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Letters to the Editor: Some arguments for preserving South L.A. have a familiar, racially-charged ring
Readers discuss concerns about Black property owners in South L.A. selling to buyers who come from different neighborhoods.
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Editorial: Rolling back labor and environmental protections won't fix supply chain disruptions
We can't solve the supply chain problem on the backs of struggling workers and communities inundated with freight pollution.
Op-Ed: Will Congress expose Big Oil like it did Big Tobacco in the '90s?
This week Congress can expose the deceptions of Big Oil as it did for Big Tobacco nearly three decades ago.
Letters to the Editor: Never forget California's history of racist violence
The mass murder of Chinese people in Los Angeles in 1871 is a stark reminder of how far back our inhumanity toward one another reaches.
Letters to the Editor: To the City Council members whining over redistricting: Adapt
Decades ago, City Councilman Joel Wachs' district suddenly shifted to the conservative northeast San Fernando Valley. He went on to win big.
Granderson: Chappelle's a victim only of his o
Like Eddie Murphy's jokes about AIDS, cheap laughs at the expense of LGBTQ people will look even more shameful in hindsight.
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Abcarian: Don't expect the gun-drunk conservatives mocking Alec Baldwin to feel shame. They have none
After the actor accidentally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on a New Mexico film set, Republicans pounced.
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Letters to the Editor: Producers want to save money. That means dangerously long work days for crews
A film industry veteran warns that tight studio budgets often truncate shooting schedules, leading to sometimes dangerous working conditions on set.
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Op-Ed: As Confederate statues fall, build monuments to Black heroes at risk of being forgotten
The story of enslaved Africans and their descendants is at the heart of American history.
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Column: If Biden is serious about the climate crisis, he should put nuclear power on the table
There is no workable path to addressing global warming that does not include a substantial role for nuclear power.
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Letters to the Editor: In historical context, Junípero Serra doesn't look like a monster
Those calling for the removal of Junípero Serra's statue overlook his role in helping spare native Californians from brutality by Spanish soldiers.
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Letters to the Editor: No, California, we don't need to cancel In-N-Out
The questionable right-wing politics of In-N-Out's owners don't make the burger chain's devotees delusional.
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Editorial: Does Hollywood need to use real guns to tell good stories? No, it doesn't
The "Rust" accidental shooting has prompted many to wonder why real guns are still used on TV and film sets. It's a good question, and one that writers and directors should consider.
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