The Daily 202: Five Reagan White House lawyers endorse Biden, saying Trump has ‘fomented hatred’
They are alarmed by what they see as the president’s disdain for the rule of law.
3 h
Power Up: Biden headed to Iowa as Democrats look to expand the map
Sen. Joni Ernst is also in a tough reelection battle with four days to go.
6 h
The Daily 202: Despite GDP growth, polls suggest Trump’s advantage on economic stewardship is narrowing
Three-quarters of a million Americans filed jobless claims last week.
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The Technology 202: The social media hearing was a missed opportunity for lawmakers
A conversation about Section 230 took a backseat to political attacks in the final days before the election.
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The Energy 202: Biden seeks youth vote on climate change with animated ad on Adult Swim
It's part of an October push to appeal to the youngest bracket of voters.
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The Finance 202: Trump failed to deliver a Rust Belt revival, imperiling his reelection chances
Trump's policies dragged on the regional economy even before the pandemic hit.
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The Health 202: Biden could take over the largest vaccine effort in U.S. history
Democrats are pressuring him to fire the chief of Operation Warp Speed.
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The Cybersecurity 202: Election operations are holding up so far against a wave of hacks and technical failures
But Trump is making protecting the integrity of the election harder.
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Power Up: Trump seeks new blue-collar worker in Latino voters
The campaign is making a play for the demographic in the key state of Pennsylvania.
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