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Woman battling stage 4 breast cancer after delayed screenings amid pandemic

Woobie Rust went for a massage last June, when she noticed pain in her breast while lying on the massage table.
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Baked Baby Bull Shark Found 30 Miles From Coast: 'Nature at Her Most Extreme'
Dr. Leonardo Guida, a shark scientist with the Australian Marine Conservation Society, found the young creature along a drying billabong in Australia's Northern Territory.
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'The Facts of Life' Live Release Date, Cast, Plot: All We Know About the ABC Special
Jennifer Aniston will star in the 'The Facts of Life' Live Special on ABC this December.
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It's no secret: CIA book looks at fraught relations with Trump
Getting To Know The President is written by an ex-CIA officer, published by the spy agency's research wing and freely available on the CIA's website.
City trees are turning green early, prompting warnings for food and pollination
A study of trees in dozens of cities found that urban heat and light pollution are pushing urban trees to sprout leaves earlier than trees in more rural areas.
Billions of federal dollars could replace lead pipes. Flint has history to share
The new infrastructure legislation makes money available to remove potentially poisonous pipes around the country. In Flint, Mich., mistrust runs deeper than the plumbing does.
Flood watches issued for parts of the Northwest
Rounds of heavy rain along with warmer, humid and breezy conditions will lead to snow melt across portions of the Northwest. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
D.C.-area forecast: Morning flurries or a snow shower today, then gradual warming through late week
Still on the cool side today, then warming temperatures with 60s possible on Thursday. Turning colder again by Sunday.
New antiviral drugs are coming for COVID. Here's what you need to know
The FDA is considering new pills that could treat people in early stages of COVID. Here's what to know about how they work, how effective they are and the impact they could make on the pandemic.
There's a GOP push in Wisconsin to take over the state's election system
Some GOP lawmakers in Wisconsin want to strip the state's bipartisan elections agency of its power and give it to the Republican-controlled Legislature. The idea is backed by GOP Sen. Ron Johnson.
22 countries agreed to establish green shipping routes. That’s big news.
The new initiative could lead to a cleaner maritime industry.
'Enemies Foreign and Domestic'? Threats the Daily Intelligence Briefs Left Out
In this daily series, Newsweek explores the steps that led to the January 6 Capitol Riot.
Mike Pence Still Has Presidential Ambitions
Mike Pence spent much of his vice presidency quietly catering to the whims of President Donald Trump. But on January 6, he broke with Trump by refusing to overturn the 2020 election results. And now, Pence is eyeing a presidential run of his own, even though his old boss hasn't ruled out a 2024 campaign. Pence wouldn’t necessarily stay out of the race even if Trump jumps in.“If you know the Pences, you know they’ll always try to discern where they’re being called to serve,” Marc Short, Pence’s former chief of staff told me. “And I don’t think that is dependent on who else is in or not in the race.”A 2024 Pence campaign looks futile no matter the scenario. If Trump runs, he’ll rally the same MAGA zealots who refuse to believe he lost the last election. And if Trump opts out, Pence isn’t his natural successor; he may have spoiled any hope of inheriting the Republican base when he defied Trump on January 6. Scanning the Republican universe, it’s hard to detect a glimmer of a Pence-for-president movement of any sort. Which leaves GOP operatives asking a version of the same question: What in the world is Mike Pence thinking?Sarah Longwell is an anti-Trump Republican strategist who has led dozens of focus groups since the 2020 election with hard-core Trump voters, reluctant Trump voters, and 2016 Trump voters who switched to Joe Biden last year. “Pence doesn’t do well with anybody,” she told me. People make faces when she mentions Pence’s name, faces that convey a collective nah. Or maybe meh, she said, thinking it over. But the impression they leave is obvious enough, she added: “Not interested.”As of this point, Pence hasn’t decided whether to run, his advisers say. For now, he’s focused on helping Republicans win back congressional majorities in the 2022 midterm elections. But he’s also making the sorts of moves that typically precede a presidential bid. Since leaving office on January 20, he’s been showing up in states that hold early presidential contests: New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa. Next month he’s set to return to New Hampshire for a Republican fundraising event. He’s writing a book and has started a podcast, American Freedom, that is a platform to reintroduce himself to voters after four years as Trump’s mostly subservient No. 2. Speaking in a flat baritone, the erstwhile talk-radio host mixes treacly odes to public service with sharp critiques of Biden’s record. One episode devoted to the 20th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks opens with Pence denouncing “the failed leadership of the Biden administration” and closes with a vignette of him and other lawmakers singing “God Bless America” on the steps of the U.S. Capitol after the attacks.[Read: Republicans confront the consequences of their doomsday rhetoric.]“I will tell you, on that day and in the weeks and months that followed, there were no Republicans in Washington, D.C.,” Pence tells his listeners. “There were no Democrats in Washington, D.C. It was just Americans. Everybody rolled up their sleeves and did what needed to be done.” (Left unsaid is that he later abetted a president who politicized virtually every random bit of human experience, including wearing a mask and watching a football game, and who stirred up the insurrectionists before what was perhaps the most unsettling day on U.S. soil since 9/11.)Former Vice President Dan Quayle has told me that he advised Pence back in 2012 that if he wanted to run for president, the Indiana governor’s office would be a better springboard than Congress. (Pence campaigned for the statehouse office that year and won.) A cold-eyed political calculus suggests that 2024 would be Pence’s best and maybe last real shot. He’ll be 65 by the next inauguration and fresher faces are emerging in Republican politics, notably Glenn Youngkin, the incoming Virginia governor who won a state that Biden had captured a year ago by 10 points. “Someone like Glenn Youngkin is the future,” Sarah Chamberlain, the president of the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group that promotes centrist policies, told me. “He would be a wonderful presidential candidate.”Still, Pence has been mulling a presidential run for years, and such ambitions aren’t easily quashed. He remains in demand for GOP fundraising and campaign events, a means to cement alliances. Some Republicans see a rationale for Pence’s potential candidacy built on his conservative credentials.[Read: The three norms Trump could still break.]Pence’s chances in the ’24 race brighten if Trump stays out. Right now, Trump is sounding like a candidate, though some people who have worked with him suspect he’ll ultimately stand down. “Trump won’t run,” John Kelly, who was Trump’s longest-serving chief of staff, told me. “He’ll continue talking about it; he may even declare, but he will not run. And the reason is he simply cannot be seen as a loser.” John Bolton, who was Trump’s former national security adviser, predicted much the same thing.Whatever Trump’s future, for Pence to be competitive in a Republican presidential primary race, he’d need to assemble a coalition of fellow evangelical Christians, cultural conservatives, and a chunk of mainstream Republicans who appreciate that he upheld Biden’s victory. Pence’s apostasy on January 6 drew Trump’s ire, but his actions that day helped preserve the notion that voters pick the winners. Is anyone willing to give him credit? Perhaps, but it’s also a fair bet those who might do so still resent Pence for obliging Trump through years of chaos.It’s hard not to see Pence as the author of his own misfortune. Listening to his podcast, one hears a politician who sounds like a throwback to a pre-Trump era. He criticizes the Biden administration for “one crisis after another” though the twice-impeached Trump presided over the lengthiest government shutdown in history and a pandemic. Pence tsk-tsks about graffiti scrawled on a federal building in Portland, Oregon, without mentioning that the insurrectionists spread feces through the halls of the U.S. Capitol.Trump dismantled the Republican Party and remade it into a vehicle for his own promotion. Pence enabled that makeover. Yet he is now acting as if the old establishment party that gave rise to Bob Dole and Howard Baker is still intact and his to reclaim.“He stood by while the party was actively changed by Trump, and now it’s not interested in politicians like him anymore,” Longwell said.What, then, is Pence thinking? Maybe that if a former reality TV star can upend the laws of politics and become president, so can he.Pence is “one of the most likeable people in either party,” Mick Mulvaney, another former Trump White House chief of staff, told me. And yet: “What is Mike Pence offering that 15 other people aren’t offering—other than having been vice president—which I’m not sure is very compelling these days.”
NFL Power Ranking for Week 13: Playoff picture starting to get crowded
Last place isn’t what it used to be.
Everything We Know About Channing Tatum's 'Magic Mike 3' and the 'Stripperverse'
Channing Tatum is returning to turn the "Magic Mike" franchise into a trilogy alongside the original movie's team. Here's everything we know so far.
Amid ongoing human rights concerns, World Cup chief promises Qatar is 'tolerant' and 'welcoming'
With less than a year to go before the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, questions surrounding host nation Qatar's handling of humanitarian issues show few signs of abating -- specifically concerning the state's anti-homosexuality laws.
Why Has 'Pen15' Been Canceled?
Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle's comedy series will come to an end after its second season, which will be released on Hulu on Friday, December 3.
China is mining much more coal again and that's boosting its factories
China's economy is finally getting some good news: Its big factories are staging a recovery as a power crunch that held back production starts to ease because of a big jump in coal supply.
Barbados Drops the Queen and Becomes a Republic
The island nation swore in its first president, ending nearly 400 years of British rule. Prince Charles and Rihanna were on hand to witness the ceremony.
Miss Kentucky Elle Smith crowned Miss USA
Miss Kentucky Elle Smith was crowned 2021 Miss USA at Monday night's pageant.
Ring Camera Catches Bear Breaking Into Woman's Home, Eating $600 Worth of Frozen Meat
Videos posted by Amy Franklin show the bear opening freezer door and feasting on the contents.
Qatar 2022 organizers 'not worried' about potential player protests
Qatar's credentials as a host nation will be under the microscope as it stages the Arab Cup. The specter of player protests at the 2022 World Cup looms. A number of national teams have already spotlighted human rights concerns but Qatar 2022 CEO Nasser Al Khater insists the nation is not worried about them.
What Is a Mutation and How Many Does Omicron COVID Variant Have?
Scientists initially flagged the variant as concerning because of the large number of mutations it has compared with other forms of COVID.
Trump Jan. 6 records on the line in federal appeals court
A federal appeals court will hear arguments about whether Donald Trump can block access to documents from a House committee investigating insurrection
Kyle Rittenhouse Faces Calls to Be Banned From Attending ASU: 'Racist Killer'
Students groups at Arizona State University say he should not be allowed to take classes—even though he was acquitted of murder during the Kenosha protests.
Majority Believe Joe Biden Is Responsible for American People's Divisions: Poll
The president has repeatedly spoken of his desire to unite the nation, but the polling results suggested divides remain.
Steven Spielberg Honors Stephen Sondheim at 'West Side Story' Premiere
Steven Spielberg paid tribute to the "immortal" work of the late Stephen Sondheim at the premiere of his "West Side Story" remake in New York City on Monday.
Qatar 2022 CEO promises Qatar is 'tolerant' and 'welcoming' for LGBTQ+ fans
With less than a year to go before the start of the 2022 World Cup, questions surround Qatar's handling of humanitarian issues, specifically concerning the state's anti-homosexuality laws. But in an exclusive interview with CNN, Qatar 2022 CEO Nasser Al Khater has defended the country's LGBTQ record, insisting that nobody should feel threatened when visiting Qatar.
Who Is Eligible for COVID Boosters, Where Can I Get One Amid Omicron Variant Fears
In response to the rise of the highly mutated variant of concern named Omicron, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued new advice on booster shots.
Atlantic hurricane season ends up as more costly than the record-breaking one in 2020
The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season, just like the 2020 season, was one for the record books -- but for different reasons.
Alex Ovechkin is closing in on another NHL record and finding new ways to get there
The 36-year-old has 19 goals, including four on the power play to give him 273 on the man advantage in his career. That's one off the NHL record, held by Dave Andreychuk.
Alex Ovechkin is closing in on another NHL record and finding new ways to get there
The 36-year-old has 19 goals, including four on the power play to give him 273 on the man advantage in his career. That's one off the NHL record, held by Dave Andreychuk.
Man Shoots His Mother Dead While She Drives Him Home for Thanksgiving—Police
George Harry fled the car and opened fire into traffic after he shot his mother, said Oakland County Sheriff's Office investigators.
The world scrambles to contain new Omicron variant
At least 17 countries and territories have detected the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 and at least 70 countries or territories have imposed travel restrictions from several African countries. Scientists are racing to determine the variant's severity, transmissibility and whether it evades vaccines. CNN's David McKenzie reports.
Leaked China Papers Show Xi Jinping's Role in Xinjiang Rights Atrocities
The sensitive documents comprise what may be the first such classified leak in China's history, according to scholar Adrian Zenz.
Queen Elizabeth II Congratulates Barbados After It Scraps the Monarchy
Queen Elizabeth II extended her "warmest good wishes" to Barbados "as you celebrate" becoming a republic and removing her as head of state.
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Woman Rushes Onto Airport Tarmac to Flag Down Plane
The unnamed woman was detained by officers at Los Angeles International Airport on Monday evening.
1 h
COVID-19 Live Updates: U.S. Braces for 'Inevitable' Omicron Variant Cases
White House officials are drawing up a winter plan lead by vaccines not lockdowns, Joe Biden has said, to tackle Omicron—potentially the most transmissible variant yet. Follow Newsweek's live updates for the latest.
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Meet Biden's 'climate cabinet': A who's who of 9 senior officials tackling climate change
As Democrats move to enact $550 billion in climate spending, Biden officials are organizing to distribute the funds across the US.      
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Who Was Lotfi Zadeh? Google Doodle Honors the Azerbaijani American Scientist
The computer scientist's groundbreaking work has formed the basis of several modern technologies from facial recognition and subway systems to stock trading.
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Don Lemon Backs Chris Cuomo Live on Air as Host's Involvement With Brother Revealed
Chris Cuomo said he would not address the scandal surrounding his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and would focus on other news instead.
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Sexual harassment rife inside Australian parliament, report finds
One in three people working in Australia's parliament have experienced sexual harassment, a report published on Tuesday said, following an independent inquiry into parliamentary workplace culture.
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'The Summit of the Gods' Director on Mallory's Camera and the True Story Behind the Film
'The Summit of the Gods' director Patrick Imbert spoke to Newsweek about the Netflix animation and the inspiration behind its story of two men climbing Everest.
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Prosecutors ask Supreme Court to review ruling that freed Bill Cosby
Experts say it is unlikely that the nation's top court will take up the petition given the highly unusual circumstances that led to Cosby being released.
1 h
US urges vaccination ahead of Omicron concerns, with experts warning even mild Covid infections risk stronger mutations
As scientists race to answer whether the newly identified Omicron variant poses a greater threat, experts are urging measures to help lower coronavirus risks to millions of Americans -- including vaccinations and mask wearing.
1 h
Barbados cuts colonial-era ties with Britain and Queen Elizabeth II
The British monarch no longer holds dominion over the tiny Caribbean nation, which marked its rise to republic status with a nod to "National Hero" Rihanna.
1 h
Ending a Tale of Two Power Grids
New transmission line projects could bring unity, along with clean energy for New York City from upstate and Canada.
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Barcelona fire kills family of 4, including 2 children
A fire in part of a building occupied by squatters in central Barcelona has killed four members of the same family, including two children aged 1 and 3, in the early hours of Tuesday
2 h
Are Hedge Fund ‘Bubble’ Bets Naughty or Nice?
Europe isn’t comfortable with financial investors making bank on its carbon market. But that’s short-sighted.
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