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The GOP’s oversimplified pushback on Biden’s executive actions
Republicans said little when Trump did much the same thing during his presidency.
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Politics with The Fix Live Chat: Jan. 28
Join Washington Post reporters every Thursday at 12 pm ET for a discussion on the latest in politics.
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The Army inexplicably creates a heap of suspicion in handling of Michael Flynn’s brother
Washington Post article says the Army falsely denied Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn’s involvement in a key meeting about how to respond during the siege of the Capitol.
Joe Biden’s inauguration speech transcript
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Trumps swampiest pardons, ranked
President Trump came into office pledging to drain the swamp. He exits having extracted a bunch of allies who were neck-deep in the muck from it.
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Trump promised his supporters ‘everything.’ He didn’t deliver on most of it.
The Post offered an indispensable look at just how much Trump the candidate promised he would do as president — 282 items, to be exact. Now that his presidency is ending, we account for those.
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