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In-N-Out Burger clashes with San Francisco over vaccine mandate: 'We refuse to become the vaccination police’
As San Francisco requires proof of vaccination to dine indoors, In-N-Out Burger is refusing to become the "vaccination police."
An Army vet falsely claimed he was paralyzed. He got $1 million in payouts — and spent some on a BMW, feds say.
Veterans Affairs gave William Rich funds to buy a specially adapted car for his alleged leg paralysis. He used it to buy a BMW instead, feds say.
A rock star’s favorite guitar was stolen. One of his biggest fans tracked it down in Japan.
“I became completely obsessed with it,” said Internet sleuth and super fan William Long. “I had a great time looking for it. It was fun.”
Covid-19 live updates: Virus killed 65,000 more men than women in U.S. through August, study finds
The gender gap was most pronounced among middle-aged adults, the Brookings Institution found.
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A sheriff’s deputy grabbed a Black woman by her hair and repeatedly slammed her to the ground, video shows
Shantel Arnold had just been allegedly assaulted by three boys when a deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office attacked her on Sept. 20. The sheriff's office has opened an investigation into the incident, a spokeswoman with the American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana told The Washington Post.
Claiming self-defense in the face of privilege and boogeymen
They defended themselves against the audacity of Blackness.
Conservative radio host said he constantly hugged strangers to catch covid: ‘What I hoped for the entire time’
Conservative radio host Dennis Prager has been infected with the coronavirus after he tried to get it, he says.
A statue of Thomas Jefferson has been in NYC council chambers for 106 years. Commissioners voted to remove it.
A statue of Thomas Jefferson has been in New York City Hall for 106 years, but its days are numbered.
Biden’s pick to lead Customs and Border Protection faces Senate confirmation hearing
Chris Magnus, the Tucson police chief, appears before the Senate Finance Committee.
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Covid-19 live updates: Americans can 'mix-and-match’ booster shots, FDA to announce
The FDA is preparing to approve boosters of the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines for certain populations, after it approved the Pfizer-BioNTech booster in September.
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Lost Lineage: The quest to identify black Americans’ roots
For black Americans, “Where did I come from?” is a uniquely difficult question to answer. Some are trying to change that.
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A trooper defying his state’s vaccine mandate uses his final dispatch to tell off the governor
The 22-year Washington State Patrol veteran said he was being ousted for being "dirty" and refusing coronavirus vaccination.
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Colin L. Powell, former secretary of state and military leader, dies at 84
The Army general helped guide the U.S. military to victory in the 1991 Persian Gulf War as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He struggled a decade later over the U.S. invasion of Iraq as a beleaguered secretary of state under President George W. Bush.
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Drug lord Pablo Escobar smuggled hippos into Colombia. Officials are now sterilizing the invasive species.
Colombian wildlife officials have struggled to deal with the hippos the cocaine kingpin smuggled into his private zoo more than 30 years ago.
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Murder trial in Ahmaud Arbery’s killing begins with sparring over questions about race
Legal experts expect the trial will be filled with potentially polarizing and personal issues for jurors.
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The prospect of a speedy real estate deal compounds some Surfside families’ grief
A Dubai-based developer has submitted a $120 million bid to buy the Florida property where Champlain Towers South collapsed in June.
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Allison Williams to leave ESPN over coronavirus vaccine mandate: ‘I cannot put a paycheck over principle’
Citing conversations with her doctor and a fertility specialist, Williams has said the vaccine is not in her “best interest” as she and her husband try to conceive a second child.
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