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Philadelphia sees more protests and looting as authorities investigate police shooting of Black man with knife
Protesters and looters took to the streets for a second night after officers in Philadelphia shot and killed a Black man who was holding a knife in an encounter that city officials say raises questions.
This floating spaceport in Japan could bring space travel to the city
Cylindrical steel and glass towers protrude through solar panels on the vast circular roof of the futuristic, four-story Spaceport City.
2 h
Microsoft earnings beat expectations, driven by video game sales and cloud demand
Microsoft reported a solid quarter as the pandemic drove demand for its cloud and video game businesses.
3 h
Egg-napping male penguin couple steals the nest of a female penguin couple
Is this the plot of a soap opera involving penguins? No, it's just another day at DierenPark Amersfoort, a zoo in the Netherlands.
5 h
US task force proposes starting colorectal cancer screening at age 45
The US Preventive Services Task Force -- the nation's leading panel for medical guidance -- is considering a draft recommendation to lower the recommended screening age for colon and rectal cancers to 45.
5 h
Uzo Aduba to star in "In Treatment" reimagining for HBO
Hollywood is Hollywooding like it's 2008.
5 h
Nxivm sex cult founder sentenced to 120 years in prison
Keith Raniere, founder of the group Nxivm, has been sentenced to 120 years in prison.
6 h
NASA, European Space Agency to collaborate on Artemis Gateway lunar outpost
It's another step in humankind's return to the moon, and eventually on to Mars.
7 h
Biden is closing his campaign as he began it
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is ending the 2020 race as he began it, arguing that the "soul of the nation" is at stake and that he would seek to heal a country fractured by Donald Trump's presidency.
8 h
Over 4,400 pounds of Trader Joe's fish have been recalled
Orca Bay Foods is recalling more than 350 cases of Trader Joe's brand Gluten Free Battered Halibut because the fish were packaged without listing milk or wheat as allergens.
8 h
The absolutely bonkers threat Donald Trump made this week
• Biden makes late push for red states • The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip
8 h
Trump's testing czar contradicts him on spike in new cases
9 h
Former Belgian king meets daughter for first time since she became a royal
The former king of Belgium, Albert II, has met with his once-secret daughter, Princess Delphine, for the first time since she was recognized as a royal, after years of legal battles forced the ex-monarch to finally acknowledge fathering her more than five decades ago.
9 h
Kavanaugh foreshadows how the US Supreme Court could disrupt vote counting
Belgium on brink of disaster as coronavirus surge fills up ICU beds
Meteorite that fell to Earth in 2018 reveals its secrets
A 12-million-year-old meteorite that fell to Earth in January 2018 is covered in more than 2,600 organic compounds, according to new research. Meteorites such as this one likely acted as messengers early in Earth's history, delivering the building blocks of life, the researchers said.
Donald Trump is (still) totally obsessed with crowd size
With his political career on the line in mere days, President Donald Trump is still fixated on making sure that everyone knows he can still draw a crowd. A big one.
'Jurassic Park' project poses no threat to Komodo dragons, Indonesia says
Indonesia's environment ministry on Tuesday sought to calm outrage over construction of an island tourism project being dubbed "Jurassic Park," after an image went viral on social media of a Komodo dragon facing off with a big truck.
Why 2020 could be the year of the young voter
Just after sunup on a Saturday morning, when most college students are still sound asleep, sophomore Libby Klinger stands outside her dorm waiting to be picked up.
Novak Djokovic targets Pete Sampras' year-end world No. 1 record in Vienna
While unable to edge closer to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the grand slam leaderboard in the second half of the tennis season, Novak Djokovic is chasing one record that could see him outstrip his rivals.
Germany sees exponential rise in cases
Biden makes play for red states in final days of campaign as Trump narrows his focus
'Massive' coral reef taller than the Empire State Building discovered
A "massive" new reef measuring 500 meters (about 1,600 feet) has been discovered in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, making it taller than some of the world's highest skyscrapers.
Protesters clash with police in northern Italy as anger mounts over Covid-19 restrictions
These destinations were overwhelmed by tourists. Here's how they're doing now
Overtourism was the travel buzzword of 2019, as destinations around the globe, from the hiking trails of Machu Picchu to the canals of Venice, battled the impact of throngs of visitors.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic scores twice as Serie A leader AC Milan draws against AS Roma
AC Milan dropped points in Serie A for the first time this season after a thrilling 3-3 draw against AS Roma at the San Siro on Monday.
The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip
The Senate majority is firmly within Democrats' reach with just a week to go until Election Day.
Reality bites for Putin's much-hyped Covid-19 vaccine, as concerns over efficacy and safety linger
• LIVE UPDATES: India Covid-19 cases drop again
How the pandemic is contributing to your insomnia
Sleeping during the Covid-19 pandemic has become a nightmare for Aparna Aswani.
A four-day week worked for my company -- now it can help businesses come back from Covid
In 2018, I initiated an experiment in my company, Perpetual Guardian, a New Zealand-based statutory supervisor and trustee company, to determine if I could get better productivity from my employees in exchange for a four-day week, with five days' pay. We called this the 100:80:100™ rule -- 100% pay, 80% time, 100% productivity.