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Here’s what really matters about Bernie Sanders and Cuba
What if instead of worrying what candidates think of Fidel Castro, we ask what they intend to do as president?
Bloomberg is not doing what he promised
He is enabling Bernie Sanders.
As the virus spreads, Trump rages over the markets. That’s alarming.
Trump's war on neutrality takes a dangerous new turn.
The Supreme Court’s ‘Janus’ decision merits an encore
The court’s blow against compelled speech has given it additional work to do, this time in North Dakota.
Syria’s carnage nears a horrific climax
Western nations must insist that Russia stop an offensive that endangers millions.
The coronavirus brings new and awful repression for Uighurs in China
Thanks to years of Chinese government repression, the Uighurs are uniquely vulnerable to the coronavirus.
ABC News should be ashamed for caving to James O’Keefe’s scam
Knuckling under to a conservative con artist.
Ugly pro-Trump ad weaponizes audio of Obama, showing what’s coming
Barack Obama's office is now calling for the ad to be taken down.
Trump demands Sotomayor and Ginsburg recuse themselves from cases
The president doesn't have a problem with other justices or their wives.
To fix the primaries, bring back peer review
The Republican nomination of Donald Trump in 2016 illustrated a hidden weakness in the new system — the absence of peer review.
ABC News hands James O’Keefe a scalp
Veteran reporter spouts off at a bar, while being taped surreptitiously by a Project Veritas operative.
Sanders continues to sow chaos
His penchant for accusations and division is a red light.
The U.S. coronavirus response shows the costs of having a ‘chaos president’
The Wuhan coronavirus lays bare all of Trump's pathologies.
Why Pete Buttigieg thinks he’s the one to beat Donald Trump
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Trump unveils a map and you can see where he’s going with this
White House first, then on to the rest of America.
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Why is Steyer still in the race?
The ego trip should end now.
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Sanders is stirring up a sickening sense of deja vu
The winner of Tuesday night’s debate was Trump.
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Have faith in Maryland’s End-of-Life Option Act
In short, there is more than enough data and evidence from these jurisdictions to show that Maryland lawmakers should end the debate on this compassionate legislation and pass it into law.
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Who can best take on Sanders?
Pete Buttigieg needs to wield his verbal dagger.
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Get ready for the anti-Sanders media avalanche
Bernie Sanders's political rivals, of course, will target him. The question is whether cable-news contributors and other pundits pile on or act as a reality check.
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Can Bernie Sanders really beat Trump? His pollster makes the case.
Sanders's pollster pushes back on numerous doubts about the candidate's viability.
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Hosni Mubarak is dead. But when will we get to bury Egypt’s authoritarian regime?
The Egyptian regime today is as incapable of performing its vital functions as it was in 2011.
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Coronavirus will test whether the planet can unite in the face of a global crisis
Spread of the virus can be managed as long as politics don’t get too involved.
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I thought the Iranian Revolution would bring freedom. I was wrong.
A letter to my daughters, 41 years later.
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Some unsolicited debate advice for Mike Bloomberg
Tuesday's debate in South Carolina is a chance for the former New York mayor to redeem himself. Here's how.
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India’s politics of hate have erupted for all the world to witness
Hindus and Muslims clashed violently in a city where they have lived integrated for years. Law and order has collapsed.
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Two Senate Iran hawks are pushing a new nuclear deal
Sens. Lindsey O. Graham and Robert Menendez met with European leaders to discuss their plan for a new nuclear bargain that would include not just Iran but Washington’s Gulf allies as well.
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We must stop Bernie Sanders — and I see no path forward but for my opponents to drop out
Now is the time to do what I am doing, not what they are doing.
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Democrats are filming a remake of the 2016 Republican primaries
Is it too late for Democrats to save themselves?
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It’s time for citizen initiatives in Virginia
Th political class really isn’t interested in reform. Or big ideas. Or anything, really, that might complicate their plans for another term.
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