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Russia says Ukraine used a US rocket to attack a prison full of its own troops. New CNN analysis tells a different story
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After rebranding in the West, many beauty companies are still offering to 'whiten' skin elsewhere
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'Bring back our sons': Ukrainians desperate for answers after attack on war prisoner camp
At least 50 prisoners of war were killed in an attack in a prison in Olenivka, Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine both say the other is to the blame for the attack, while people like Svietlana seek answers about what happened to their loved ones. CNN's David McKenzie reports on the continuing investigation into the attack.
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At least 7 Russian aircraft destroyed in explosions at Crimea air base, new satellite image shows
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Some DOJ officials chafe at silence on Mar-a-Lago search
Curfew declared in Sierra Leone's capital amid violent anti-government protests
Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone on Wednesday, protesting inflation and the rising cost of living in the West African country, according to people that CNN spoke to.
New image of colliding galaxies previews the fate of the Milky Way
A new telescope image showcases two entangled galaxies that will eventually merge into one millions of years from now -- and previews the eventual, similar fate of our own Milky Way galaxy.
If you're planning to travel to the US with food items from overseas, read this
United States border officials have a message for travelers who bring food items from overseas: Violations will cost you.
Zelensky says Crimea must be freed to end the war with Russia
Wildfires return to France as much of Europe suffers drought conditions
Thousands of hectares have been destroyed as a new fire rages in the Gironde area of southwestern France, barely two weeks after two major blazes destroyed more than 20,000 hectares of forests in the same region, according to official data.
US Justice Department charges Iranian with trying to assassinate John Bolton
The US Justice Department announced criminal charges Wednesday against a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for allegedly trying to orchestrate the assassination of John Bolton, who served in senior national security positions during the Trump and Bush administrations.
Trial in Vanessa Bryant's lawsuit over photos of Kobe's helicopter crash set to begin
The trial over Vanessa Bryant's invasion of privacy lawsuit against Los Angeles County officials related to gruesome photos of Kobe Bryant's fatal helicopter crash is set to begin on Wednesday.
US teen and mother face charges in abortion-related case that involved obtaining their Facebook messages
A Nebraska mother and her 18-year-old daughter are facing multiple charges in a case that involved police obtaining Facebook messages between the two that authorities allege show evidence of an illegal self-managed medication abortion, as well as a plan to hide the remains.
Mindy Kaling isn't bothered by speculation that B.J. Novak is the father of her children
Mindy Kaling has never publicly revealed the father of her two children, but she's not troubled by speculation that their other parent is former beau and "The Office" star B.J. Novak, she said in a new interview.
Michael Jordan 1998 NBA Finals jersey could go for $5 million at auction
A jersey worn by basketball star Michael Jordan during one of the most famous seasons in his NBA career is expected to reach up to $5 million at auction.
Beyoncé calls Madonna a 'masterpiece genius' for joining her on 'Break My Soul' remix
For lending the iconic melody from "Vogue" to Beyoncé's new "Break My Soul" remix, Madonna (AKA Madge, the Queen of Pop, Madame X, etc.) received a new title -- "masterpiece genius," bestowed upon her by Bey herself.
8 reasons why you wake up tired, and how to fix it
You sleep for seven to eight hours almost every night, only to feel unrested through the morning or even most of the day. How could you be following a golden rule of sleep so right, yet feel so wrong?
Domino's tried to sell pizza to Italians. It failed
Domino's' Italian job was harder than it looked.
Nearly 1 million children in London offered polio boosters after virus is detected in sewage
Children living in London will be offered an extra dose of the polio vaccine following the discovery of poliovirus in sewage in the British capital, health authorities announced Wednesday.
Former Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa requests to travel to Thailand
Thailand has received a request from former Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to enter the country, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Tanee Sangrat said in a social media post on Wednesday.
Is inflation finally starting to cool off?
Around 4,000 beagles rescued from Virginia breeding facility looking for new homes
About 4,000 beagles are looking for homes after animal rescue organizations started removing them from a Virginia facility that bred them to be sold to laboratories for drug experiments.
Lewis Hamilton says his 'worst fears came alive' after Abu Dhabi Grand Prix title race against Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton says his "worst fears came alive" after his dramatic title race against Max Verstappen at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix last season.
Crypto is making a comeback
Is the crypto winter finally over? (And in the scorching heat of summer no less?)
The US is on a Covid plateau, and no one's sure what will happen next
The United States seems to have hit a Covid-19 plateau, with more than 40,000 people hospitalized and more than 400 deaths a day consistently over the past month or so.
How to avoid the most common workout injuries, according to experts
Soft tissue injuries are the bane of any physically active person. They are the most common injuries in sport, can be difficult to heal and often reoccur, according to Sports Medicine Australia. Knowing how to help prevent them is key to staying healthy and active.
Distance runner Hellen Obiri is moving thousands of miles from her home in Kenya to pursue her marathon ambitions
When Hellen Obiri moves nearly 9,000 miles from Kenya to Colorado later this year, she already knows she'll miss some of the comforts of home.
Beluga whale that was in France's Seine River has died, local authority says
A beluga whale which was lifted out of Frances Seine River earlier on Wednesday has died despite the mission to save it, according to local authorities.
The Croatian ship bringing the superyacht lifestyle closer within reach
As yacht designers continue to push the envelope on the over-the-top superyachts that are being snatched up by the uber-rich, several ships in the Adriatic are taking a different tack by bumping up the luxury offerings on older ships at a lower price point.
'Trump has never lied': Supporter protests outside Mar-a-Lago over FBI raid
CNN's Randi Kaye speaks with Trump supporters in Palm Beach, Florida, as they're rallying for the former president over the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago residence.