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Biden administration weighs turning over Trump tax returns to House Democrats
A House lawsuit to enforce a subpoena, stalled since March, awaits a decision by new Treasury officials on whether to drop objections to a release.
2 h
QAnon and pro-Trump online forums are struggling and fracturing in aftermath of the U.S. Capitol siege
Forums central to spreading QAnon and supporting former President Trump have become fractured or gone offline entirely since then Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, raising questions about their long-term viability.
5 h
It is time once again to explain what the filibuster is and isn’t
What's been portrayed as an integral part of the Senate process very much is not.
6 h
Bemittened Bernie: The meme that rang around the world
An image of the former presidential contender, seated at Biden's inauguration, found global resonance, transcending nationality, politics and context.
7 h
Schumer says article of impeachment against Trump will be delivered to Senate on Monday
8 h
The case against Democrats nuking the filibuster
There are plenty of compelling — mostly practical — reasons to approach ending the filibuster cautiously.
8 h
Biden to reverse Trump orders seen as hostile to federal workers
In its early days, the Biden administration is setting a different tone toward civil servants
9 h
Amazon, Facebook, other tech giants spent roughly $65 million to lobby Washington last year
The sizable sums foreshadow the political blitz that Silicon Valley is likely to mount in the face of fresh promises from President Joe Biden and his new Democratic majorities in Congress that they plan to rein in the tech industry.
9 h
Political unity is in the eye of the beholder
Republicans are less likely to advocate compromising their positions than are Democrats.
Nixon rehabilitated his image. Could Trump?
The path back to mainstream respectability
Live updates: Biden to focus on economy; Austin expected to win confirmation as defense secretary
The president plans an address from the White House on his administration's efforts to address an economy battered by the coronavirus pandemic.
President Biden to increase federal food benefits among executive actions aimed at stabilizing U.S. economy
Biden is asking the Department of Agriculture to allow states to increase Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits — food assistance formerly called food stamps, and to increase by 15 percent benefits awarded through a school meals programs for low-income schools started during the pandemic, according to Biden officials. That could give a family of three children more than $100 in extra benefits every two months, according to tktktk.
Maryland Rep. Andy Harris sets off metal detector while carrying gun near House chamber
The Capitol Police are investigating the incident, a spokeswoman said.
Biden vowed to unite the country. Can he do that?
President Biden campaigned on a promise to fix what’s broken, to repair divisions, to pull the country out of sickness, and to restore norms and institutions that were pillars of the Washington in which he built his career. But can he do that?
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Democrats plan a multimedia impeachment trial — to keep GOP senators awake
Can anything get GOP senators to vote to convict Trump?
1 d
Why leadership on the coronavirus matters
A simple comparison of like-sized states shows how the pandemic can be better addressed.
1 d
Biden says death toll from pandemic likely will top 500,000 next month, says it will take months ‘for us to turn things around’
President Biden, who laid out his plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, offered a sober assessment about the crisis.
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The Army inexplicably creates a heap of suspicion in handling of Michael Flynn’s brother
Washington Post article says the Army falsely denied Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn’s involvement in a key meeting about how to respond during the siege of the Capitol.
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The Army inexplicably creates a mountain of suspicion in handling of Michael Flynn’s brother
1 d
America is experiencing an ex-president boom
Rarely have there been as many presidents hanging around.
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Biden’s targeting of racist extremism is being portrayed as an attack on the right itself
Conflating criticism of racism with criticism of Republicans is often politically useful.
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Live updates: Biden to view inaugural prayer service, deliver remarks on new cornavirus strategy
On his first full day in office, the president plans to focus on the top priority of his new administration: dealing with many aspects of the public health crisis.
2 d
The media can be glad for the Biden White House’s return to normalcy. But let’s not be lulled.
We run the risk of being seduced by an administration whose values we share. So don’t forget the lessons of the past four years.
2 d
Biden executive order seeks stronger workplace safety guidance from OSHA
The Executive Order could lead to an emergency standard for businesses — a set of a regulations they would have to comply with, like mask-wearing, that advocates say is necessary to combat the pandemic.
2 d
Harris to delay move into vice presidential residence
The second couple will stay at a temporary home while the 128-year-old Naval Observatory residence undergoes repairs.
2 d
‘Have a good life’: Trump leaves for Florida in low-key farewell
If the final hours of Trump’s presidency were publicly anticlimactic and relatively sedate, they were characteristically frenetic behind the scenes.
2 d
In one of his final acts, Trump showered clemency on people with connections to him and his allies
A Washington Post analysis of the 144 people who received clemency this week found that at least 45 — or nearly a third — had a link to the president or people in his close orbit.
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As Biden is sworn in, Americans watch with a sense of relief, disbelief
For Democrats, ‘I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.’ For Republicans, ‘I feel like it’s a fraud ... but I want to hear him out.’
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