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GANNETT Syndication Service
GANNETT Syndication Service
3 burned bodies found in Solomon Islands following days of violent protests
Three burned bodies were found in Australia's Solomon Islands after protests against the Pacific nation's increasing links with China.       
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Afghan girl from famous cover photo evacuated to Italy following Taliban takeover
Sharbat Gulla, the green-eyed "Afghan Girl," has arrived in Italy as part of the West's evacuation of Afghans following the Taliban takeover.
'Rascal student' somehow places Santa Claus hats on statues at Cambridge University chapel
Photographer Martin Bond snapped a photo of various Santa Claus hats resting on top of statues in Cambridge University's chapel.
What is happening at Ukraine's border? Putin's buildup of Russian troops sparks concern
A previous build-up of Russian forces on the border preceded Moscow's annexation of Crimea. President Vladimir Putin is threatening Ukraine again.