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Liz Cheney’s loss is suddenly an afterthought in the GOP embrace of Trump
Being on the ballot a week after the Mar-a-Lago search meant that Cheney's loss simply reinforced the scale of the opposition she was facing.
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The universe of alleged Trumpworld criminality continues to expand
A Trump Organization official will plead guilty. A Trump attorney may face state charges.
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Meet Becca Balint, the first woman Vermont could send to Congress — ever
If elected, Becca Balint will be the first woman to represent the state in Congress, as well as the first out queer person to do so.
A less deadly virus now doesn’t validate skepticism from 2020
Yes, omicron is leading to fewer covid deaths. Yes, it renders cloth masks less effective. No, this doesn't mean you were right two years ago.
Trump’s ploy about lowering the temperature
The conspiratorial, wartime rhetoric has not stopped, and Trump seems to have blessed its continuation.
First lady Jill Biden tests positive for coronavirus
The first lady will begin a course of Paxlovid antiviral therapy and isolate for at least five days, the White House said.
Biden to sign sweeping bill to tackle climate change, lower health-care costs
The ambitious piece of legislation aims to tamp down on inflation, lower prescription drug prices, address climate change, reduce the deficit and impose a minimum tax on the largest corporations.
Six drastic plans Trump is already promising for a second term
The former president’s recent speeches have begun specifying new policies he’d pursue if he returns to the White House, with an emphasis on crime, voting and shrinking the government.
A Capitol rioter tried to bond with a Reagan judge, then got a lecture
Judge Thomas F. Hogan said he was increasingly irritated by Jan. 6 defendants who expressed no responsibility or remorse for their actions.
Liz Cheney’s future and what else to watch in Wyoming and Alaska primaries
On Tuesday, some of the biggest anti-Donald Trump names in Republican politics will be on the ballot. Here’s what we’re watching in primaries in Alaska and Wyoming.
Good news for crudité lovers in Pennsylvania: Salsa prices have dropped
An April video of Pennsylvania Senate candidate Mehmet Oz shopping went viral again Monday, prompting us to wonder: How were prices holding up.
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The precedented investigation of an ex-president’s actions
The search of Trump's residence is unprecedented. A federal investigation of a former president's actions, in the final days of his tenure? Not so much.
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Election deniers march toward power in key 2024 battlegrounds
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Liz Cheney’s political life is likely ending — and just beginning
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