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Remembering fascism’s victims and heroes beyond Europe
There was no "war without hate" in North Africa and the Middle East.
‘Locked Down’ is hard to watch. It’s a reminder of how wrong we were at the start of the pandemic.
It's incredibly uncomfortable to look back and see how shortsighted we all were.
A decade after Tahrir Square, there is still hope for the Arab world
The failure of the three Arab political forces to coexist, their unrealistic dreams and their inattention to governance hollowed the promise of the Arab Spring.
We were right to worry about the nation’s fiscal future. But I know when to fold ’em.
It’s too late to preserve Social Security and Medicare in their current forms. Mitigating harm is the best we can hope for.
Biden finds a new way to talk about race
Fighting racism is good for everyone, he argues.
We live in a golden age of cringe
The genre deserves to fade into history for aesthetic and political reasons.
The covid-19 pandemic has taught us some brutal lessons about governance
State governments that broke through federal red tape have performed the best.
We need to fight covid-19, not each other. Here are the keys to compromise on a relief deal.
We’re from opposite political sides but manage to agree on key points. Congress can, too.
The best way to provide more pandemic relief is through bipartisan agreement
Data-backed criticism of direct payments in the plan deserve a hearing.
Why we should be in awe of Kamala Harris’s mother
At a time when America openly robbed Blacks of our dignity and treated us as unworthy of respect, Gopalan chose us.
On Iran, Biden should start by freeing the hostages
The U.S. should redefine its policy on Iran according to a simple principle.
Joe Biden and the struggle for American Catholicism
Biden’s inauguration sparked a revealing conflict within the U.S. Catholic hierarchy.
The one day of missing Constitutional Convention notes on impeaching a past president
James Madison was warned!
The trials and tribulations of finding a coronavirus vaccine
Why Modi won’t listen to India’s farmers
The unfortunate events of Tuesday could have been avoided if Modi could shed his brazen arrogance and replace it with compassion.
Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on young people’s lives. We owe it to them to see this through.
The impact of //the// coronavirus on adolescents’ well-being should not go overlooked.
Virginia is on the verge of abolishing the death penalty. Other states should follow suit.
If Virginia can abolish the death penalty, others can, too.
Ethiopia’s leader won the Nobel Peace Prize. Now he’s accused of war crimes.
Millions could be at risk of famine as Mr. Abiy’s regime reportedly seals off the Tigray region.
Chicago teachers, students and parents all lose in the struggle over reopening schools
Education will be shortchanged under the district's plan to divide teachers' attention between two sets of students.
Why it will be so hard to roll back Trump’s trade agenda
It seems that Biden’s approach to trade and China will be to put a velvet glove on Trump’s iron fist.
Virginia’s GOP gubernatorial candidates need more than MAGA-tudes and bromides to win in November
Being a proven winner may be exactly the message Republicans need to hear.
As the virus mutates, here’s another public health failing that needs correcting
How the United States needs to respond.
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On impeachment, Republican senators are as spineless as ever
They will do anything to avoid a decision on the merits.
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Everyone should be wearing N95 masks now
With better masks, essential workers could have hospital-grade protections. What's stopping us?
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The good and the bad in Mitch McConnell’s big surrender
How Democrats are girding for a new era of GOP procedural warfare.
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More voters have had it with Trump
More reason to impeach, convict and bar the former president from holding future office.
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‘Iran’s Nelson Mandela’ is back in prison. Biden must push for her freedom.
Nasrin has shown that determined voices cannot be silenced, even behind prison walls.
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What did you do in the Jan. 6 insurrection, senators?
Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley will have to answer for their self-serving political actions during the attack on the Capitol.
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The fight to revive democracy has only just begun
Two bills awaiting the new Senate would ensure that everyone can vote — and that their votes matter.
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Any Justice Department attorney who tried to undermine democracy should be nervous
Lawyers will be held accountable.
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