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Trump is making it harder and harder to escape blame on the coronavirus
In recent days, Trump has more explicitly sought to override health officials -- and appears to have succeeded when it comes to reopening schools.
Conservatives claim Ilhan Omar called for ‘dismantling’ U.S. economy and political system. Here’s what she actually said.
They're rearranging her words, and she explicitly cited dismantling "systems of oppression" within broader government systems -- not the entire system.
Suburban voters got behind Trump’s message in 2016. Now they are walking away.
A voting bloc that helped Trump secure the White House in 2016 is no longer solidly behind him.
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Trump’s niece fills out the picture of Trump the cheater
In Mary Trump's new book, she claims Trump paid someone to take the SAT for him. It's merely the latest example of alleged cheating early in Trump's origin story.
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Trump leaves the GOP with another mess on Confederate symbols
As even Southern Republicans urge their party to move past the flag debate, Trump goes in the opposite direction.
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