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GANNETT Syndication Service
GANNETT Syndication Service
As U.S. troops exit Afghanistan, 'leave no one behind' must include military interpreters
In Iraq, I witnessed our former interpreters, their families, and other allies in a fight for their lives.       
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Mother's Day cartoon gallery
A collection of Mother's Day cartoons from across the USA TODAY Network
Despite Facebook ban of Donald Trump, social media remains a mess. Here's how to fix it.
When Americans log onto social media, they see a culture war fought in seemingly every post and thread.
This is America: Why we need to validate each other's pain
Pain is universal, yet we're intent on turning away from it.
Olympian swimmer Ryan Murphy: Drowning deaths of children are preventable. Here's how.
The coronavirus pandemic created a gap in water safety education and an increased risk of drowning. Swimming lessons can save a child's life.
My school forced me into special education. Now, I am going to college.
As college admissions officers struggled to understand my experience, I had to cross dream schools off my list.
As a psychologist and a jail warden, my duty was to bring humanity to an inhumane system
Many who are incarcerated have suffered trauma. And help for Black and brown community is scarce. I decided early not to be 'doomed' by the system.
Trump Republicans have had it with Liz Cheney and the democracy she chooses to defend
Our View: Standing up for truth, the daughter of former Vice President Cheney now risks ridicule and banishment as the No. 3 Republican House leader.
High-risk teens like my son should be at the top of the COVID vaccine list this month
I want to protect my son but I also want our government to do its job. Make sure the only vaccine approved for teens goes to those who need it most.
Rep. Liz Cheney is courageous while Republican men are profiles in cowardice
These Republican men do not like mouthy, strong, bold, independent Hillary Clinton-type women.       
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Police crisis won't be solved with convictions alone. Eradicate the thin blue line.
We cannot prosecute our way out of a policing system devised to protect the wealthy and maintain white supremacy. We need a full transformation.       
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If your teenager was addicted to opioids, would you know? It's harder than you think.
I lost both my sons to opioid overdoses. Looking back, every red flag is screaming at me. But I didn't recognize them then.       
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Facebook's Oversight Board ban of Donald Trump is totally arbitrary and ideological
For Facebook, disputes over moderation decisions are really a choice between profits and progressive ideology.       
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Kamala Harris and Lloyd Austin portraits will spur change in the military and America
Equality pioneered by the military, from desegregating the Armed Forces to repealing 'don't ask, don't tell,' has always helped bring broader progress.      
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Corporate America needs to level with investors on climate change
The Securities and Exchange Commission should establish minimum carbon-related disclosure requirements for all publicly traded companies.       
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