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How the coronavirus spread through a South Korean religious group
Illness was never accepted as a valid reason to miss services at the Shincheonji religious group, says former member Duhyen Kim.
Infections reported on every continent except Antarctica
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Obama sends cease-and-desist letter to Republican super PAC
Representatives for Barack Obama sent a cease-and-desist letter to a Republican super PAC on Wednesday, demanding that they stop airing an ad that uses the former President's words to imply former Vice President Joe Biden supports "plantation politics."
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Trump puts Pence in charge of US virus response
President Donald Trump on Wednesday placed Vice President Mike Pence in charge of the US government response to the novel coronavirus, amid growing criticism of the White House's handling of the outbreak.
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US starts human testing of drug to treat coronavirus
Hope for treating the novel coronavirus could be on the horizon, as the first US study of a drug to treat the illness is underway.
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Clive Cussler, prolific author and sea explorer, dead at 88
Clive Cussler, the bestselling author and sea explorer, died on Monday, his family announced in a Facebook post.
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Multiple people dead, including shooter, Milwaukee mayor says
Several local news outlets are reporting fatalities at the Molson Coors complex in Milwaukee following a "critical incident" on Wednesday afternoon.
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Opinion: If the Taliban regain power, I could lose everything
It's midnight in Kabul as I write this. Afghans have gone to sleep, many of them in the hopes that a partial truce negotiated between the United States and Taliban will yield a reduction in violence. We -- along with the rest of the world -- learned of this development when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted about it on Friday evening.
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Clooney 'saddened' by Nespresso claims
Oscar-winning actor George Clooney says Nespresso still has "work to do" after an investigation claimed to uncover child labor at six of its suppliers in Guatemala.
Maria Sharapova retires from tennis at age 32
Five-time grand slam singles winner Maria Sharapova is retiring from tennis. The 32-year-old made the announcement in Vanity Fair on February 26.
Iran was already struggling with one crisis. Now it has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the Middle East
Iran's novel coronavirus death toll has climbed to 19, with 139 confirmed cases of the sickness.
Widowhood increases risk of Alzheimer's, study says
Losing your spouse or life partner and gaining the designation "widow" or "widower" is one of life's cruelest blows.
Kenya bans commercial slaughter of donkeys following a rise in animal theft
Donkey slaughter will be halted in Kenya following concerns over the rise in theft of the animals for export production and the impact on families that rely on them, according the country's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Cooperatives.
Can Lysol and Clorox kill coronavirus? It's complicated
Lysol, Clorox and a host of other household disinfectants widely tout their ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. The claim is right there on the label.
A growing list of US colleges cancel study abroad programs
A growing list of American universities have canceled study abroad programs as the novel coronavirus continues to spread.
Holocaust-themed parade with dancing Nazis sparks outrage
A Holocaust-themed parade in Spain featuring dancing Nazis, death camp prisoners in striped pajamas and a float decorated with crematorium chimneys has caused global outrage.
The Boston Red Sox currently quarantining a Taiwanese prospect because of coronavirus fears
The Boston Red Sox, out of an abundance of caution, have kept a prospect from Taiwan from reporting to the team's spring training complex in Fort Myers, Florida because of coronavirus fears, CNN has learned. This was first reported by the Boston Globe.
'The kid is special,' LeBron James praises Zion Williamson after NBA clash
There have been very few basketball prospects who have entered the NBA accompanied by as much excitement as when LeBron James was drafted in 2003.
From east Paris to world fame -- how imagination and travel fueled Christian Louboutin's success
My father was a cabinet maker and he once told me that you have to follow the vein of the wood rather than try to impose your own will on it. I took this literally and have chosen to keep myself open to the opportunities and encounters life throws at me. Throughout my 29-year career as a shoe designer, I've never had a set plan, and I truly believe that everyone has their own specific journey. My advice is, enjoy the adventure. There isn't one narrow way to reach your goal.
Hot Pockets heiress Michelle Janavs gets prison sentence
Former food company executive Michelle Janavs was sentenced to five months in prison for paying bribes in the college admissions scam, the US Attorney's Office in Massachusetts said.
A snowy hot springs where clothing is optional
If you are a bit of an exhibitionist and can handle the exposed snowy shuffle from the snow-covered chairs down to the pool, this is the wintery night time soak for you.
Bernie Sanders' looming problem
• Analysis: Winners and losers from the debate • Amy Klobuchar was all of us in the debate • Late-night laughs: Colbert remixes Sanders' debate line with 90s' rap
Can Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump? Here's the reality
• These 2 numbers make clear why nominating Bernie Sanders is a major risk
Scientists found a billion-year-old fossil believed to be an ancestor of earth's very first plants
A group of paleontologists say the tiny freckles they found on a rock could hold the key to understanding the origins of plant life on earth.
If you drive an expensive car you're probably a jerk, scientists say
The science is looking pretty unanimous on this one: Drivers of expensive cars are the worst.
How Makoko, Nigeria's floating slum went digital with new mapping project
Most evenings, Abigail Hounkpe can be found paddling her wooden canoe on the murky waters in Makoko, a waterfront community on the Lagos lagoon in Nigeria's southwest. She stops in front of a church perched precariously on top of stilts.
A patient kept getting kicked off liver transplant waiting lists for alcohol abuse. But she wasn't drinking, her bladder was making the alcohol
A woman insisted she needed a liver transplant. But doctors wouldn't allow it, removing her from waiting lists and recommending treatment for alcohol addiction instead.
Gender stereotypes keep boys from reading as well as girls
Girls can't do math. Boys can't read.
Analysis: Conflicting signals cast doubt on Trump team's coronavirus response
Jarring contradictions in the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus are casting doubt on its capacity to tackle an outbreak that officials say is now certain to reach US soil.