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Homeland Security bulletin warns Americans about violence by grievance-fueled domestic extremists
The National Terrorism Advisory system typically generates threat warnings about attacks by foreign actors
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Going to bed hungry
One in 7 adults say their households don't have enough to eat — a persistent crisis made worse by the pandemic.
After Trump exits and Biden enters, a struggle for us all to get along
Former president Donald Trump delighted in keeping both his supporters and his detractors outraged. Can President Biden help dial it back enough to move the country forward?
Two dead after reported hostage standoff in Austin doctor’s office, police say
After hours attempting to negotiate with a suspect, a SWAT team found two people dead inside an Austin office, police said.
She’s 90 and Italian. I’m in my 30s and half Indian. Here’s why we’re the closest of friends.
We met because she needed computer help and I needed extra cash. At first her friendliness was disorienting.
Alaska official who defended Nazi license plates is removed from state discrimination board
Anchorage Assembly member Jamie Allard, who also served on the Alaska Human Rights Commission, insisted that a personalized message on the plates was a benign German translation.
Coronavirus updates: Biden promises more vaccines as pressure mounts for schools to reopen
The news comes amid increasingly acrimonious battles between nations and vaccine producers over tightening supplies.
Ghosts of our unsettled past
The nation wants to move on, but we can’t until we’ve dealt with the mess that lies behind us, in front of us and all around us.
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Wealthy couple chartered a plane to the Yukon, took vaccines meant for Indigenous elders, authorities said
"I can’t believe I’ve ever seen or heard of such a despicable, disgusting sense of entitlement and lack of a moral compass,” British Columbia Solicitor-General Mike Farnworth said Monday, according to the Vancouver Sun.
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