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What it's like traveling to Japan amid the Omicron variant

As governments have rushed to impose a fresh round of restrictions, travelers have found themselves confused, frustrated -- and in some cases-- suddenly stranded.
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Nick Kyrgios says he was threatened by Croatian doubles entourage
Australian firebrand Nick Kyrgios said a coach and trainer of world number one doubles pair Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic had threatened to fight after their doubles match at the Australian Open.
5 books not to miss: John Darnielle's 'Devil House,' new Danya Kukafka thriller
The Mountain Goats singer-songwriter John Darnielle releases dark new novel "Devil House," and Danya Kukafka returns with a haunting thriller.
Metro’s next leader will face ridership challenges and a looming ‘financial cliff’
Short-term problems have obscured what transit leaders say is coming into greater focus with each passing month. Federal workers are not returning in numbers needed to cover the transit agency’s nearly $2 billion annual operating costs.
Josh Allen is the perfect fit as Buffalo's quarterback: 'He understands Bills fans'
Bills fans believe Josh Allen is one of them — he believes it, too. Allen leads Buffalo vs. the Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes on Sunday.
New Yorkers want gun violence to end. A controversial police unit returns to help
New York City's new mayor, Eric Adams, a former NYPD officer, says the unit will help curb gun violence and will be run differently than the original, which was ruled unconstitutional.
We asked how you are finding joy in the pandemic. Here are 12 surprising ideas
It's been two long years of COVID gloom. But NPR's readers didn't let it keep them down. From cicada tracking to open-water swimming to roller-skating squads, you share how you bring the fun.
‘That raise meant nothing’: Inflation is wiping out pay increases for most Americans
After years of barely budging, wage growth is finally at its highest level in decades. A global pandemic, combined with swift government stimulus and unexpected labor shortages have put workers in the drivers’ seat, giving them the kind of negotiating power they’d never imagined. But in an unexpected twist, the same strong economic recovery that is emboldening workers is also driving up inflation, leaving most Americans with less spending power than they had a year ago.
22 for ’22: Composers and performers to watch this year
How Carlos Simon, Kamala Sankaram, the Living Earth Show and 19 more artists are changing the classical landscape.
The 49th anniversary for Roe V. Wade could be its last unless you take action
Some states are poised to enact draconian bans on abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. It's time to take legislative action to protect access to abortion.
Hinge added a new voice recording function. Will it change how we digitally date?
The dating platform's newest voice function has gone viral on TikTok, where people show off the most ridiculous and earnest responses, and it is seemingly bringing digital daters closer together.
What the fallout from the Supreme Court's Texas abortion ruling means for the future of Roe
As the Roe v. Wade ruling celebrates its 49th anniversary on Saturday, the vast majority of abortions have been outlawed for nearly five months in the second most populous state in the country.
What to Watch for in Saturday’s N.F.L. Playoff Games
The divisional round games feature a style clash in the early meeting between the Bengals and Titans. Then, the 49ers will try to extend their postseason streak against the Packers.
Would Putin Really Invade Ukraine For This?
How the Biden administration’s high-stakes diplomacy to avoid a crisis in Ukraine is going.
Native American tribe's eviction plan raises civil rights concerns. Should US government intervene?
A Native American tribe's plan to evict tenants from HUD-assisted homes, the latest clash in a long disenrollment dispute, is under federal review.
Gavin Newsom clarifies calling train thieves ‘gangs’: 'Forgive me ... They're organized groups'
California Gov. Gavin Newsom clarified this week that when he called criminals accused of stealing packages from cargo trains in the state "gangs of people" he wasn’t implying the thefts were gang-related.
Why Please Don’t Destroy’s Warp-Speed Absurdity Is the Future of Saturday Night Live
When Lorne Michaels retires, the show will need a new guiding light, or three.
Ron DeSantis Won’t Kiss the Trump Ring
It was another week of mostly meaningless political rifts.
Joe Biden 'Open' to Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskiy Summit as Russia Agrees to Talks
The U.S. said it would provide written responses to Russian security demands amid soaring tensions over its military build-up by Ukraine.
Pakistani convicted murderer takes top school score, wins scholarship
A Pakistani inmate serving a life sentence for murder in an overcrowded Karachi prison has won a scholarship for further study after taking one of the highest scores in the city's higher secondary school exams last year.
Wildfire burns near California's Highway 1, prompting evacuations
A wildfire near California's legendary Highway 1, which winds along the Pacific coastline, prompted evacuation orders in Monterey County on Friday night.
Illinois murder defendant convicted after judge initially reads wrong verdict because of paperwork mix-up
A jury’s paperwork mix-up resulted in a central Illinois judge announcing a not guilty verdict in a murder trial, only to inform the defendant minutes later that he had in fact been convicted.
Beijing 2022 says no foreign athletes have tested positive yet for Covid-19 after arrival
No foreign athletes who have arrived in Beijing for the Winter Olympic Games have tested positive for Covid-19 as of Wednesday, according to Beijing 2022's media team.
Dramatic Big Sur Fire Photos, Videos Show Raging Inferno as Residents Told to Evacuate
The wildfire started in the Palo Colorado Canyon had grown to around 250 acres by early Saturday morning.
Jewish leaders urge worship attendance after hostage siege
Jewish leaders throughout the U.S. are calling for a strong turnout at this weekend’s worship services as a statement of defiance against antisemitic acts.
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Texas teacher caught calling kids 'utter morons,' placed on leave: report
A Texas teacher remained on administrative leave Friday after a video showing her ranting about her students and her job circulated online.
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D.C.-area forecast: Most stay below freezing today, and some afternoon snow showers possible Sunday
Anything that falls tomorrow is of little consequence. It's staying chillier than not into next week.
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Biden asked the question that matters: What are Republicans for?
The media has become intoxicated with a narrative that Democrats are in disarray. But it takes two parties to govern.       
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Frenemies? Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis eye each other warily before 2024 presidential race
Donald Trump and allies are taking shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, whom many view as a potentially formidable GOP presidential candidate in 2024.       
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What a Potential Russian Invasion Means in Chernobyl
Ukraine has initiated a defensive strategy for the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, one of the most radioactive places on Earth, which lies on the shortest path between Russia and Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.
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A 'brutal crosscurrent': Why Biden's immigration policies are making everyone mad
Immigration advocates' frustrations with President Joe Biden have ballooned as he continues Title 42 and "Remain in Mexico" policies along the border.       
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How U.S. Abortion Law Compares With Other Nations
Many rich democracies have earlier cutoffs for abortion — but allow it later for a variety of reasons. And around the world, it has been much more common to expand access than restrict it.
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A nurse frustrated by staffing shortages and career obstacles leaves hospital job to drive 18-wheeler
After years of caring for surgery patients at a Canadian hospital, a veteran nurse has left the profession to start a new, high-demand career as a long-haul truck driver.
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The Pandemic Changed Everything About Work, Except the Humble Résumé
Résumés may be more for robots than human eyes at first, but most job seekers are still advised to distill their work history in one typewritten page.
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Donald Trump's Chaotic COVID Response Unquestionably Led to More Deaths—Author
Author John Nichols blasted Former President Donald Trump's handling of the pandemic, claiming his denial caused hundreds of thousands of needless deaths.
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The Real Story of “West Elm Caleb”
The stories of women being ghosted by a tall man who designs furniture spiraled into something terrible on TikTok.
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Davos Man
Slate Money talks Peter Goodman’s book Davos Man, Microsoft buying Activision, and the 5G fiasco.
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Video shows man open fire on Oklahoma street in apparent road rage incident on
Footage shared on social media shows the man banging on the window of a white Buick SUV in the multi-lane road in Tulsa last Friday.
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Australia is one of 22 new countries deemed 'very high' risk for travel
More than 20 new destinations have been added to the United States' highest-risk travel category but at least life's good in the ocean. A beautiful three-kilometer-long coral reef has just been discovered off the coast of Tahiti.
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Arizona bill calls for people with cameras to stay at least 15 feet away from police officers
Some Arizona lawmakers are looking to change the way people can record police encounters, calling for a distance requirement that anyone with a camera must remain to record a police officer.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in four vehicle car crash in Los Angeles
Schwarzenegger’s spokesman told the LA Times the actor-turned-politician was uninjured.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger involved in four vehicle car crash in Los Angeles
Schwarzenegger’s spokesman told the LA Times the actor-turned-politician was uninjured.
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'I've got terminal cancer. Here's why I'm prioritizing travel'
Kris Sokolowski, who was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer last year, tells CNN Travel why exploring the globe with his loved ones is his focus.
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Indiana bill would ban transgender women from scholastic sports; public hearing planned
Indiana lawmakers are gearing up to debate a bill that would prevent transgender girls from competing in girls’ scholastic sports.
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Saudi-led coalition denies targeting Yemeni detention center after airstrikes kill 70
The coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates fighting in Yemen denied that it deliberately targeted a detention center in airstrikes on Friday that killed dozens and caused a nationwide internet blackout.
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If Russia invades Ukraine, what happens next?
Many Ukrainians wouldn’t favor a pro-Russian leader — but would the U.S. support an anti-Russian insurgency?
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Big Weed is on the brink of scoring big political wins. So where are they?
Competing agendas have stifled the effectiveness of the burgeoning industry on Capitol Hill.
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'It's about time I made one': Steph Curry hits first career buzzer-beater to lift Warriors to win
Steph Curry has achieved a lot in his NBA career: multiple league titles, two-time Most Valuable Player awards and numerous All-Star nominations.
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Tucker Carlson Mocks M&Ms for 'Gender-Inclusive' Rebrand of Characters
The Fox News host accused M&Ms of wanting to make cartoon characters "deeply unappealing and totally androgynous."
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