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Suspect drives off with victim stuck in car windshield
Authorities near San Diego say a man walking on sidewalk was killed in a hit-and-run accident. The driver who allegedly hit him drove with the victim lodged in her windshield for almost a mile. Angie Lee from CBS affiliate KFMB has details.
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John Kerry: We have to get it right
John Kerry responded Tuesday night to the attack at the airport in Istanbul. The secretary of state said that the attack appears to be the work of ISIS, and the terror group is bombing airports as a sign of weakness.
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Hillary Clinton talks tech in Denver
Laying out her technology platform Tuesday in Denver, Hillary Clinton talked about debt forgiveness for young entrepreneurs and the importance of STEM education in high schools. Watch her full remarks.
Donald Trump says he'd pull U.S. out of Trans-Pacific Partnership
Donald Trump ripped free trade deals Tuesday while giving a speech on economics in Pennsylvania. He also took some time to talk about Hillary Clinton and the House committee's Benghazi report. Watch his full remarks.
Crews work to untangle blue whale off California coast
Rescuers are trying to untangle an 80-foot blue whale just a few miles off the coast of California. Fishing lines and gear are wrapped around the whale, and if they aren't cut, it can't eat - meaning it might only have about 30 days to live. Mireya Villarreal reports.
Tension fills EU leadership meeting following Brexit
The Dow gained 248 points Tuesday as anxiety over Britain's divorce from Europe eased -- at least on this side of the world. The leaders of the 28 EU nations met Tuesday in Brussels, and as Mark Phillips reports, it did not go well.
Reporter's notebook: David Begnaud in Orlando
CBS News' David Begnaud and producer Betty Chin spent two weeks covering the aftermath of the mass shooting at Orlando's Pulse nightclub. He reflects on how the community came together to support the victims and survivors after the tragedy.
Rubio discusses his endorsement of Donald Trump
During an interview for "Face the Nation," Sen. Marco Rubio discusses his endorsement for the presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. Rubio states that he is "worrisome" of Trump.
Rep. Susan Brooks: We didn't get full cooperation for Benghazi investigation
Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Indiana) joins CBSN to discuss the findings of the House Benghazi committee about the deadly 2012 attack.
Britain faces "Brexit" backlash
Stocks markets are starting to rebound, while UK and European leaders meet to discuss Britain's vote to exit the EU. The Washington Post's Kevin Sullivan joins CBSN with more.
Volkswagen agrees to $14.7B settlement
Volkswagen has agreed to pay a $14.7 billion settlement over their emissions cheating scandal. CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid joins CBSN with details.
How will Benghazi report affect the campaign trail?
The final House Benghazi report has been released and its impact may be felt on the campaign trail. Ed O'Keefe of The Washington Post joins CBSN with more on what Trump and Clinton are saying.
The political impact of Benghazi controversy
House Republicans have released their final report on the 2012 attacks in Benghazi. CBS News' Nancy Cordes joins CBSN to discuss the political impact.
Benghazi committee releases final report on 2012 attack
CBS News' Nancy Cordes discusses the House Benghazi committee's findings about the 2012 attack that killed four Americans.
VW's $15.3 billion "sorry" to U.S. car owners, and other MoneyWatch headlines
VW to pay more than $15B to settle diesel-cheat scandal; S&P slashes U.K.'s pristine credit rating. These headlines and more from CBS MoneyWatch.
Pat Summitt: "I am very demanding"
n 1999, basketball coach Pat Summitt told 60 Minutes that she's as tough on herself as she is on her team. Summitt has died at age 64
What's next for stocks and economy after Brexit?
Jason Karaian from Quartz joins CBSN to discuss Britain's economic forecast.
Some criticize Red Cross safety poster for racism
A Red Cross poster meant to spread awareness for children's pool safety has gotten plenty of backlash.
Coaching great Pat Summitt dead at 64
CBS Sports Network's Dana Jacobson and CBSN's Josh Elliott discuss coaching legend Pat Summitt's singular career.
Conflicting statements from Trump on proposed Muslim ban
CBS News' Major Garrett discusses Donald Trump's unclear stance on who'd be affected by his Muslim ban, and the presumptive GOP nominee's important speech on Tuesday.
Clinton, Warren team up to take down Trump
CBS News' Nancy Cordes discusses Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren's attacks on presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, who is expected to return fire in a speech on Tuesday.
Committee releases Benghazi report criticizing State Department and Hillary Clinton
CBS News' Margaret Brennan has the latest on the 800 page report detailing the 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya.
Ocearch founder says people have "irrational" fear of sharks
We are in the middle of the cultural phenomenon known as "Shark Week." But for some parts of America, this may seem like every week. Attacks on both coasts raise new concerns this summer about beach safety, but Ocearch founder and expedition leader Chris Fischer believes people have a "statistically irrational" fear of sharks. Fischer joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what's behind the worldwide all-time record for attacks, how to keep safe and his latest shark tracking and tagging expeditions.
Ex-Facebook employee's account of life in Silicon Valley
Antonio Garcia Martinez knows the culture of Silicon Valley well. He left Wall Street and sold his own startup to Twitter before joining Facebook's advertising team. He later got fired. In his new book, "Chaos Monkeys," he provides an unvarnished account of his time in Silicon Valley, including the stop-at-nothing lifestyle at Facebook. He joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss his book and explain why he compares Silicon Valley to the "chaos monkeys" of society.
Rio's $66 million doping lab shut down weeks before Olympics
Just over five weeks before the summer Olympics get underway, Rio still faces a number of problems. Police say they're underpaid and the acting governor admits the games could be a "big failure" because of budget shortfalls. Now, the doping control lab -- set up to make sure athletes don't cheat -- is closed. Ben Tracy reports.
Trump changes language of controversial Muslim ban proposal
A controversial Donald Trump immigration proposal is getting new attention. He may be pulling back from a plan to temporarily stop all Muslims from coming to the United States. Major Garrett reports on Trump's changing language.
4/18/2021: The Oath Keepers; Race and Health; Viola Davis
The Oath Keepers militia group's path to breaching the Capitol; Black Americans more prone to health issues because of racism; Viola Davis: The 60 Minutes Interview
Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law
The Supreme Court struck down a Texas abortion law Monday. CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford joins CBSN with more on the fallout from this ruling.
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Stocks slide for 2nd straight day
The stock market tanked for the second straight day Monday after Britain voted to leave the European Union. Greg Ip, Wall Street Journal chief economics commentator, joins CBSN with more financial insight.
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6/27: Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law; Remembering the riot that sparked an LGBT revolution
On Monday, the Supreme Court found that a Texas law, which supporters said protected women's health, actually just restricted a woman's right to have an abortion; in 1960's America, police raids on gay bars were common
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