Tucker Carlson rules Fox News
Need to keep the ratings humming along? How about some attacks on Democrats of color?
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Trump’s racism strategy is enough to make anybody sick
A belly full.
6 h
In Kenya, colonial statues came down. The problem was what replaced them.
Removing statues is just the first step of a longer, more difficult process.
8 h
Stop saying Trump is ‘in denial.’ The truth is much worse.
Trump is not a clueless actor. He's a malevolent one.
8 h
I’m a female journalist in the Middle East. I won’t be silenced by online attacks.
This was not the first time that I have been subjected to cyberbullying or a coordinated campaign against me on social media.
8 h
Trump’s covid-19 denial won’t fly
Voters in states with record-high death counts may think Trump's nuts
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How Washington can help the smallest businesses during the pandemic
It's the smallest businesses that need the most aid, and Congress must help.
Republicans are ready to snub . . . Texas?
Texas is failing, and Republicans are willing to do nothing about it.
The woman Biden should pick to lead us to calmer days
Rep. Karen Bass (D-Calif.) would assuage moderates and calm hysterics.
Congress’s bipartisan national-service bill would be a powerful tonic for what’s ailing America
Some advocates of national service argue that it should be mandatory, like the draft.
ICE is putting international students in a terrible position — and hurting America
No, international students can't just take online classes from their home countries.
The contraception war is not over
The Supreme Court settles only one big question on Obamacare’s contraception mandate.
Democrats have a new opportunity to expose Trump’s deceptions
Democrats must press administration officials on Trump's fantastical claims about protests.
Retrocession is yet another distraction from D.C. statehood
A cruel irony in a defense of conservative jurisprudence
Why is it always conservative justices who seem to defect and disappoint?
The explanation for the disparity between the performance of liberal and conservative justices may lie in the "unwritten constitution."
How Trump is losing Asia
Beijing is on the offensive — and the president's treatment of U.S. allies is playing into its hands.
This is not the response to the addiction crisis that Trump promised
The president isn't to blame for the recent surge in overdose deaths. But he didn't help, either.
The 2020 Senate map could be even worse for Republicans than they think
They have little control over their fate.
If Trump wants to reopen schools, here’s what his administration needs to do
The Trump administration can’t just set a timeline without committing to the necessary work to ensure the health and safety of students, teachers and their families.
Why moderate Republicans will have it rough in 2024
In the post-Trump era, compromise may be the last thing the GOP is looking for.
Dear Dan Snyder: Don’t pick a new native-inspired team name
Replacing the Washington football team's name with another reference to indigenous peoples does not honor their cultures.
Undeterred by the last uproar, Trump is again considering family separation
The Trump administration’s appetite for traumatizing children may be inexhaustible.
In this Supreme Court, religious rights trump women’s reproductive health
The court ruled that employers do not have to provide contraception coverage under the Affordable Care Act if they object because of religious beliefs.
Foes of science faced ridicule at the Scopes trial. We’re paying the price 95 years later.
Looking back at the origins of our age of unreason.
The Supreme Court just helped the Trump administration limit access to contraception
One more argument for moving past employer-based health coverage.
Midnight in the Garden of American Heroes
If Clara Barton begins to speak, plug your ears any way you can.
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Can foreign policy progressives push Joe Biden to the left?
Get ready for a big push to shape Biden's international agenda.
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Mary Trump somehow manages to make Donald Trump look even worse
His niece's account could help us understand how he got to be the person he is.
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