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Walmart Deals for Days: The best Black Friday video gaming deals at Walmart

Want to score a PS5 for the holidays? Walmart has the PlayStation 5 in stock now, so act quick.
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Idaho Cancels Gerald Pizzuto's Execution Because it Can't Get Drugs
Pizzuto's attorney Deborah Czuba welcomed the news, but criticized the state's decision to obtain a death warrant while being unprepared for an execution.
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New Homeowner Finds Body of Former Tenant in Basement: Police
Officers are investigating after the body of a 71-year-old woman was discovered in a property in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
Barber Shot to Death While Cutting Child's Hair
The child was not physically hurt, police say.
Paul Whelan, American detained in Russia, reportedly moved to prison hospital and unable to call home
Why the Kesha, Dr. Luke Battle Is Resurfacing as She Likes Posts
The singer admitted she was "creeping on my animals," the name of her loyal fan base, as she retweeted supportive posts and thanked her supporters.
Malcolm Gladwell: Paul Simon more historically relevant than The Rolling Stones
Author Malcolm Gladwell says that he has become convinced that Paul Simon has infinitely greater value to the history of music than many popular bands such as The Rolling Stones. Watch "Who's Talking to Chris Wallace" Sunday at 7 PM ET on CNN.
Zach Gilford on 'Complex' 'Criminal Minds: Evolution' Villain Elias Voit
Zach Gilford spoke to Newsweek about his "Criminal Minds: Evolution" villain Elias Voit and how the showrunners compared him to serial killer Ted Bundy.
'The Masked Singer' Winner Makes History as Harp's Identity Is Revealed
The winner of the eighth season of "The Masked Singer" was revealed during the two-hour grand finale on Wednesday evening.
Devin Booker goes for 51 in three quarters as the Phoenix Suns cruise to 132-113 win over the Chicago Bulls
Phoenix guard Devin Booker scored an astonishing 51 points in just three quarters as the Suns dominated the Chicago Bulls 132-113.
China signals it could soften its zero-Covid policy, but there are more questions than answers
China has given its most significant signal yet that the country may seek to adjust its stringent zero-Covid policy that has transformed daily life, roiled its economy and -- in recent days -- sparked a wave of protests across the country.
Binance still has big growth plans despite crypto market meltdown
Binance is expanding into new markets even as the crypto industry grapples with turmoil unleashed by the spectacular collapse of crypto exchange FTX.
Full List of Republicans Who Voted Against Paid Sick Leave for Rail Workers
A total of 207 House Republicans voted against a bill mandating seven paid sick days per year for rail workers.
Woman Repeatedly Stabs Boyfriend for 'Not Helping with the Bills'—Police
The man, whose identity has not been disclosed by authorities, was reportedly taken to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio in a stable condition.
Delphi murders: What unsealed docs reveal and questions that remain
Documents related to the arrest of Richard Allen in the killings of two girls determined that an unspent bullet from the crime scene was cycled through Allen’s gun.
'It has kind of rocked us': After Walmart shooting, Chesapeake faces all-too-familiar scenes
A gunman at a Chesapeake Walmart left six employees dead, making this city — for a moment — the scene of America's latest deadly mass shooting.
Prince William, Kate Middleton Booed at Celtics Game on Day of Race Storm
The royals' U.S. tour began with boos, a speech referencing "colonialism" and a racism scandal at Buckingham Palace.
3 tribes dealing with the toll of climate change get $75 million to relocate
The Biden administration gave $75 million in aid to the three communities in Alaska and Washington. Eight other Tribal communities received an additional $40 million.
Simple steps to improve your new or old TV's picture quality
TVs are cheap this time of year, but sometimes the picture quality doesn't live up to expectations. A better picture is just a few adjustments away.
Lauren Boebert won. But did Democrats miss a chance to flip her Colorado district?
Democrat Adam Frisch was within roughly 500 votes of unseating Lauren Boebert in Colorado. Did Democrats miss out on turning the seat blue?
Putin Must Not Win, But Zelensky Must Not Win Too Much
Joe Biden is nudging Kyiv toward a compromise with Moscow, which serves neither Western nor Ukrainian interests at this point.
Almost $80 million is spent on TV ads for Georgia's 4-week Senate runoff
And spending by groups supporting Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock has more than doubled contributions from groups backing Republican challenger Herschel Walker.
How to address antisemitic rhetoric when you encounter it
Political leaders have criticized former President Donald Trump's dinner with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, and Nick Fuentes, a Holocaust denier.
School principals say culture wars made last year 'rough as hell'
A new survey of high school principals reveals that political fights with parents and community members are on the rise and taking a serious toll.
Experts: It's safer to leave your phone in airplane mode when you fly
Experts say cellphones have never been directly tied to an airplane crash, but they still worry that they could interfere with a plane's automation.
The Venture Capital Fund Exploring for the World’s Future Innovators and Disruptive Technologies
A distinguished global venture capital platform, Prosperity7 Ventures, seeks to support disruptive companies and business models, across various sectors.
Making trade flow better: changing what’s possible for global supply chains
A leader in global end-to-end solutions, DP World continues to push for more speed, reliability and sustainability in supply chains.
FactSet: Intelligent Data Solutions for Investment Professionals to Make Smarter Decisions
FactSet is providing flexible data analytics and tech solutions across the world for over 170,000 users, reshaping the way investment professionals access data.
Meet the company that’s been driving industrial efficiency for nearly a century
With digitalization at the core of RS Group’s mission to deliver for people, the planet and profit, they are looking forward, not back.
Biden to fête Macron at state dinner in nod to renewed U.S. alliance with France
Emmanuel Macron is in Washington for a pomp-filled state visit–the first of Joe Biden's presidency & the second such invitation for the French leader.
Criminal tax fraud trial of 2 Trump companies coming to a close after emotional testimony by ex-CFO
Manhattan prosecutors and defense lawyers for the companies will make their final pitches to the jury beginning Thursday.
Alabama coal miners begin their 20th month on strike
The miners have survived more than 600 days on the picket line, thanks to widespread support and anger at their employer, Warrior Met Coal. Even now, neither side seems ready to budge.
Medical bills remain inaccessible for many visually impaired Americans
When health bills aren't legible — via large-print, Braille or other adaptive technology — blind patients can't know what they owe, and are too often sent to debt collections, an investigation finds.
Biden and Macron will hold a joint press conference as part of a state visit
President Biden will host a joint press conference with Emmanuel Macron on Thursday as a part of the French president's three-day state visit.
6 ways to boost your credit card rewards this holiday season
Here are six strategic moves you can make to add meaningful extra value to your holiday shopping budget.
Kyiv Sees No Prospect of a Ceasefire with Putin's Russia Anytime Soon
"Because Russia is losing on the battlefield, any hypothetical ceasefire is objectively a gift to Putin," former U.S. ambassador tells Newsweek.
Biden Walks NATO Tightrope with Turkey over Wars in Syria and Ukraine
Two senior SDF officials warned that U.S. criticisms of Turkey's plans to launch a new ground war in Syria were not enough "to deter the Turks."
Fleishman Is in Trouble Unveils the Truth About Divorce and Middle Age
Series writer Taffy Brodesser-Akner joins to talk about how divorce, middle age, and parenting are different for women.
China’s Revolt Against “Zero COVID”
Despite heavy surveillance and promise of repercussions, Chinese citizens are in the streets protesting party policy.
'Zero COVID' is roiling China. But ending the policy may cause a massive health disaster
Protesters in China are eager to see an easing of "zero-COVID" rules, but health experts warn that doing so could prompt a massive health emergency.
NATO Explores Ukraine Striking Military Targets in Russia
Latvia's foreign affairs minister said Ukraine should be allowed to attack military sites in Russia to fend off strikes on its critical infrastructure.
2 new letter bombs detected in Spain after blast at Ukrainian Embassy
One of the letter bombs was sent to an arms factory in northern Spain that makes grenade launchers sent by the Spanish government to Ukraine.
Herschel Walker Ex Comes Forward: He Attacked Me in a Rage
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyA former longtime girlfriend of Republican senatorial candidate Herschel Walker has come forward to detail a violent episode with the football star, who she believes is “unstable” and has “little to no control” over his mental state when he is not in treatment.The woman, Dallas resident Cheryl Parsa, described an intimate and tumultuous five-year relationship with Walker in the 2000s, beginning shortly after his divorce and continuing for a year after the publication of his 2008 memoir about his struggle with dissociative identity disorder (DID), once known as multiple personality disorder.Parsa, who has composed a book-length manuscript about her relationship with Walker, says she is speaking out because she is disturbed by Walker’s behavior on the campaign trail, which she claims exhibits telltale flare-ups of the disorder she tried to help him manage for half a decade.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Deaths Back Home Leave Russians Furious with Putin
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyRussians are being plunged into a bleak winter where power outages and heating failures are already freezing people to death while President Vladimir Putin is choosing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars prosecuting an illegal war in Ukraine instead of helping his own citizens.In many of the remote regions where conditions are at their worst, people are also being forced to contribute the most to the war via conscription drives that strip healthy young men out of the local workforce and send them to their deaths on the front line.“They take young men—the only breadwinners—away and send them back in coffins. The guys freeze on the front, get sick, die while their families live in poverty,” Valentina Melnikova, a prominent advocate from the Soldiers’ Mothers Committee, told The Daily Beast. “It seems authorities have no interest left in human lives at this point.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Controversial Power Grab Gets Its Day in Court
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero / The Daily Beast / GettyWhen Gov. Ron DeSantis moved in August to summarily fire an elected county prosecutor over his stance on abortion, the provocation sparked intense national backlash, media scrutiny, and ever more adulation from the governor’s growing right-wing fan base.But this quintessential DeSantis move has also started something else: a court battle to decide whether that prosecutor will get his job back—and whether the ambitious governor will be deterred in his aggressive quest to reshape Florida in his image.On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Robert L. Hinkle began hearing arguments in Tallahassee federal court over one question: whether DeSantis was wrong to suspend the Tampa area’s top prosecutor, Andrew Warren, over his refusal to enforce the state’s new, more restrictive anti-abortion law.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Congress Seat Could Flip if Arizona’s Officials Don’t Certify Election in Time
Photo Illustration by Erin O'Flynn/The Daily Beast/GettyRepublican Juan Ciscomani’s victory should be a lock already. The winner in Arizona’s competitive 6th Congressional District, Ciscomani defeated his Democratic opponent by more than 5,000 votes.But a procedural hiccup stands between Ciscomani and his hard-won congressional seat. AZ-06 contains Cochise County, a solidly red county where officials have refused to certify the midterm results, in violation of a state deadline. If Arizona officials don’t have Cochise County’s vote totals by the time of their state-level certification next week, all of Cochise’s votes could be tossed out, costing Ciscomani his victory.Don’t worry, Cochise supervisors say. They’ll have the votes in soon.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
The Dark Era at Stake if Congress Allows Internet Censorship
Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily BeastThe new Congress inherits a nation divided. Americans are insecure in their status and uncertain of their futures. And as an equally divided Congress searches for possible common ground, bipartisan proposals to punish online platforms for the nation’s ills appear ascendant. But however else we overcome our divisions, we must not heed calls to ban our way out by censoring speech online.Figuring out how a diverse nation of hundreds of millions of people can define and pursue common goals together is difficult work. Perhaps because it is so difficult, proposals abound to shortcut the process. One fix popular with both parties pins blame on the media and the ways Americans have come to use to engage with one another. Read more at The Daily Beast.
Ouster Exposes Desantis’ ‘Politics-Free’ Schools Hypocrisy
Photo Illustration by Kelly Caminero / The Daily Beast / Getty Welcome to DeSantis World, as manifested on Tuesday night by a local Florida school board with a new conservative majority whose first major action placed politics before kids—even as it declared there is no place for politics in the classroom.And, by forcing out a highly regarded and resolutely apolitical school superintendent, the deciding members of the supposedly non-partisan board handed a victory not only to Gov. Ron DeSantis, but also to former National Security Adviser Gen. Mike Flynn, the Proud Boys, and other Trumpian extremists who have come to call Saratoga home.The candidates in the midterm election that DeSantis backed outside his home state generally did not fare well. But if his blessing failed to put Joe O’Dea of Colorado, Don Bolduc of New Hampshire, and Mehmet Oz of Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate, DeSantis was able to demonstrate his prowess as a culture warrior with the election of Bridget Ziegler, Tim Enos, and Robyn Marinelli to the Sarasota County School Board. The trio ran as a team denoted by the first letter of their surnames.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Dolly Parton Is Grateful for ‘Hannah Montana’ This Christmas
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/NBCDolly Parton has always understood the magic of Christmas. In holidays past, The Daily Beast’s Obsessed has reported on the country legend saving Christmas—multiple times, believe it or not. What can we say, she’s a saint in glittered attire! This year, though, Dolly’s not exactly saving Christmas. No, she’s doing something much better: She’s bringing back Hannah Montana.The Dolly Parton Christmas specials feel never-ending—and thank goodness!—and this year’s installment is no different. Our beloved Backwoods Barbie has been throwing down country Christmas hits for an audience since 1994 (!), when she recorded Kenny & Dolly: A Christmas to Remember for NBC. She’s back with the network this year, releasing Dolly Parton’s Magic Mountain Christmas, which should actually be titled “Miley & Dolly: A Christmas to Remember.”Dolly Parton’s Magic Mountain Christmas roams through Dollywood (Dolly’s amusement park, which holds an annual Smoky Mountain Christmas celebration) as well as the hilarious hallways of 30 Rock, as the singer maps out her new Christmas special. This new installation into the DPCU (Dolly Parton Christmas Universe) makes an interesting decision—everything is meta. We see Dolly as she’s filming, along with all the behind-the-scenes drama that ensues as she belts out a holly jolly melody.Read more at The Daily Beast.