Capital Weather Gang
Capital Weather Gang
Japan is reeling from devastating rains and flooding, with more on the way
Flooding has caused at least 58 deaths and another foot of rain is on the way in some locales.
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How damaging hail forced a Delta flight to make an emergency landing in New York
Delta flight 1076 had 43 people aboard as it was rocked by severe hail
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PM Update: Isolated evening storms, then more heat and humidity through Wednesday
Despite some morning clouds, we managed to hit 90 for the 12th day in a row.
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The Atlantic hurricane season is off to a record fast start and is likely to get worse
Unusually warm waters, boosted by climate change, are likely playing a role.
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Unprecedented heat in Siberia pushed planet to warmest June on record, tied with last year
Triple digit heat infiltrated the Arctic Circle.
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Loud, damaging, and repeated storms deluged the D.C. area Monday night. How it happened.
Relentless waves of storms produced over 4 inches of flooding rain and winds over 60 mph.
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D.C.-area forecast: Hot and sticky through Wednesday. Heat may briefly ease Thursday to Friday.
There’s at least a small chance of showers or storms daily through the weekend.
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PM Update: Heat index approaches 100 again Tuesday, with some afternoon storms possible
We're stuck on a bad cycle of repeating high heat and humidity.
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