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"It could be the last concert of their lives." See how music is helping Ukraine's troops
As Russia's war in Ukraine rages on, music is playing a crucial role in keeping up spirits of both troops and civilians. CNN meets two musicians on the front lines of Ukraine's cultural resistance.
'We want to go home': Stranded travelers frustrated with lockdown in popular resort
Around 80,000 tourists are stranded in popular resort city of Sanya on China's tropical Hainan island after authorities announced lockdown measures to stem an outbreak of Covid-19. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports.
Monsoon rain continues for the Southwest as cooler temperatures remain for the Northeast
Monsoon rain continues for the Southwest as cooler temperatures remain for the Northeast. CNN meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the forecast.
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See inside the command vehicle Ukraine is using to fight Russia
Ukrainian troops are loving their new Polish gifted "Krabs" artillery system - a high-tech GPS-directed artillery system that is more accurate and safer than the old Soviet era kit. CNN's Nic Robertson joins an artillery battery commander as he calls in fire on Russian positions.
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Video shows how rescuers tried to save beluga whale stuck in river
A beluga whale that was rescued after being stuck in France's Seine River for more than a week died while in transit to the sea, officials have confirmed. CNN's Max Foster has more.
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Ex-Trump attorney: What Trump fears the most about the FBI search
Michael Cohen, who was Donald Trump's personal attorney for almost a decade, says that Trump feels trapped because if an informant has tipped off the FBI, that person probably has more incriminating information.
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Why Trump spent so much of his presidency at Mar-a-Lago
Trump spent hundreds of days of his presidency at his personal properties, Mar-a-Lago above all others. CNN's Tom Foreman reports on why Trump spent so much of his presidency at his Florida home.
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See why George Conway calls Senator Graham an 'appalling coward'
Some top Republicans are claiming that the FBI planted incriminating information in the Mar-a-Lago home of former President Donald Trump after their search. Conservative political activist George Conway reacts to these claims.
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'Anti-American': New York mayor reacts to migrants being sent to New York on buses
As an affront to Democrats' immigration policies, governors in Arizona and Texas have sent over 100 buses filled with migrants to New York and Washington, DC, with no direction. CNN's Priscilla Alvarez reports.
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Police catch wild turkey 'breaking and entering' in hilarious encounter
Police bodycams captured a wild turkey chase after the bird "broke into" an apartment in Wisconsin. CNN's Jeanne Moos has more.
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'Never seen anything like this': Violent posts increase online after FBI Mar-a-Lago search
The number of online posts advocating violence increased following the FBI search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate and that has some people worried. CNN's Brian Todd reports.
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Inside the alleged plot to have Bolton assassinated
The US Justice Department announced criminal charges against a member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for allegedly trying to orchestrate the assassination of John Bolton, who served in senior national security positions during the Trump and Bush administrations.
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How Trump's mountain of legal troubles is growing more complicated
Trump invokes his Fifth Amendment right in a deposition with the NY attorney general in the wake of an unrelated FBI search at his Florida home. CNN's Sara Murray reports.
"China's behavior is reflective of a typical abuser in society, claiming ownership of Taiwan and trying to intimidate us from making friends."
Taiwan's representative to the U.S. tells CNN's Dana Bash, "We can't let this become a regular pattern."
"I want the same policy positions that we had before."
Sen. Tim Scott to CNN's Dana Bash on whether he wants former President Trump to run again in 2024.
Israeli journalist: Israeli talks with Hamas will be needed for diplomatic solution for Gaza
Bianna Golodryga speaks with Israeli journalist Noa Landau on the ceasefire between Israel and the Islamic Jihad, the need for a diplomatic solution for Gaza, and how the latest round of violence could affect the upcoming elections in Israel.
Here's why a better than expected CPI report may not affect Fed's plan
Inflation may be slowing, but Dana Peterson, Chief Economist at The Conference Board, says the Federal Reserve may still raise rates aggressively. Here's why.
FULL SHOW 08/10/2022: Stocks surge as inflation cools
Rising consumer prices took a breather in July, fueling hopes of peak inflation. The Conference Board's Dana Peterson weighs in. Plus BMO Capital's Brian Belski, one of the biggest bulls on Wall Street, gives his outlook for stocks. And AGF Investment's Greg Valliere digs into the Inflation Reduction Act.
'The Last White Man': Mohsin Hamid reimagines race in new book
Author of "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" Mohsin Hamid talks about his new novel where his White protagonist wakes up a "a deep and undeniable brown".
Nickelodeon star, Jennette McCurdy, reveals childhood abuse in new memoir
Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy opened up about her childhood abuse in an exclusive interview with ABC's "Good Morning America." The "iCarly" co-star released a new memoir titled, "I'm Glad My Mom Died."
See Samsung's latest foldable phones
Samsung unveiled its latest generation of foldable smartphones: the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4. Updates include longer battery life, smaller hinges, and, of course, camera improvements.
Gergen on Trump pleading the Fifth: In the end, he will have to come clean
Former President Donald Trump invoked his Fifth Amendment rights and declined to answer questions from the New York attorney general during a deposition concerning the Trump Organization. CNN's senior political analyst David Gergen explains why Trump's stance offers him and his allies only temporary protection.
Hollywood Minute: Party in the Metaverse with Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton's virtual Malibu mansion, Alicia Keys' new album and tour, and the coming-of-age adventure movie 'Summering.' David Daniel has a look.
'We owe you big': See how Biden honored Jon Stewart before signing bill
President Joe Biden took a moment to honor comedian Jon Stewart's advocacy of veterans ahead of signing the PACT Act, which will expand health care for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.
'There's so much at stake': The challenges of filming wildlife in the Atlantic
"It's like looking for a needle in a haystack," crews said describing the search for a blue whale. The final episode of "Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the World" offers a behind-the-scenes look at making the series. It airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.
'Woah!': W. Kamau Bell tries a traditional indigenous snack
Bile was once a multivitamin for Indigenous people, who had limited sources for calories. W. Kamau Bell gives it a try. Tune in Sunday at 10 p.m. ET as "United Shades of America with W. Kamau Bell" heads to South Dakota.
GOP official says FBI search raises Trump's 'cult status' and hurts DeSantis
Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (R-GA) responds to the FBI's search of former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort and its potential impact on the midterm and 2024 elections with CNN's Brianna Keilar.
'And which investigation is this regarding?' Late night shows on FBI's search of Trump's resort
In a historic development, federal agents acted on a judge-approved warrant, searching Trumps' offices and personal quarters in his Mar-a-Lago winter residence on August 8.
'And which investigation is this regarding?' Late night shows on FBI's search of Trump's resort
In a historic development, federal agents acted on a judge-approved warrant, searching Trumps' offices and personal quarters in his Mar-a-Lago winter residence on August 8.
Little League batter hit by pitch consoles opponent
Fans watching a Little League baseball game in Waco, Texas, were treated to a true act of sportsmanship after Texas East pitcher Kaiden Shelton lost grip of the ball in the first inning, hitting Oklahoma hitter Isaiah Jarvis in the head and knocking him to the ground. When the batter saw Shelton was visibly upset, he walked over to console him. Shelton and Jarvis join New Day to discuss the heartwarming moment.