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Monkey Cage
Barrett is the first Supreme Court justice confirmed without opposition support since at least 1900.
Will Democrats retaliate if they take the Senate?
The ‘Trump Pride’ rally won’t win over LGBTQ voters. So why hold it?
Welcome to “homonationalism,” or justifying anti-immigrant policies by arguing that immigrants threaten gay rights.
Senate candidate Theresa Greenfield finally got her Wikipedia page. Here’s why it took so long.
Wikipedia’s complicated rules meant she didn’t qualify.
The Trump administration is investigating Google. Good luck pinning the giant down.
It's hard to regulate Big Tech.
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What do ordinary Arabs think about normalizing relations with Israel?
Our research suggests many oppose normalization but may be reluctant to say so.
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The massive protests in Nigeria, explained
What is the SARS unit, and why do Nigerians want to #EndSARS?
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