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Dow falls another 750 points
US stocks tumbled once again on Friday, as coronavirus fears continue to mount. Equities are on track for their worst week since the financial crisis.
This tiny lion with teeth like bolt-cutters once roamed Australia
Researchers have discovered a new type of lion, the size of a domestic cat, with powerful flesh-cutting teeth, which roamed the earth around 24 million years ago.
Biden acknowledges he wasn't arrested in South Africa despite earlier claims
Former Vice President Joe Biden on Friday acknowledged that he wasn't arrested in South Africa during a visit to the country in the 1970s despite recently claiming that he had been.
The Fed will cut rates in March, the market predicts
Central banks around the world are closely monitoring the novel coronavirus outbreak, and investors believe they will step in to keep the world's economies humming.
Huawei exec: The US can't afford to work without us
Banning Huawei not only affects Huawei's customers in the United States. It could also directly limit the country's ability to roll out 5G capabilities at the same time as the rest of the world, writes Joy Tan, SVP of public affairs at Huawei Technologies USA.
Ben Affleck has found 'The Way Back'
Ben Affleck knows full well that people will draw parallels between his life and his role as an alcoholic construction worker turned high school basketball coach in his new film, "The Way Back."
Bernie Sanders campaign challenges Iowa recount results
Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign challenged the results of the Iowa recount requested by theirs and Pete Buttigieg's campaigns just hours after state party released its results Thursday night.
Livin' on an Heir: Prince Harry and Jon Bon Jovi jam at Abbey Road
The Duke of Sussex's complicated extraction from the British royal family has been no Bed of Roses so far, but the artist formerly known as Prince did get to enjoy a perk on Friday -- dropping in on a studio session with legendary soft rocker Jon Bon Jovi in London.
Coronavirus mobile apps are surging in popularity in South Korea
South Korea is one of the world's most tech savvy countries. So when the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak reached the Korean peninsula, app developers there knew exactly how to react: They started coding.
Formula E leader: Motor sport is in unique era of change
Mitch Evans has experience when it comes to being a "target" in motorsport, but he is exploring new territory in Formula E.
'Flip or Flop' star feeling pressure of new solo show
Their marriage may not have worked out, but that doesn't mean Tarek El Moussa isn't missing his partnership with Christina Anstead.
Why do we even have a leap year? (Get ready to do some math)
Our calendar has 365 days in a year, because that's pretty much how long it takes the Earth to orbit the Sun. The problem is that in reality it takes the Earth around 365 ¼ days (actually 365.24219 days) to circle the Sun (that's a solar year), which means our calendar is out by around a quarter of a day a year.
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Tensions escalate between Kremlin and Ankara after dozens of Turkish troops killed in Syria
Tensions have escalated after dozens of Turkish soldiers were killed in Syria's Idlib province. Fatigue with the country's endless conflict can't hide the enormity of this moment.
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$3.4 trillion has been wiped out of the stock market in a week
Confidence is a fragile thing in financial markets. It can vanish in an instant. That's exactly what happened during this coronavirus-fueled mayhem on Wall Street.
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Corona beer sounds like coronavirus, but it's not making any changes to its marketing
Corona beer isn't making any changes to its advertising despite the name's unfortunate similarity to the deadly coronavirus.
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The best prevention against the coronavirus is still washing your hands. Here's the proper way to do it
The best way to prevent novel coronavirus transmission is washing your hands with soap and water. Here's the five-step process the CDC recommends.
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The city with a dark side built on a volcano
Over two million people visit the Scottish capital Edinburgh every year, but what is it that gives "Auld Reekie" its unmistakable magic and mystique?
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The S&P 500 is plunging at unprecedented speed
A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here.
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The music industry was left for dead a few years ago. Now it's booming again
The music industry was in crisis just a few years ago. Sales were cut in half from their peak as single downloads, YouTube and piracy made the CD album go virtually extinct. But music has found its white knight: streaming.
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A high school student created a fake 2020 candidate. Twitter verified it
Andrew Walz calls himself a "proven business leader" and a "passionate advocate for students." Walz, a Republican from Rhode Island, is running for Congress with the tagline, "Let's make change in Washington together," or so his Twitter account claimed.
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Eerie soccer match played in empty stadium amid coronavirus outbreak
Italian soccer team Inter Milan may have booked its place in the next round of the Europa League on Thursday but none of its fans were in the San Siro stadium to witness it.
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Next week's Geneva car show canceled as coronavirus spreads in Europe
Next week's Geneva Motor Show has been canceled because of coronavirus fears, striking a marquee event from the global auto industry's calendar as it braces for a third year of recession.
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5 things to know for February 28: Coronavirus, Taliban, immigration, Syria, Michigan
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.
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Woman dies after drinking single sip of wine laced with MDMA
A woman has died after taking a single sip of wine laced with the drug MDMA, prosecutors in the Belgian city of Antwerp have said.
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Democratic donors struggle for a solution as Bernie Sanders hurtles toward a potential nomination
The Vermont senator's rapid rise has moderates scrambling for ways to halt his candidacy ahead of Super Tuesday's coast-to-coast contests. But it's not clear they can.
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Mike Bloomberg's presidential run could cost taxpayers billions
Tax expert Edward McCaffery writes that for many billionaires it's tempting to go on a spending spree so that their estates will minimize the eventual tax they have to pay. In the former New York mayor's case, the huge amount of campaign spending will ultimately deprive the US treasury of substantial tax revenue. It's Bloomberg's right to do so, and defeating President Trump may do the public a favor, McCaffery says, but the tax system needs an overhaul
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French cinema faces moral reckoning as Roman Polanski's new film up for 12 César awards
French cinema is gearing up for a watershed moment on Friday when "An Officer and a Spy," the latest movie from Roman Polanski, competes for 12 César awards. The results will be seen as a verdict on how far the industry -- and the country -- has come in the #MeToo era.
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Smartphone sales are collapsing in China. They could plunge 40% in Q1
China's smartphone market, the biggest in the world, is set for a massive plunge due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.
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The unintended beauty of machines
There is something curiously and unexpectedly satisfying about Alastair Philip Wiper's images of factories, laboratories and industrial facilities.
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Woman accused of zipping boyfriend in suitcase
A Florida woman is charged with second-degree murder after she called 911 and said her boyfriend got trapped in a suitcase and died during a game of hide-and-seek. CNN affiliate WESH's Alex Villareal reports.
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