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'I'm offended': Columnist on Trump's appeals to female voters
CNN's Erin Burnett looks at how President Donald Trump was making appeals to female voters at his campaign event by promising to "get their husbands back to work."
1 h
Cooper: We are witnessing dishonesty the likes of which no one has seen before
CNN's Anderson Cooper goes over the presidential candidates' campaign stops a week out from the end of election season.
2 h
Anderson Cooper and Maria Shriver discuss finding positivity amid pandemic
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to journalist and author Maria Shriver about how to find positivity and be present amid the coronavirus pandemic. Watch "Full Circle" every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
2 h
Obama fires back after Trump's Covid-19 complaint
Former President Barack Obama reemerged on the campaign trail in Orlando to push votes for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Obama took aim at President Donald Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Erin Burnett reports.
3 h
CNN10 - 10/28/20
The history of voting in America, the new theories about water on the moon, and the ways you can verify the news you read online are some of today's topics!
3 h
Anderson Cooper on how meditation helps him deal with stress
CNN's Anderson Cooper answers viewers' questions about managing stress in a hectic news cycle and being ready to leave town for breaking news. Watch "Full Circle" every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
4 h
Coronavirus latest Tuesday: cases rising
Hospitalizations rising and half-a-million cases added in a week, but few efforts to stop the spread of coronavirus: experts warn of a worsening new surge.
4 h
'Borat' creator shows unseen footage of prank on 'Colbert'
"Borat" creator Sacha Baron Cohen went on CBS' "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to show unseen footage of what happened when the far-right audience he trolled realized his identity.
4 h
New On Home Video: 'Friendsgiving'
Malin Åkerman and Aisha Tyler star in an L.A.-centric, over the top holiday gathering. Rick Damigella reports.
5 h
Beloved uncle and brother dies after battling COVID-19
CNN's Jake Tapper reports.
5 h
Acosta asks Trump: Did you blow it on Covid-19?
President Trump is upset about media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic despite surging infections and hospitalizations in the US.
5 h
British families facing 'destitution'
As the virus ravages the country, Britain's homelessness czar and former adviser to the government, Dame Louise Casey on the desperate situation facing Britain's poorest.
6 h
Maria Shriver on being a grandma: A joy to be alive to see that
CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to journalist and author Maria Shriver about the joys of being a grandmother and shares how his son changed his life for the better. Watch "Full Circle" every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 6pm E.T.
6 h
'Radium Girls' fight to protect workers
The drama is based on the true story of women who fought back after learning their jobs were poisoning them with radium. David Daniel has a look.
6 h
Watch what scientists found at new Australian reef
A detached reef measuring 500 meters (1,600 feet) has been discovered in Australia's Great Barrier Reef, making it taller than some of the world's highest skyscrapers.
6 h
Epidemiologist: US waving 'white flag' on Covid
Infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Syra Madad talks about the second wave of Covid in Europe, its third spike in the US and how both could have been prevented.
7 h
North Dakota leading in number of new coronavirus cases
Nearly half a million Americans tested positive for Covid-19 in just the last week as a fall surge makes its way into every region of the country. CNN's Nick Watt reports.
7 h
Melania Trump slams Democrats during first solo campaign event
First lady Melania Trump went after Democrats in her first solo campaign event of 2020, saying they politicized the Covid-19 pandemic.
7 h
U.S. averaging nearly 70,000 new COVID cases per day, the highest level of the pandemic so far
CNN's Nick Watt reports.
8 h
With one week to go, Trump playing defense in states he won in 2016
CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.
8 h
Law professor cited by Kavanaugh responds
The Supreme Court rejected a Democratic attempt to allow Wisconsin mail-in votes, that were postmarked by election day, to be received up to six days after the election. Law professor Richard Pildes discusses the ruling and Justice Brett Kavanaugh's concurring opinion.
8 h
Protests in Italy over anti-virus measures turn violent
Demonstrations took place in several cities of Northern Italy on Monday, following new restrictions to curb the country's second wave of Covid.
8 h
Tanya Tucker album supporting venerable venue
The Country Music superstar is supporting West Hollywood, CA's The Troubadour through the release of her new album. Rick Damigella reports.
8 h
See massive US-Japan military exercise kick off
The military drill in the Pacific is seen as a warning to China that the US backs Tokyo over Beijing's claim to a group of islands in the East China Sea.
9 h
Prince Harry says he grew up unaware of unconscious bias
Prince Harry credits his marriage to Meghan Markle in opening his eyes to understanding unconscious racial bias.
9 h
Philly erupts in protests after police-involved shooting
Officers shot and killed Walter Wallace in West Philadelphia while he was holding a knife. That night, protests against the shooting turned violent.
See the aftermath of violent anti-lockdown protests in Italy
Protesters have clashed with police in northern Italy, as demonstrations erupted across the country over government restrictions aimed at quelling a second wave of Covid-19. CNN's Ben Wedeman reports.
Late-night host says his makeshift studio was burglarized
Late-night host Conan O'Brien revealed that his makeshift studio at the historic Largo theater in Los Angeles was burglarized. CNN's Melissa Knowles has the latest.
The joy of rediscovering your own backyard
A meaningful travel experience doesn't always mean visiting far-flung or exotic locations. Richard Quest embarks on a journey through Northwest England, proving there is still wonder to be found in the familiar.
Ezzeldin Bahader: The world's oldest professional footballer
74-year-old Ezzeldin Bahader became the world's oldest professional soccer player on October 17 in Egypt's third division. He now tops the list of older footballers, including Japan's famous Kazuyoshi "King Kazu" Miura.