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Todd Haynes Explains Why The Velvet Underground Couldn’t Be a Typical Documentary
The new documentary is as much about pop art and sexual liberation as it is about a legendary band.
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Todd Haynes’ Velvet Underground Documentary Will Change the Way You Think About the Band
The new movie, streaming on Apple TV+, rescues the group from being just a band that inspired other bands.
When Squid Game Memes Stop Being Funny
When something goes as viral as the Netflix hit has, it risks losing its original meaning.
Succession Isn’t What It Pretends to Be
Think of it as a sitcom trapped in the body of a drama.
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Dave Chappelle Accomplished Exactly What He Wanted To
His new special is a disappointment, but not a betrayal.
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What’s Fact and What’s Fiction in The Last Duel
The film pits Matt Damon against Adam Driver in a medieval battle over sexual assault. But did any of that really happen?
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How the Streaming Boom Is Driving an Unprecedented Hollywood Strike
TV and film crews have had enough of long hours, low pay, and unsafe sets.
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Midnight Mass Is Drenched in Blood and Catholicism, but There’s One Thing Missing
Whether you’re fighting vampires or addiction, it helps to have a higher power.
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The Biggest Danger to the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team’s World Cup Hopes
Despite a thrilling win over Costa Rica, it was on full display Wednesday.
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