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What was accomplished during Trump and Putin's first face-to-face meeting?

Margaret Brennan, David Ignatius, Michael Crowley, and David Nakamura discuss President Trump and President Putin's meeting at the G-20 summit and consequences for Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.
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Caitlyn Jenner Condemned For Post Mocking Dr. Rachel Levine
The reality TV star and California governor hopeful is being widely criticized for sharing a transphobic and distasteful post that was initially shared by Donald Trump Jr. on Instagram.
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Lombardi trophy used as vaccine incentive
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Woman fatally shot while attending vigil
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College student rides bike to school for 4 years
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80-year-old man struck by stray bullet
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Man shares his Covid-19 survival story
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More than 50 shots fired in neighborhood
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Man stole iPhones, Apple watches from Target
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Package causes hazmat incident at fire station
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Teen attacked while defending disabled brother
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House poised for final passage of anti-Asian hate crimes bill
The House of Representatives is poised on Tuesday to give final passage to the Senate COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act to address the rise in violence against Asian Americans.
Body Camera Footage Shows Andrew Brown Driving Away From Officers Before 'Justified' Shooting
On Tuesday, District Attorney Andrew Womble said officers were justified in their use of deadly force last month.
Spending all day in virtual meetings leads to "Zoom fatigue"
Stanford University researchers say spending hours on virtual conference calls during the pandemic is causing many to suffer from what they're calling "Zoom fatigue." CBS News' Naomi Ruchim reports.
Death Threats to Members of Congress Have Doubled This Year, Capitol Police Say
Members of Congress are worried about their safety after the January 6 riots and an increase in death threats this year.
St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones on transforming public safety
St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones is defending a proposed budget cut to police funding, calling it the "right thing to do." Jones took office nearly a month ago and has positioned herself as an outspoken advocate of "reimagining" public safety. Mayor Jones joined CBSN to discuss what that looks like in the city she's leading.
Goop blasts ‘frivolous’ vagina-scented candle lawsuit
A man named Colby Watson is suing Goop over the NSFW candle, claiming it "exploded" after burning.
NBA play-in tournament schedule: Hornets vs. Pacers, Wizards vs. Celtics
The NBA play-in game tournament for the Eastern Conference features Hornets-Pacers and Wizards-Celtics vying for the No. 7 or No. 8 playoff seeds.
The Jashen line of vacuums is Dyson-like in power at half the price
Here's the thing with cordless vacuums: You can skimp to try to save a few dollars on a vacuum that loses suction the second it senses a crumb, or you could opt for a Dyson that'll do more damage to your bank account than a weekend in Vegas.
Attention ‘Southern Charm’ Fans: You Can Stream Whitney Sudler-Smith’s ‘Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston’ Doc on Peacock
Before the Bravo series, he directed this doc featuring plenty of A-list pals.
Colonial Pipeline communication system down a week after cyberattack
Two market sources familiar with the system said the company’s so-called nomination system was shut on Tuesday, leaving shippers unable to plan fuel shipments, Reuters reported.
Clueless TikTok dad goes viral guessing NFL team names
This is a social media family worth following.
White House Defends Biden's 'Behind the Scenes' Approach to Mideast Conflict
More than two dozen Democrats have called for an immediate cease-fire in the Middle East as the Biden administration stands by its restrained approach to the crisis.
In Francisco Goldman’s ‘Monkey Boy,’ an author grapples with the alternative facts of his family history
A train ride becomes a pretext for a long train of thought, as a man looks back at his past.
Xbox Wireless Headset Review: A Comfortable, Simple and Affordable Headset for $99
The versatile Xbox Wireless Headset is an amazing buy for under $100.
Linda Thompson jokes with Brody Jenner about joining Raya and OnlyFans
The "Hills: New Beginnings" star had to tell his famous mom that OnlyFans is for people who "get paid to take [their] clothes off."
40 swimsuits perfect for any body type, according to fashion experts
We've rounded up some stylist-approved and top-rated swimsuit options for men and women of all body types.
Forbes staffers announce intention to unionize
At Forbes, a publication known for its coverage of the rich and powerful, its employees are fighting for something rather less glamorous: fair pay and job security. Staffers at the 103-year-old magazine brand announced Tuesday their plans to form a union.
Germaphobe Howie Mendel doesn’t want to end up like Howard Hughes
Mandel, who suffers from OCD, spends "every moment of my existence knowing that Howard Hughes ended up alone in a room naked peeing in bottles."
Naomi Campbell welcomes her first child in surprise Instagram post
The supermodel announced that she is a mother, calling her child "a beautiful blessing."
Where to Watch ‘Most Dangerous Game’ Starring Liam Hemsworth
Quibi's making a comeback.
Trump launched airstrikes after this town was gassed in 2017. Now Assad's military is moving in
Two years ago, a chemical attack by the Syrian regime in Khan Sheikhoun killed dozens and resulted in the Trump administration carrying out airstrikes mostly targeting against Syrian airfields, a warning from the most powerful nation in the world, that was more of a slap on the wrist.
Cracks are appearing in the Mideast's most important alliance. That's bad news for Trump
The partnership of Saudi Arabia and the UAE is the closest anywhere in the Mideast. It goes back decades, fashioned by antipathy towards Iran and support for Sunni causes across the Muslim world. But cracks in the alliance are appearing.
Jailed Saudi activist rejects deal to deny torture for release, says family
Jailed Saudi women's rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul has rejected a release deal that would have granted her freedom in exchange for denying reports that she was tortured in prison, her family said.
Yemen's civil war within a civil war
Last Wednesday, fighting broke out in the coastal city of Aden, the temporary seat of the internationally recognized government of Yemen.
Yemen separatists say they've seized the key port of Aden
Yemeni separatists have taken control of the strategic city of Aden after days of fighting with forces backing the internationally recognized government.
They survived the Christchurch attacks. In Mecca, they're finding peace as Hajj pilgrims
Two hundred Christchurch mosque attack survivors and relatives of those slain have arrived in Mecca at the invitation of Saudi King Salman. They say the pilgrimage has been a means to healing from the violence that changed their lives.
Canadian released from Syria says 'I thought I was going to be there forever'
A Canadian national who was detained by the Syrian government for months has been released and appeared at a press conference in Beirut on Friday. "I thought I was going to be there forever," he said.
Newspaper devotes entire issue to 'wake-up call' for the country
Lebanon's leading English daily newspaper published a blank issue on Thursday with a list of political and economic woes that have gripped the country in recent months.
Millions of Syrians call Turkey home. An economic crisis is turning them into scapegoats
Syrians say they're living in fear amid a crackdown on refugees who are not registered to live in Istanbul. As Turkey struggles with a sputtering economy, they have become an easy scapegoat for the country's woes.
14 dead and 145 people injured in Taliban bomb attack in Afghanistan
Fourteen people were killed and 145 injured by a Taliban suicide attack in Afghanistan on Wednesday, a spokesman for the country's ministry of interior told CNN.
Iran says it seized foreign oil tanker in Gulf for smuggling fuel
Iran said Sunday that it had seized a foreign oil tanker that it claimed was smuggling fuel to Arab states.
Lebanese band Mashrou' Leila's show canceled to 'prevent bloodshed'
The band's performance at the Byblos International Festival on August 9 has been canceled "to prevent bloodshed and maintain peace and security," event organizers say.
A campaign to silence this Lebanese band has galvanized the country's extreme Christian right
A rock concert has been canceled after Lebanese Christian groups mounted a virulent campaign against local music group, Mashrou' Leila. Now rights activists believe they must stand up for the band to defend human rights.
Thousands are trapped in a desert settlement in Syria, near a US military base
A desert settlement in a US-protected zone in Syria has not received aid in months, and the US says it can do little to help.
Iranian cargo ship sinks in Caspian Sea
An Iranian cargo ship sank in the Caspian Sea near Azerbaijan's Lankaran port on Friday, according to Iran's state-run news agency IRNA.
Iran releases 9 Indian crew members from Panamanian-flagged tanker
Iran has released nine of the 12 Indian crew members who were on board a Panamanian-flagged oil tanker it seized after claiming the vessel was carrying 1 million liters of smuggled fuel.
UK Navy to escort tankers through Strait of Hormuz amid Iran crisis
The UK Royal Navy will now accompany British-flagged oil tankers through the Strait of Hormuz, the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement Thursday.