastor Corey Brooks, King Randall and Travis Cochran discuss the solutions to the liberal policies hurting black Americans.
A Toast to All the Rejects
What a shared rejection spreadsheet taught me about success
Treasury’s No. 2 talks tax season turmoil
Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo sat down with MM for a Q&A.
Zora Neale Hurston was once forgotten. A new book reminds us why her voice must be heard.
Zora Neale Hurston did not mince words about race and gender. Now we can read them, unfiltered.
Attorney's ethics complaint seeks investigation of Feuer, others in DWP case
Paul Paradis, an attorney hired by the city of Los Angeles, this week filed an ethics complaint asking the agency to investigate City Atty. Mike Feuer, former Commissioner Mel Levine and others.
Greta Garbo’s onscreen talent, complex relationships — and why she still fascinates
Robert Gottlieb's portrait of the eccentric actress explores her conflicting needs for companionship and privacy.
El Chapo devoured Viagra, delivery meals and women in prison
When Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán Loera landed in prison for the first time, he transformed himself into the king of the penal colony — ordering in meals, drugs and women on demand, according to a new book.
Medical aid in dying is for preventing a hideous death, not for truncating an unhappy life
Enveloped in proper protocols, MAID can and should be a dignity-enhancing response to an especially harrowing rendezvous with the inevitable.
Wife of D.C. police officer who took own life after Capitol riot presses city to recognize his death
Jeffrey Smith's family wants his death to be recognized as having occurred in the line of duty, a designation rarely given in suicides.
When Biden imitates Trump, he is on a dangerous path
This was Biden's lowest moment so far.
Courts hand Donald Trump loss after loss after loss
The former president’s assertions of executive privilege were so outlandish that they made the rulings against him even worse than they could have been.
Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler: A Marine hero who saw himself as a ‘racketeer for capitalism’
Butler earned fame and respect fighting America's imperialist wars -- and came to regret his role, Jonathan M. Katz writes.
Podcast: Standing up for Black lives at the border
How a suburban mom became an activist by leaning into her Afro-Latina identity
The Japanese-inspired Wren restaurant flies high in Tysons
In the new Watermark Hotel, Wren soars above the nearby competition.
When communism crumbled, so did an 11-year-old’s reality
Lea Ypi recalls her childhood in Albania and the nation's swift, disorienting shift away from communism.
9/11 and Guantanamo Bay: 20 years later, military prison and torture make us less safe
Biden administration has approved the release of five more detainees from the military prison at Guantanamo Bay – when they should just close it.
All the must-see movies, TV shows from Sundance 2022 you can watch at home soon
This year's virtual Sundance Film Festival features a bunch of high-profile projects. Here are the hot shows and movies you can watch at home soon.
The unsung treasures of Staten Island
History, art, nature: Here's why you should visit New York City's most underrated borough.
Omicron Is Pushing Small Businesses to the Brink
One resilient New Jersey baker who has so far managed to outrun the pandemic now worries she may have to close up shop.
UFC 270: Francis Ngannou says Ciryl Gane was never his teammate, Gane responds
It appears Francis Ngannou and Ciryl Gane have a different interpretation of the word "teammate."       Related StoriesUFC 270: Francis Ngannou, Ciryl Gane verbally spar over memory of actual sparring sessionUFC 270: Francis Ngannou, Ciryl Gane verbally spar over memory of actual sparring session - EnclosureVideo: UFC 270 will see two titles change hands ... or ... maybe not?
New Movies + Shows to Watch this Weekend: ‘Ozark’ Season 4 on Netflix + More Munich — The Edge of War, As We See It, Single Drunk Female and more!
Judge says she 'made a mistake' berating an elderly cancer patient over weeds
Michigan Judge Alexis Krot has apologized to an elderly cancer patient she threatened with jail time over some unkempt weeds after a video went viral.
Homicide rates have soared nationwide, but mayors see a chance for a turnaround in 2022
City leaders say greater funding, improved strategies and fed-up communities could help curb violence this year.