The New York Post chooses cruelty
There's one reason why it published unflattering photos of Hunter Biden: Because it can.
The lies Republicans will tell in 2021
From "I never liked Trump anyway" to "Democracy is tyranny," they're already previewing what they'll say if they lose.
Republicans, your racism is showing
Views on race reveal Republicans' willful ignorance.
Think the Constitution protects your right to vote? That’s not really true.
And the decades-old precedents underlying a coming torrent of election-related litigation might not sit well with the court’s conservative majority.
Trump’s final numbers are starting to explode
Viral load.
Maryland voters can balance the budget process
The budget is a living demonstration of our values as a state, determining via funding how much we care about the vital components of civic life.
The answer isn’t court-packing. It’s legislating.
Democrats have a chance to establish a new governing Democratic majority.
Prince George’s plan to build schools will help students and the community
Our children deserve school buildings that are conducive to learning and reflect the importance we place on their education.
The latest outbreak of GOP panic about Trump contains a key tell
Republicans are not permitted to acknowledge the sick and dying elephant in the room.
McMaster says Trump’s Taliban deal is Munich-like appeasement
The administration's Afghanistan policy is in disarray.
My elderly father spent 36 hours searching for urgent hospital care. It was entirely preventable.
I blame the people who haven’t taken covid-19 seriously.
Trump’s rotting red meat
The president’s rallies are now only nonstop rants and familiar grievances, but it won’t change the fact that a majority of Americans believe Trump has mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic.
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Judge Amy Coney Barrett and the future of physician-assisted suicide
The public appears increasingly sympathetic, but the high court nominee has dropped hints she would vote no on a right to die.
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It looks like antipathy to Trump has flipped the Colorado Senate race
Despite running a solid campaign, incumbent Sen. Cory Gardner (R) could still be dragged down by his ties to the president.
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The real October Surprise is that Trump and the Republicans don’t have one
Judging from the actions of Trump’s team and Republican lawmakers and candidates, it’s clear they think they’re losing.
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Cuban Americans fear socialist dictators. So why are they backing the caudillo for president?
Here in Miami, I hear that a vote for Biden is a vote for Castro-esque socialist dictatorship. But my fellow Cuban Americans should recognize who is really the Latin American-style strongman in the race: Donald Trump.
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Trump has shifted the country to the left — or at least away from his own views
Trump has driven Americans, including many Republicans, away from his positions.
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Why the return of the Muscular Dystrophy Association telethon is unwelcome news
Stop portraying us as needy, sickly children.
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Of course we’re tired of the coronavirus, Mr. President. Wishful thinking won’t make it go away.
Americans need a leader who will face up to the grim reality of the pandemic.
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Tips for ex-Trump staffers on reframing their résumés
This should be easy to spin!
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Why Tenleytown High School is the right new name for Ward 3’s high school
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D.C.’s workers’ compensation rules need a rewrite
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The U.S. has failed to reduce methane emissions
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Reviving the Peace Corps for our extraordinary times
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If Amy Coney Barret were a true ‘originalist,’ she wouldn’t have a job
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D.C. v. Heller could soon go by the wayside
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Trump isn’t even trying to slow the virus’s spread
What sort of president tries to make a desperate national situation worse?
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How Fox News may be continuing to undermine Trump’s reelection hopes
Another right wing attack goes awry.
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China is beating the coronavirus while Trump leads America to defeat
Trump continues to mock science even as the Chinese show what it can do.
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A student movement offers a ray of hope for democracy in Thailand
Pro-democracy protesters persist despite repression, and silence from the U.S.
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