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Everything travelers need to know about novel coronavirus
The spread of novel coronavirus has travelers around the world on edge. Much is still unknown about the outbreak, and health officials are urging caution.
The greatest depressions: Finding Earth's lowest spots
Sky climbers get a lot of attention ascending the world's highest peaks. But trading in ice and oxygen deprivation in search of the planet's lowest terrestrial elevations yields more elemental experiences, with bizarre histories, desert bandits, eerie shapes and more.
Antarctica: A great trip or a guilt trip?
Temperatures are rising in the Antarctic peninsula and tourism to the region is also on the increase. But can these expeditions be a force for good?
The Australian farm where cows eat chocolate
At Mayura Station near Mount Gambier, cattle are fed chocolate, candy and cookies to produce some of the world's finest Wagyu beef.
Huge rail tunnels plunge deep under the Alps
Thousands of feet under the Swiss Alps, a new high-speed, high-capacity railway is close to completion. The Ceneri Base Tunnel and the Gotthard Base Tunnel -- the world's longest railway tunnel -- will shave hours off the time it take trains to cross the mountains of Europe.
Florida surfer uses drone to capture awe-inspiring views of sharks
A Florida surfer didn't realize just how many sharks were swimming around him until he recorded drone video over the beach.
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What sustainable aviation fuel means for greener airplane travel
Sustainable aviation fuel refined from plants, trash and other sources is already available. But there are still obstacles to overcome before passenger airplanes can switch over to using these less environmentally damaging alternatives.
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The world through the eyes of one photographer
From child actor to entrepreneur to renowned nature photographer, Michael Poliza is a man of reinvention. He uncovers the planet's least documented places in his latest book 'The World.'
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