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Real Madrid team bus window smashed by soccer fans ahead of Champions League tie in Liverpool
Liverpool has condemned "a few individuals" for their "shameful behavior" after fans smashed a window of the Real Madrid team bus ahead of the Champions League quarterfinal on Wednesday.
5 things to know for April 15: Covid, White House, voter suppression, Russia, China
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
These Six Senators Voted Against Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill Debate
The Senate voted 92-6 in favor of progressing the bill, proposed following recent attacks on Asian Americans, to debate.
Terror attacks in Brussels, Obama continues Cuba visit: #CBSN10 trending stories
Terrorist attack the airport and subway in Brussels, President Obama speaks about the attacks in Cuba, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies at age 46 and more are among today's trending stories.
Diplomacy—Blemishes and All—is the Best Way to Deal With Iran | Opinion
Diplomacy is extremely difficult work. But the absence of diplomacy creates even more problems.
Toxic Attempts to Explain the Inexplicable | Opinion
Conspiracy theories arise from a deep-seated human instinct to try to explain the inexplicable.
Russian magazine raided, journalists charged by authorities
The office of a Russian magazine for students was raided and several of its editors were temporarily detained by authorities on Wednesday morning, after the publication expressed its support for jailed Kremlin critic Alexey Navalny, according to DOXA magazine.
Brussels attacks illustrate security concerns
Questions have been raised about the efficacy of global security systems after the multiple terror attacks in Belgium. Former U.S. Army Intelligence Officer Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer joins CBSN to discuss.
Simone Biles toying with returning as an event specialist at 2024 Paris Olympics
Simone Biles has won a record five all-around titles at world championships, and is the most-decorated gymnast, male or female, with 25 world medals
Why did attacks happen in Brussels?
Terrorists chose Brussels, Belgium, to illustrate their ability to strike at the heart of Europe's government. CBS News' Elaine Cobbe has the latest details for CBSN.
Analysis of terror attacks in Brussels
The terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium left dozens dead and hundreds injured and prompted security concerns worldwide. CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell joins CBSN with security analysis.
Inside the terror attacks in Brussels
The attacks in Brussels were focused on the soft targets of the city's airport and a subway station. CBS News' Charlie D'Agata and Allen Pizzey join CBSN with analysis.
Canada and USA have unveiled their Olympic uniforms and the internet -- of course -- has thoughts
A riff on the "Canadian tuxedo" or '80s high school apparel? The North American neighbors inspired plenty of online chatter when they revealed their Olympic and Paralymic closing ceremony uniforms this week.
Deadly attack at Brussels subway
One of the attacks in Brussels occurred on a train near the Maelbeek subway station during the morning rush hour. CBS News' Allen Pizzey joins CBSN with the latest details.
Summarizing Tuesday's terror attacks
CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley summarizes what is known in the terror attacks at Brussels airport and subway station.
Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies
Rob Ford, the former Toronto mayor who admitted to smoking crack while in office, died Tuesday at 46 after a battle with cancer. Scott Pelley has more.
Joe Biden Will Support Taiwan Self-Defense: U.S. Delegation
Leading a delegation in Taipei at the request of President Joe Biden, former Senator Chris Dodd said U.S.-Taiwan ties were "stronger than ever."
Molenbeek: Brussels' terrorism hotbed
A section of Brussels called Molenbeek has become a breeding ground for ISIS. Several of the Paris attackers were from there, including the suspect arrested just last week. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers recently traveled to the area to learn more.
Presidential candidates react to Brussels attacks
The five remaining presidential candidates gave a range of different responses to the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Tuesday also marks primary day in three states: Arizona, Utah, and Idaho. Nancy Cordes reports.
Jamie Dimon says 'American dream is fraying'
JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is bullish about the economy, but he remains concerned about the growing wealth gap, particularly for Black people, in the United States.
How safe are airports from terrorist attacks?
The bombs that were detonated in the Brussels airport went off in the departure area, just before the security checkpoint. That space is vunerable to attacks, raising questions about what else can be done to make airports more secure. Kris Van Cleave has more.
This is the right time for 'Coach Prime,' Deion Sanders, to lead Jackson State. 'It was a calling.'
Hall of Famer Deion Sanders, Jackson State football's "Coach Prime," always envisioned his role as more than coaching a team. "It was a calling."
Obama juggles Cuban visit with response to Brussels attack
President Obama learned of Tuesday's terror attack while in the middle of his historic trip to Cuba. The president offered his support and condolences to Belgium, but kept his attention on his trip. Margaret Brennan has more.
Mormon missionaries among U.S. victims of Brussels attack
For one victim of Tuesday's attacks in Brussels, it was not his first brush with terrorism. Mormon missionary Mason Wells was just a block from the bombs at the 2013 Boston Marathon. On Tuesday, the 19-year-old was wounded by one of the bombs at the Brussels airport. Danielle Nottingham has more.
U.K. terror expert on Brussels attack
CBS News consultant Richard Walton, the former head of counter terrorism for the London metropolitan police, provides some insight into Tuesday's attacks.
Who Is Jonathan Pentland? Army Sergeant Charged With Assaulting Black Man in Viral Video
Soldier Jonathan Pentland, 42, has been arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery.
JPMorgan is deploying $2.5 trillion to fight the climate crisis and inequality
America's largest bank is adding some serious firepower to the fight against climate change and inequality.
JPMorgan is deploying $2.5 trillion to fight the climate crisis and inequality
America's largest bank is adding some serious firepower to the fight against climate change and inequality.
The world mourns with Brussels
Memorials for the victims of the Brussels attacks began popping up within hours of the bombings. Scott Pelley reports.
FBI ramps up surveillance on terror suspects in U.S.
The federal government said Tuesday there is no credible threat of a Brussels-style plot against the United States. But law enforcement agencies are concerned about terrorists who may be operating under the radar. Jeff Pegues has more.
How could ISIS pull off Brussels attack?
Michael Morell, former deputy director for the CIA, discusses how the Brussels attacks could have happened -- and what can be done to prevent similar attacks in America.
Are Brussels bombings connected to Paris attacks?
A number of the suspects in last year's Paris terrorist attacks that killed 130 people came from the same neighborhood in Brussels. Holly Williams reports on how the two attacks may be linked.
The art of persuasion: How past presidents have tried to nudge Supreme Court justices off the bench
Early in President Barack Obama's second term, while fellow Democrats still controlled the Senate, the President asked Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a private lunch at the White House.
The art of persuasion: How past presidents have tried to nudge Supreme Court justices off the bench
Early in President Barack Obama's second term, while fellow Democrats still controlled the Senate, the President asked Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to a private lunch at the White House.
What can the public do to help prevent attacks in U.S.?
John Miller, deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter terrorism for the NYPD, shares what can be learned from the response to the Brussels attacks -- and what the public can do do stay safe.
Security stepped up in U.S. in response to Brussels terror attack
In the U.S., security has been stepped up at airports, train stations, and national monuments. Tourist attractions in New York, Washington D.C. and Miami were also on law enforcement's heightened security list. Michelle Miller reports.
Several Americans among wounded in Belgium
No Americans have been found among the dead so far, but several were caught up in the Brussels attacks. Jim Axelrod details what we know about them.
Targeted subway station near European Parliament building
At least twenty people were killed in the subway bombing during Tuesday's Brussels terrorist attacks. The explosion in the station went off about an hour after the attacks at the airport. Allen Pizzey has more.
Cancel Instagram for kids: It 'preys' on children's fear of missing out, advocates say to Zuckerberg
Global advocates urge Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to scrap creating an Instagram for kids, claiming it will cause harm to kids' well-being, growth.
What Is Spotify Car Thing? How To Get on Waitlist for New Streaming Device
The device, which was described as being a limited run, is specifically designed to play Spotify app audio. Here's how you can join the waitlist and potentially get one.
Ted Cruz reacts to Brussels terror attack
Responding to the Belgium terror attacks, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz said: "We need to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods." Vinita Nair has more.
Hundreds protest at Brooklyn Center Police Department for 4th night after shooting
Hundreds of people gathered outside the Brooklyn Center Police Department on Wednesday as protests over the killing of Daunte Wright continued for a fourth night.
Marijuana legalization: Too much cash and other problems Congress needs to resolve
Neither a federal crackdown on pot nor a hands-off approach is advisable — but Washington must act to resolve the legal conundrum.
Happy 31st birthday, Emma Watson: See her most stylish looks
Emma Watson turns 31 on April 15, 2021. To celebrate, we've rounded up photos of some of her most stylish looks.
3 terror suspects seen in Brussels terror attacks
Officials have released a photo of three men suspected in carrying out the Brussels terror attacks. CBS News correspondent Elaine Cobbe joins CBSN from Brussels International Airport with the latest on what we know about the possible suspects.
Luka Doncic lifts Mavericks with improbable game-winning shot vs. Grizzlies
Luka Doncic played the savior for the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies.
FBI steps up security after Brussels terror attacks
CBS News has learned that the FBI is stepping up security in the U.S. after the terror attacks in Brussels. Frank Cilluffo, associate vice president of the Center For Cyber and Homeland Security, and joins CBSN with more analysis on security in America
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Washington’s temporary QB fix, has mastered the art of being an NFL nomad
Ryan Fitzpatrick’s eight-team NFL career has prepared him to be Washington’s temporary fix at the quarterback position.