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Washington school bus driver attacked with knife, killed in front of students, police say; suspect arrested

A school bus driver in Washington was fatally stabbed in an attack that happened in front of elementary school children last week, police said.      
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John King Reveals 2020 Election Week 'One of My Worst' for MS Symptoms
CNN anchor John King, who on Tuesday revealed his multiple sclerosis diagnosis, has shared further details about the challenges he secretly faced for 13 years.
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Maya Millette’s husband searched ‘plant you take to never wake up’ before her apparent death
Larry Millete researched poisonous plants, including water hemlock, and the so-called date rape drug Rohypnol before her disappearance in January 2021.
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125K unaccompanied kids have crossed the border during Biden admin: report
More than 125,000 unaccompanied children have reportedly arrived at the southern border since President Biden took office in January -- smashing previous records.
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Joe Manchin Praised by Billionaire Who Voted for Trump as 'Most Important Guy in D.C.'
"I call him every week and say, 'Joe, you're doing great,'" billionaire Nelson Peltz said.
This beef stew only takes 10 minutes of prep time: Try the recipe
On those days when the sun starts to set earlier, and it’s time to welcome fall, we all crave something a little heartier, a little warmer, a little beefier.
NASCAR driver Carson Ware suspended after assault arrest
Part-time Xfinity Series driver Carson Ware has been suspended by NASCAR and his teams after being arrested for assault.
Homan on 'Fox & Friends': Biden's CBP nominee is 'perfect choice' for open border policies
Fox News contributor Tom Homan told “Fox & Friends” on Thursday that President Biden’s pick to lead U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Chris Magnus, would be the “perfect choice” for open borders.
Boston Celtics game broadcast pulled in China after Enes Kanter's pro-Tibet posts
The NBA is facing another incident involving China after Enes Kanter, center for the Boston Celtics, criticized the country's treatment of Tibet.
Boston Celtics game broadcast pulled in China after Enes Kanter's pro-Tibet posts
The NBA is facing another incident involving China after Enes Kanter, center for the Boston Celtics, criticized the country's treatment of Tibet.
Boston Celtics game broadcast pulled in China after Enes Kanter's pro-Tibet posts
The NBA is facing another incident involving China after Enes Kanter, center for the Boston Celtics, criticized the country's treatment of Tibet.
Can Democrats pass paid leave on a national scale?
Democrats are pushing to make paid leave available to all workers in the embattled reconciliation bill but it risks being scaled back in final proposal.
Steve Somers leaving WFAN ‘sometime this fall’
Somers, 74, made somewhat of an announcement on his show Thursday, saying his time at that station is coming to an end “more sooner than later.”
Kate Beckinsale says her ‘very high IQ’ is a ‘handicap’ in Hollywood
"Every single doctor, every single person I've ever come across has said, 'You'd be so much happier if you were 30 percent less smart,'" Beckinsale told shock jock Howard Stern.
LaMelo Ball’s ‘MVP’ opening night didn’t end on the court
The reigning Rookie of the Year rocked neon green threads to his postgame press conference after dropping 31 points to start the season.
How TikTok's 13-year-old pug Noodle teaches us about self-care and living life to the fullest
Noodle the 13-year-old wise pug has bestowed some valuable life lessons. Like sometimes, it's OK to just flop and rest.
Photo of College Lecture on 'Right-Handed Privilege' Goes Viral
The lecture referenced a psychological paper that says that most left-handed people have negative experiences associated with their dominant hand.
Texas Family Say They Were Evicted Even After Relief Program Paid Back Rent
Cherice Scott arrived home on October 5 to find herself evicted, and recalled her terror at the thought of her family ending up homeless.
'Locke and Key' Season 2 Release Time: When the New Season Is Coming to Netflix
"Locke and Key" Season 2 is finally coming to Netflix, a full 20 months since the first season. Here's when the wait will be over for fans of the fantasy show.
'The work begins when you get married': Gwyneth Paltrow on her Netflix show 'Sex, Love & Goop'
Gwyneth Paltrow, who appears in Netflix's "Sex, Love & Goop," says "that area is really indicative of what we still have to work on."
Gwyneth Paltrow jokes about including 'Goop' in the title of her new Netflix series
Gwyneth Paltrow chats with USA TODAY's Erin Jensen about her new Netflix series on relationships, "Sex, Love & Goop."
5 Veterans Quit Sinema's Advisory Council Over Her 'Failure' to Stand by Constituents
The veterans wrote in a letter that the Arizona Democrat has "become of the principal obstacles to progress."
Five military veterans advising Sen. Sinema resign, calling her one of the 'principal obstacles to progress'
Five military veterans on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's advisory board resigned from their roles this week, slamming the Arizona Democrat as one of the "principal obstacles to progress."
49 gifts every woman in your life would love to receive
Whether it's a tear-jerking gift for your significant other or something practical for Mom, these editor-approved picks have you covered so you don't have to scramble to shop.
Four Face Charges After Kyrsten Sinema Confronted in Bathroom
Police at Arizona State University are seeking misdemeanor charges over the incident involving the Democratic senator.
Merrick Garland testifying before Congress amid fierce criticism over controversial memo
Attorney General Merrick Garland is testifying before the House Judiciary Committee amid intense criticism over a memo he released this month.
Tesla's 'full self-driving' rolls back its privacy protection of trip videos
Tesla owners can buy the company's "full self-driving" software for $10,000, but they may have to pay with their privacy.
Mushrooms: the next big weapon in the war against conventional meat
This story is part of our series on the future of cultured and plant-based meat. Read more here.
Prepare yourself for an avalanche of fake meat
The list of meat mimics — plant-based, cultured, fungi-based — is mushrooming.
This Apple TV Trick Turns Streaming Into the Curated Horror Sections at Your Old Video Store
Every Vincent Price movie available to stream across any service all in one row?!
Beyond the burger: chicken, fish and pork are now made from plants
There now are plant-based products that mimic an expanding variety of fish, as well as chicken and pork.
Why California is the capital of fake meat
Companies are flocking to alt-protein central — California
WATCH: Golden Gate Bridge shrouded in early morning fog
A stunning timelapse of dense morning fog rolled over the San Francisco Bay.
At Berkeley's Alt: Meat Lab, some students learn to be CEOs
Berkeley's Alt: Meat Lab connects students interested in creating plant-based proteins with potential investors
When can we eat cultured meat? It's an ingredient issue
You might assume cultured meat doesn't involve animal products — but it's complicated.
D.C. Council member Kenyan McDuffie will run for attorney general
McDuffie has represented Ward 5 on the council since 2012.
5 reasons to go out to Tysons (and only one of them is the mall)
New developments have brought beer gardens, pop-up bars and a 1,600-seat performing arts center to Tysons.
New movies to stream this week: ‘Found,’ ‘Four Hours at the Capitol’ and more
Watch these new movies from home.
Which college football head coaching job is better: USC or LSU?
As USC and LSU leaders search for a new head football coach, we evaluate which job is better.
Breakthrough Women Fast Facts: US Government, Education, Business and Sports
View CNN's Fast Facts to learn more about US women breaking through the glass ceiling in government, education, business and sports.
Christmas trees, sweaters, gifts in shipping mess: How supply chain issues will affect holiday shopping
The 2021 holiday shopping season is expected to be undermined by supply chain challenges, including shipping issues such as port backlogs.
Purple Heart stolen from Vietnam vet returned nearly 40 years later: 'I couldn't believe it'
A Vietnam veteran is back in possession of his Purple Heart after it was stolen nearly 40 years ago during a burglary.
Capitol Police officer: Trump supporters are being lied to
Capitol police officer Michael Fanone was brutally beaten during the January 6 insurrection on the Capitol. He joins CNN's Brianna Keilar to discuss Trump supporters who believe conspiracy theories that the attack was not orchestrated by Trump supporters.
Tawny Kitaen's brother reacts to her cause, manner of death: 'There's a peaceful closure'
Tawny Kitaen's brother says he's comforted by some of the revelations surrounding the cause and manner of her death.
A robot is displaying art at the pyramids. Egypt detained it over spying fears, its maker says.
The robot, that goes by Ai-Da, will showcase artwork at an exhibition at the Giza pyramids opening Thursday.
7 Questions That Need Answering in 'Only Murders in the Building' Season 2
It is a good thing "Only Murders in the Building" is returning for Season 2 as there are plenty of questions that need to be answered.
McAuliffe receives another six-figure donation from billionaire Epstein associate who owns the 'f--- jet'
Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe received another six-figure donation from a billionaire associate of disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein who owns a private plane nicknamed the "f--- jet."
A few idealistic Canadians are trying to replant the world’s forests with flying machines
The battle against climate change can be waged with sober policymaking, an engaged citizenry and corporate responsibility. It also, it turns out, can be fought by a few hipster Millennials with flying machines.
Southwest mass cancellations debacle cost $75M, company says
The cancellations as well as customer refunds and "gestures of goodwill" all contributed to the estimated cost.