William Hughes, Congressman and Ambassador, Dies at 87

He represented New Jersey’s Second District for 20 years, then was ambassador to Panama in a crucial period.
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'Looks weird... like, really weird': Wall Street isn't sold on Tesla's new Cybertruck design. Here's what 7 analysts think about the electric pickup. (TSLA)
FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images Tesla unveiled it's Cybertruck on Thursday in a live event at which its design leader accidentally broke two of the car's windows.  Many Wall Street analysts think the truck's strange design could negatively impact the car's performance. Credit Suisse said rivals Ford and General Motors can "breathe a sigh of relief."  Others say that it will be a niche offering, similar to the Hummer.  Here's what seven analysts said about the Tesla Cybertruck.  Watch Tesla trade live on Markets Insider. Wall street analysts are not buying the futuristic design of Tesla's new electric pickup truck, called the Cybertruck, released in a live event Thursday.  "Tesla's Cybertruck looks weird… like, really weird," wrote Toni Sacconaghi of Bernstein in a Friday note. "Add a little bit of dirt, and you could even say it gives off a retro-future vibe a la Mad Max."  The strange design, which was inspired in part by the movie "Blade Runner," is likely to impact how consumers view the truck and if they ultimately decide to buy, analysts said.  "We do not see this vehicle in its current form being a success," wrote Jeffrey Osborne of Cowen in a note Friday. That's because he doesn't see the Tesla brand or the Cybertruck design "resonating with existing pickup truck owners." That means that General Motors and Ford, Tesla's main competitors in the pickup market, can "breathe a sigh of relief," wrote Dan Levy of Credit Suisse.  To make matters worse, the live unveiling of the Cybertruck didn't exactly go as planned. Tesla's lead designer Franz von Holzhausen accidentally broke the truck's "armor glass" windows with a metal ball during a demonstration.  That "was not a good start," wrote Emmanuel Rosner of Deutsche Bank in a Friday note. Tesla shares fell as much as 7% the day after the event. Still, the Cybertruck's design wasn't unanimously disliked by Wall Street. The design "will be a hit with the company's fanatic EV installed base globally as Musk & Co. are clearly thinking way out of the box on this model design," wrote Dan Ives of Wedbush in a Friday note.  But Ives went on to say that those outside of the base might disagree. "Investors will question if this is a mass market pickup going after Ford and GM with ~3 million pickup trucks sold annually in the US, or a more niche "wow factor" model that will be more limited," he wrote.  Here's what else Wall Street analysts had to say about the Cybertruck:1. Cowen: "Blade Runner inspired design appears to be the most controversial feature" Tesla Rating: Underperform  Price target: $190 "Tesla's Cybertruck reveal will likely disappoint current pickup truck owners and we see the vehicle remaining a niche and not a mainstream product," wrote Jeffrey Osborne of Cowen in a note Friday.  He continued: "The Blade Runner inspired design appears to be the most controversial feature. The base price of $39,900 is likely never to be seen, just as the $35k Model 3 has failed to materialize." "CEO, Elon Musk has been enthusiastic about his Blade Runner inspired design for months, but we were still surprised how futuristic he went with this one and believe it may shatter his dreams." 2. Wedbush: The design "looks more like a stealth bomber than a pickup truck" AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu Rating: Neutral  Price target: $270 Rating:  Price target:  The design "looks more like a stealth bomber than a pickup truck in our opinion," wrote Dan Ives of Wedbush in a Friday note.  He continued: "From a demand perspective this will be a more niche market, as we believe hitting the 150k/175k unit threshold in its first full year of deliveries (likely 2022) is the line in the sand out of the gates and could be a tough bogey to hit." "For comparison, the leader in the market Ford sells roughly 1 million F-150 pickups per year. In a nutshell, we believe this next generation Cybertruck model could help Tesla expand its market opportunity outside its core customer base over time, although gaining market share with stalwarts such as Ford and GM entrenched in this landscape will be a difficult task for Fremont." 3. Deutsche Bank: "There are important unanswered questions" Reuters Rating: Hold Price target: $290 "We believe there are important unanswered questions to be able to assess potential buyer interest in the model, and whether this could attract commercial fleets or remain a consumer niche vehicle," wrote Emmanuel Rosner of Deutsche Bank in a Friday note.  He continued: "First of all, is the exterior design too polarizing? Second, what are the real battery ranges under working conditions, with a payload or while towing? A greatly reduced range would require commercial customers to opt for the higher trims, which could be significantly more expensive than their equivalent traditional pickups." "Third, will commercial buyers trust Tesla's build quality? While the materials used appear robust, there could be questions about the truck's durability when used under work conditions, especially in light of its seemingly unibody construction. And the shattering of the truck's unbreakable glass windows during the live demonstration was not a good start."     See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:I bought a $79 bidet attachment for my toilet in an effort to be more eco-friendly and hygienic — and now I can't imagine not having oneA secretive $120 billion hedge fund has bested Warren Buffett again and again. These are its 10 biggest holdings.GOLDMAN SACHS: Equity traders are expecting an economic acceleration — and these 12 stocks are best positioned to skyrocket as conditions improve
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Barack Obama says that he had two big lessons for his daughters: 'be kind and be useful' (CRM)
On Thursday at Dreamforce, Salesforce's annual mega-conference, former president Barack Obama said that the two big lessons he had for his daughters were to "be kind and be useful." Obama, who is working with the Obama Foundation to train leaders, says that he sees these traits among young leaders today who work to make changes to problems they see today. Obama also said that an important part of being a leader is "identifying the power of other people and unleashing that." Read more on Business Insider's homepage. Former President Barack Obama says that the sum of his time as a parent comes down to two lessons. "If you sum up the things I try to impart to our daughters, it has been: 'be kind and be useful,'" Obama said onstage at Salesforce's annual Dreamforce mega-conference on Thursday, in conversation with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 9 items to avoid buying at CostcoSee Also:Barack Obama lays out the 3 issues he's most worried about, and the biggest one is climate changeSalesforce's CMO explains why companies need to be 'values-driven' in order to keep their customersDell-owned Pivotal is preparing for as many as 150 layoffs ahead of its $2.7 billion acquisition by VMware, and employees are openly protesting management over itSEE ALSO: Marc Benioff gave a protester who interrupted his speech 30 seconds to talk, with a giant countdown clock displayed on the conference screen, 'because I value free speech'
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Trump continues to push debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory
President Donald Trump, in an interview with Fox News on Friday, continued to push a debunked conspiracy theory that Ukraine tried to stop him in the 2016 election.
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Anti-racist protesters at Syracuse University brought the chancellor to his knees, but now they want his head
Heather Ainsworth/AP Images for Syracuse University In the span of just two weeks, at least 12 racist incidents have been reported at Syracuse University, mostly involving graffiti derogatory of blacks, Asians, and Jews. A protest movement called #NotAgainSU was formed in response to the recent incidents, calling for Chancellor Kent Syverud to sign their list of demands geared at improving life for minority students. The chancellor signed their manifesto, with a few minor changes, on Thursday. But that wasn't enough for the group, which is now calling for his resignation. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. SYRACUSE, New York — Student protestors at Syracuse University won a major victory on Thursday, when Chancellor Kent Syverud agreed to a slightly edited list of their 19 demands to make the school safer and more accepting of minority students. Protests erupted at the upstate New York campus last week in response to the administration's tepid response to a series of racist incidents against black, Asian, and Jewish students this semester.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's how to escape a flooding vehicleSee Also:Syracuse University has suspended all fraternity activities for the rest of the semester after a black student said a group of students accosted her and called her a racial slurUS universities are suspending their Hong Kong study abroad programs amid escalating protests, and students are trying to find a way outAn expert in fraternity hazing deaths says coddling parents are part of the problem
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AirPods and AirPods Pros are on sale at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart right now ahead of Cyber Monday
Crystal Cox/Alyssa Powell/Business Insider  Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart are all discounting Apple AirPods and AirPods Pros on Cyber Monday.  The best deal overall is $34 off AirPods with the wireless charging case, available at all three retailers. While the discount might not be massive, it's the biggest savings among the deals available at all three stores. Check out our comprehensive guide to the best Cyber Monday deals for other big savings. And to potentially save more this Cyber Monday, visit Business Insider Coupons.  As my single favorite iPhone accessory, Apple AirPods and AirPod Pros are well-worth their full retail prices. They rarely go on sale, but stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart are all dropping prices for Cyber Monday. In fact, the discounts are already live at each retailer, so you can take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals right now and pick up a pair on sale ahead of the holiday season.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How to find water when you're stuck in the desertSee Also:Brooklinen’s Cyber Monday sale has already started — save 20% on bed sheet sets, towels, loungewear, candles, and moreBest Buy has announced some of its Cyber Monday deals —here's what's on sale now and what to expect on December 2Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are all discounting Apple's AirPods and AirPods Pro ahead of Black Friday
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The hidden gems of Apple Arcade
After Sayonara Wild hearts, dig into these lesser-known subscription standouts.
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Great whites disappear from a South African shark-spotting hot spot
For years people have flocked to False Bay, off Cape Town, to watch great whites, and scientists aren't sure why they've all gone, but they have theories
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The 5 most important takeaways from 'The Mandalorian' episode 3
This article contains spoilers for episode 3 of The Mandalorian and John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum, for reasons that will become apparent.  One of the things The Mandalorian does well so far is pack a lot of information into a teeny, tiny bit of story.  Episode 3 of the Disney+ show doesn't have a ton going on plot wise — Mando drops baby off, Mando decides instead to be a Space Dad, Mando takes baby back — but every scene is laden with small details that build up to the greater tale the show is trying to tell.  Here are the big five moments from Episode 4 "The Sin," and what they might mean for the series as it continues. Read more...More about The Mandalorian, Disney Plus, Baby Yoda, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows
Kathie Lee Gifford reveals heartbreaking reason for move to Nashville
“I moved here because I was dying of loneliness.”
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Abigail Disney stands behind ‘OK, Boomer’ taunts
Media heiress Abigail Disney is affirming her support for millennials’ use of the viral phrase “OK, Boomer” to criticize her own generation. “If (millennials) are angry I don’t blame them,” Disney, 59, told CNBC anchor Karen Tso at the Women’s Forum in Paris on Thursday. Millennials and Generation Z-ers use the phrase to sarcastically taunt...
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Same-sex behavior could go back to the roots of animal evolution: study
It’s possible that scientists have been examining same-sex sexual behavior in animals incorrectly. A study published Monday in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution posits that researchers should be asking “why not?” instead of why in terms of animals engaging in same-sex behavior (SSB). “Usually, when evolutionary biologists see a trait that’s really widespread across...
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Victoria's Secret exec says that the brand's extravagant fashion shows didn't give it a significant sales boost
AP Images The CFO of Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands discussed the brand's annual fashion show in a call with analysts on Thursday. CFO Stuart Burgdoerfer confirmed that the brand is officially canceling its 2019 show after months of speculation. He also responded to a question about how the change would impact the brand. He said that in previous years, the shows had not had a "material impact on short term sales." Sign up for Business Insider's retail newsletter, The Drive-Thru, to get more stories like this in your inbox.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The CFO of Victoria's Secret parent company L Brands made two big revelations during an earnings call with analysts on Thursday. First, he confirmed that Victoria's Secret is officially canceling its 2019 runway show after months of speculation. Second, he said that the glitzy show, which costs millions of dollars to put on each year, doesn't actually translate into as many sales as you might expect for the brand. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Applebee's made the best comeback of 2018. Here's how the restaurant chain turned around.See Also:Victoria's Secret is taking steps to shed its much-criticized image. Here are 4 things that the brand has changed this year.The rise and fall of Victoria's Secret, America's most famous lingerie retailerTaco Bell is launching chicken tenders in a move to compete with Popeyes and Chick-fil-ASEE ALSO: The rise and fall of Victoria's Secret, America's most famous lingerie retailer
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Cory Booker raises $650K after Democratic debate in Atlanta
Senator Cory Booker has received $650,000 in donations since the Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta, according to his campaign. However, he still needs to do better in the polls to qualify for December's debate. Booker's national press secretary Sabrina Singh joined "CBSN AM" to discuss the state of the campaign.
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Coldplay won't tour because of environmental concerns
"We would be disappointed if it's not carbon neutral," frontman Chris Martin said
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Best pre-Black Friday TV deals this weekend: Samsung, Vizio, and more
Black Friday is only one week away as of this writing (or less than a week, if you count the fact that most retailers actually start their sales on Thanksgiving). But 4K TVs don't really apply to that time frame. It's kind of like Amazon, Walmart, Dell, and others just know that a TV is one of those things that we'd like to have for entertaining on Thanksgiving and through the holiday weekend — not the Monday or Tuesday after. TV deals that are already live include $800 off the 65-inch Vizio P-Series Quantum X TV at Walmart and an 86-inch LG TV for less than $2,000 at Best Buy. The Black Friday angel has also blessed us with an 8K TV from Samsung for less than $3,000. Read more...More about Samsung, 4k Tv, 8k Tv, Black Friday, and Mashable Shopping
B/R Countdown: LeBron James Top 10 Career Triple-Doubles
LeBron James became the first player in NBA history to record a triple-double against all 30 teams in the league. But which of his triple-doubles are the best? In this edition of B/R Countdown, we count down LeBron's Top 10 career triple-doubles...
University says can't fire prof over 'racist, sexist, and homophobic' views
The university provost said she condemns "in the strongest terms, Professor Rasmusen’s views on race, gender, and sexuality," but that is not a reason to violate the Constitution.
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20 home, tech and other deals to snag at Black Friday prices right now
There’s officially only a week left until the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping madness erupts in full force. If you want to get ahead of the game and start checking off your list today, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up 20 different home, tech, and travel products that’ll help you get a leg up on your holiday...
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Photo proof: Greta Thunberg is a time traveler who has come here to save us from ourselves
Found in the the University of Washington Libraries's Special Collections, this 1898 photo of badass climate activist Greta Thunberg proves that she is a time traveler who is here to save us from ourselves. Or, perhaps Twitter user @bucketofmoney is correct: "The Greta Thunberg time-travel conspiracy theorists have got it wrong: the photo is from the future." Savvy netizens dig up a 19th-century photo of a girl who looks eerily similar to the 21st-century teen— CNN Philippines (@cnnphilippines) November 21, 2019 I want to thank all the people who I’ve met I North America for their incredible hospitality. And thank you all for your amazing support! (This wet plate photo was taken by Shane Balkowitsch on Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota.)— Greta Thunberg (@GretaThunberg) November 13, 2019 Read the rest
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New HBO documentary highlights Apollo Theater's legacy
A new HBO documentary, "The Apollo," traces the theater's historic legacy since its opening over 100 years ago. "CBS This Morning: Saturday" co-host Michelle Miller joined CBSN with a behind-the-scenes look.
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How Rich Would You Be Without Lattes?
If there’s one thing that grinds our gears here at Lifehacker, it’s when personal finance gurus declare that the easiest way to spend less, save more, and rack up riches is by giving up coffee. “Why are you spending $5 a day on a latte when you could be investing that money?” they demand to know, instantly shaming…Read more...
Big Data and Solar Energy Are a Match Made in Heaven
New forecasting technology may be the missing puzzle piece in solar's widespread adoption.
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Indiana University admits a professor has 'racist, sexist, and homophobic' views but say they can't fire him because of the First Amendment
CBS News Indiana University says it will continue to employ Eric Rasmusen, a professor of business economics and public policy at the university, despite his "racist, sexist, and homophobic views."  University Provost Lauren Robel said the school can't fire Rasmusen because the "First Amendment of the United States Constitution forbids us to do so." Rasmusen came under fire earlier this month after he tweeted about an article called "Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably." His tweet said "geniuses are overwhelmingly male because they combine outlier IQ with moderately low Agreeableness and Moderately low Conscientiousness." Robel said that Rasmusen also believes that women don't belong in the workplace, gay men should be banned from academia, and black students are unqualified for elite universities. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. An Indiana University professor who is known for his "racist, sexist, and homophobic views," is keeping his job after an outpour of criticism, thanks o the First Amendment, University Provost Lauren Robel said. Eric Rasmusen, a professor of business economics and public policy at the university, came under fire earlier this month after he tweeted about an article called "Are Women Destroying Academia? Probably." His tweet said "geniuses are overwhelmingly male because they combine outlier IQ with moderately low Agreeableness and Moderately low Conscientiousness."See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's how to escape a flooding vehicleSee Also:A Utah woman could be forced to register as a sex offender for being topless in her own house in front of her stepkidsI bought a $79 bidet attachment for my toilet in an effort to be more eco-friendly and hygienic — and now I can't imagine not having onePOWER RANKING: Here's who has the best chance of becoming the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee
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Contagious norovirus closes school for 20,000 Colorado students
And it is spreading.
New York Post
Dollar, global shares gain as trade worries linger
The dollar gained and global equity markets rose on Friday on upbeat U.S. economic data while amicable messages from Chinese President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Donald Trump helped ease recent tensions over the prolonged U.S.-Sino trade war.
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Clergy Abuse Reparations Is Closure For Some Victims, Resurfaces Trauma For Others
Hundreds of victims of priest sexual abuse have received reparations from the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania. A new legal maneuver allows people to sue the church over old sexual abuse claims.
News : NPR
Trump, Xi send positive signals on initial deal to defuse U.S.-China trade war
The leaders of the United States and China on Friday both underscored their desire to sign an initial trade deal and defuse a 16-month tariff war that has lowered global growth, providing a welcome boost to financial markets.
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WSJ says Ray Dalio's hedge fund has bet more than $1 billion on a global stock sell-off by March — a report he's since denied
Brian Snyder/Reuters Ray Dalio's hedge fund has placed a bet north of $1 billion that global stocks will fall by March, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The position is made up of put options that could pay out to Bridgewater Associates if the S&P 500, the Euro Stoxx 50, or both drop in value, The Journal found. Put options are contracts that grant investors the right to sell stocks at a predetermined price by a specific date. In a LinkedIn response, Dalio claimed his comments to WSJ were mischaracterized, and said he's not wagering against global stocks.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Ray Dalio's hedge fund has placed a wager of more than $1 billion that stocks around the world will decline by March, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing people familiar with the matter. Bridgewater Associates has built up a position of put options, with the help of banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, that could generate returns if the S&P 500, the Euro Stoxx 50, or both fall during the period, The Journal found.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruptionSee Also:Pete Buttigieg is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.14 things millennials do completely differently from their parents'They're all going to lose all their money': A hedge fund CEO warns the stock market is brewing a bubble similar to the time bomb that exploded in early 2018
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Interior designers told us the 6 things from Target they'd love to receive as a gift
Target Target rolls out a plethora of products each year for the holiday season, and they're often a favorite shopping destination on Black Friday. To gear up for the 2019 holiday season, three interior designers told Insider what holiday gifts they would want from Target. Maggie Griffin, founder and principal designer of Maggie Griffin Design, chose a soft sheet set.  Windy O'Connor, founder of Windy O'Connor Art & Home, went for a chic patio chair.  Abbe Fenimore, founder and principal designer of Studio Ten 25, has added a faux fur jacket to her wish list.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. As you start to tick people off your holiday shopping list, it's likely you'll make a trip to Target at some point, especially because of the retailer's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. But it can be difficult to know what to choose once you're there. Insider spoke to three interior designers about what Target items they'd put on their wish lists for 2019: Maggie Griffin, founder and principal designer of Maggie Griffin Design; Windy O'Connor, founder of Windy O'Connor Art & Home; and Abbe Fenimore, founder and principal designer of Studio Ten 25.  Take a look at the holiday must-haves they chose from Target.Windy O'Connor, founder of Windy O'Connor Art & Home, has this patio chair on her wish list for the holidays. Target The egg-shaped chair is made of wicker, so it can withstand seasonal changes, and the removable cushions make it comfortable. "This patio chair is the perfect way to end the day," O'Connor said. Cost: $500 "This soft sheet set is both pretty and practical," Maggie Griffin, founder and principal designer of Maggie Griffin Design, told Insider. Target "Add a beautiful monogram, and it's a fantastic gift," she said. The 400-thread-count sheets are available in nine colors, and they're made of 100% cotton that's machine-washable. Cost: $47.49 "Though we only have a few weeks of cold weather in Texas, I would make the most of those chilly days with this gorgeous piece," Abbe Fenimore, founder and principal designer of Studio Ten 25, said of this faux fur jacket. Target The jacket comes in both brown and burgundy, and it features a hook fastener in the front. You can also machine wash and dry it. "It can easily be dressed up or down, making it an instant staple in my Southern winter wardrobe," Fenimore said. Cost: $39.99 See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:24 celebrities who have ditched makeup in 2019Interior designers told us the 6 things from Walmart they'd love to receive as a giftI went inside the eerily empty skyscraper in Times Square that's home to the New Year's Eve ball
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Divorce hearing testimony of Giuliani associate sheds light on campaign donations
Igor Fruman, the Soviet-born businessman at the center of a federal campaign finance probe involving presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani, said he put more than $300,000 in political donations on company credit cards in hopes of jump starting a new business. - RSS Channel
Why have great white sharks completely disappeared from Cape Town's False Bay?
Great white sharks have disappeared off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. There have been zero shark sightings in False Bay this year and only around 50 last year. Analysts said the great whites don't have enough food to survive in this area. CBS News foreign correspondent Debora Patta joined "CBSN AM" from Johannesburg to discuss.
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Elizabeth Warren calls Zuck and Thiel's secret Trump White House dinner "corrupt"
After news broke that Peter Thiel and Mark Zuckerberg had consumed a secret White House dinner with Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren characterised it as part of Facebook's "charm offensive with Republican lawmakers" in response to her call to use antitrust law to break up Facebook, calling the move "corruption, plain and the government keeps working for giant corporations and the wealthy and well-connected." Others have pointed out that CEOs have often met in private with presidents, but these meetings are not typically secret, and it's hard to understand what non-corrupt purpose Trump, Zuck and Thiel could have had for failing to disclose the dinner -- perhaps they knew we'd been pleasantly surprised later on and didn't want to spoil it? For Zuck's part, he likes to claim that he frequently dines with political activists from "across the spectrum" but when his actual dining agenda is analyzed even cursorily, it becomes obvious that for Zuck, the political spectrum runs all the way from "very right wing" to "raving lunatic Bircher neo-Nazi right wing" with stops for all the flavors of right wing in between. I am a donor to both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders's presidential campaigns. The senator pointed to the dinner as an example of the kind of corporate activities with the federal government she wouldn't allow as president should she win the 2020 presidential election. "I won't cozy up to Facebook when I'm president," Warren tweeted. "It's time to root out corruption in Washington. Until we do, we won't be able to make any progress on any of the issues that matter to us." Warren Raises 'Corruption' Alarm After Trump, Zuckerberg, and Thiel Hold Secret White House Meeting [Julia Conley/Common Dreams] (via Naked Capitalism) (Image: Donald Trump, modified; Anthony Quintano and Wikideas1, CC BY, modified) Read the rest
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Vicky Cornell honored same day Chris Cornell gets Grammy nom
Vicky donated $50,000, and $625,000 was raised at the gala at the Metropolitan Club.
New York Post
Babysitter faces upgraded charges over 2-year-old NYC boy’s death
Lorena Iraheta, 24, was taking care of Jason Alvarado at her Queensboro Hill home on April 5 when the boy began having trouble breathing just after midnight, police said.
New York Post
Car plows through Chilean protest, injuring five people
Protests in Chile turned violent when a car plowed through the streets of Antofagasta. At least five people were injured in the attack. Police arrested a suspect, saying the driver was a vengeful merchant whose store had been looted.   Subscribe to our YouTube!
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The $136,000 Porsche Cayenne Turbo is a staggeringly good luxury sport SUV. We tested it to see if the 2019 Car of the Year runner-up is still the best on the market
Crystal Cox/Business Insider The Porsche Cayenne has been the undisputed king of high-performance SUVs since 2002. Nobody thought Porsche could pull off an SUV that was also a Porsche. They were so, so wrong. And the Cayenne remains brilliant. It's also filled Porsche's coffers with money. The Cayenne Turbo was easily among most impressive vehicles we drove in 2019, and that's why it's a Car of the Year runner-up Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Editor's note: Business Insider will name its 2019 Car of the Year on November 23. Each day this week, we're taking another look at the five vehicles that were runners-up selected from a pool of 16 finalists. Thus far, we've named the Lamborghini Urus, Nissan Leaf SL Plus, Cadillac XT4, and Mercedes-Benz A220. Our fifth and final runner-up is the Porsche Cayenne. You can read our full 2019 Car of the Year coverage here. They laughed back in the early aughts when Porsche said it was going to make an SUV. Then the Cayenne arrived in 2002, and the laughs stopped. Everybody knew Porsche made a great sports car in the 911. Nothing could have prepared us for the level of performance the automaker could bring to an SUV. The Cayenne was transcendentally brilliant out of the box, and in the ensuing decade and a half, it's been updated twice, most recently for the 2019 model year. The new Cayenne comes in four flavors — base, hybrid, S, and Turbo — and has dropped about 300 pounds. Porsche flipped us the keys to a Cayenne Turbo and we drove it around the New Jersey suburbs for a week. We knew it would be good. But were we prepared for how good? Read on to find out why it was so good that we named it a 2019 Car of the Year runner-up:The 2019 Porsche Cayenne Turbo arrived wearing a "Biscay Blue Metallic" paint job. The Cayenne started at $125,000, but a batch of performance options added just over $10,000 to the already impressive sticker price. Crystal Cox/Business Insider Porsche has added character lines and a higher overall level of surface flash to the Cayenne, now in its third-generation. The latest Cayenne is about as sleek as is possible to make the vehicle without sloping the roof so much that the second row becomes uninhabitable. Crystal Cox/Business Insider When the Cayenne first arrived, a big question was whether the traditional bug-eye Porsche design cues would translate to an SUV. Crystal Cox/Business Insider See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The $44,000 Nissan Leaf Plus is a promising update to the best-selling electric vehicle in the world. We drove it to see if this 2019 Car of the Year runner-up is ready to take on Tesla.We drove a $250,000 Lamborghini Urus SUV to see if the 2019 Car of the Year runner-up was equal to the hype — here's the verdictCadillac's $52,000 XT4 crossover is a tiny but mighty compact luxury SUV. Let's see if the 2019 Car of the Year runner-up is worth the money.FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content!
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Millennials most comfortable commiserating about money, survey shows
Money is no trigger for millennials. Members of the debt-saddled generation are more comfortable commiserating about financial matters than their elders, says a new survey. Half of New Yorkers aged 25 to 34 say they avoid talking about money with friends, the lowest rate of any age group and well below the statewide rate of...
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Billie Eilish says she used to judge all of the 'ugly a--- dresses' while watching the Grammys as a kid
Gary Miller/Getty Images "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish revealed to Jimmy Kimmel that she used to judge celebrities' dresses while watching the Grammy Awards as a kid.  "I've watched that every single year of my entire life — judging all the girls' ugly-a--- dresses," Eilish said during her appearance on Thursday's episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."  "Every year my family and me, we would all sit in the living room and watch the Grammys. We never missed it," she continued.  Eilish, who turns 18 next month, broke records for being the youngest person ever nominated for all four general Grammy categories in one year. The singer is nominated for several awards, including best new artist and song of the year. Watch the video below. Eilish speaks about watching the Grammys at the 1:30 mark. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.  Youtube Embed: // Width: 560px Height: 315px Read more: Jimmy Kimmel quizzed Billie Eilish on her music knowledge, and the 17-year-old didn't know who Van Halen or Run-DMC were: 'What is that?' Billie Eilish breaks Grammy record by becoming the youngest artist to be nominated in all of the show's top categories Cardi B, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and more celebrities read horribly mean tweets about themselves on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' The 8 most surprising first-time Grammy nominees NOW WATCH: A podiatrist explains heel spurs, the medical condition Trump said earned him a medical deferment from VietnamSee Also:Jimmy Kimmel quizzed Billie Eilish on her music knowledge, and the 17-year-old didn't know who Van Halen or Run-DMC were: 'What is that?'The 8 most surprising first-time Grammy nomineesHalsey defended BTS after they weren't nominated for any Grammys: 'The US is so far behind'
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Dell's Black Friday discounts include $220 off the Alienware 25 monitor
Dell's Black Friday deals are here a week early. There are discounts on laptops, desktops, smart TVs and all of the accessories you might need. Dell says the supplies are limited, so if you spot a deal you want, it might be best to act fast. Here are...
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Prince Andrew's aide steps down from role over Epstein link
Amanda Thirsk, who played role in BBC interview, will run duke’s mentoring initiativeThe aide who orchestrated Prince Andrew’s disastrous interview about his links to the convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is no longer his private secretary, it has emerged as organisations continue to sever ties with the beleaguered royal.Amanda Thirsk, who was said to have played a key role in persuading him to agree to the BBC interview, has reportedly moved on to run his business mentoring initiative. Continue reading...
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S&P 500, Dow tick higher on trade optimism; Nasdaq dips on Tesla
The S&P 500 and Dow Jones indexes eked out gains on Friday following upbeat trade deal comments from Washington and Beijing, while the Nasdaq was weighed down by a slump in shares of Tesla after the launch of its electric pickup truck.
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Hezbollah accuses U.S. of meddling in Lebanon's crisis
Hezbollah accused the United States of meddling in the formation of a new Lebanese government on Friday, its strongest accusation yet of U.S. interference in Lebanon's political and economic crisis.
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Malta's PM urged to step back from case of murdered journalist
Two members of government linked to man arrested over Daphne Caruana Galizia killingA senior European monitor is calling for Malta’s prime minister to distance himself from the investigation into the killing of the prominent investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia due to a potential conflict of interest.Malta’s prime minister, Joseph Muscat, has the power to grant immunity from prosecution to a key witness who may have vital evidence about those who commissioned Caruana Galizia’s assassination two years ago. Continue reading...
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Woman admits blackmailing Premier League footballer
Judge gives Natalie Wood suspended jail sentence after ‘deeply foolish’ behaviourA woman has been given a suspended jail sentence for trying to blackmail a Premier League footballer who jumped out of a hotel window in his underwear after being caught in bed with her.Natalie Wood, 28, met the high-profile player on social media but claimed she decided to expose him as a “love rat” after discovering he was in a relationship with another woman. Continue reading...
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Scenes From an Impeachment Inquiry
The view from inside the room.
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Banning Micro-Targeted Political Ads Won’t End the Practice
Google has put a stop to narrowcasted political advertising. Facebook seems ready to do the same. So what?
Bartender behind the infamous cocktail containing a human toe died and donated his toes to the bar
Over the years, we've posted about (but sadly never had the opportunity to try) the Sourtoe Cocktail, the infamous drink containing preserved human toes that's served at the Downtown Hotel in Canada's Yukon territory. Now we must report that "Captain" Dick Stevenson, the bartender who first served the Sourtoe Cocktail, has died at age of 89. It turns out though that Stevenson, truly a generous soul, had bequeathed all ten of his toes to the bar for future use in the curious cocktail. From The Guardian: “Dad is a publicity hound and he just said he was going to be more famous after he’s dead,” Dixie Stevenson told the Canadian Press as she prepared to take her father’s ashes – and toes – to the Downtown Hotel in Dawson City, where the infamous drink was first served. The drink consists of a mummified human toe at the bottom of a whiskey shot, and patrons at the hotel must let the tip of the toe touch their lips in order to qualify as having successfully consumed the cocktail. While Stevenson initially believed no more than a few people would try his concoction, the Sourtoe Cocktail Club now has nearly 100,000 inductees. A toe-shaped urn, containing Stevenson’s ashes, will go on display at the hotel. Previously: • Man mails amputated toes to saloon for use in their Sourtoe Cocktail • Human toe used in "sourtoe cocktail" stolen from Canadian bar Read the rest
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