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The L.A. Times 2021 holiday cookies
A collection of holiday cookies for vegans, gluten-free friends and everyone else.
Eggnog Dreams
Packed with eggnog flavor, these light and airy cookies are a dream to eat for the holidays.
Spiked Orange and Chocolate Biscuits
Orange and chocolate combine in these crisp shortbread cookies, coated in crunchy sugar and topped with candied orange peel.
Candied Gingerbread Macarons
Gingerbread spices flavor these delicate, gluten-free macarons, perked up with bright Meyer lemon curd in the middle.
Salty Black-and-White Chocolate Crinkles
Sweet almond paste and anise-y licorice meld beautifully in this rich chocolate cookie with powdered sugar crinkles.
The original cookie leavener you've never heard of
Once used before baking powder and soda, ammonium carbonate is used to achieve a light and airy texture in cookies.
Cherry-Walnut Mexican Milk Fudge
Coconut milk and cream and ground cinnamon add richness and flavor to this vegan fudge, which is teeming with toasted walnuts and candied cherries.
Oat and Hazelnut Chess Bars With Raspberry-Lime Jam
Gluten-free and filled with cream and jam, these nutty bars are a festive cookie to serve at a holiday party or for dessert on Christmas Eve.
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Five extraordinary lasagna recipes to feed the vegetarians and omnivores at your table
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Chef Akira Back's ABSteak returns, Yess Aquatic presents two weekends of a supper club, and Speak Cheezy lands a bricks-and-mortar home.
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