Amy Coney Barrett was criticized for using the term ‘sexual preference.’ Should we care?
Whether people use the term “sexual preference” or “sexual orientation” doesn’t tell us whether they would be homophobic.
A California ballot drop box was set ablaze. Authorities are investigating the ‘attempt to disenfranchise voters’ as arson.
After they quelled the flames, firefighters gathered the damaged ballots, sealed them in plastic bags and delivered them to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office.
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Jeff Bridges announces he’s been diagnosed with lymphoma: ‘We are all in this together’
In an emotional note posted on social media late Monday, the 70-year-old Bridges did not share any other details surrounding his cancer diagnosis but said that he was starting treatment.
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Live updates: Trump mocks Biden’s willingness to trust Fauci on coronavirus response
Since February, more than 8,179,000 infections and 219,000 fatalities have been reported in the United States.
As George Floyd languished behind bars, a Texas town and a private prison profited
Bartlett State Jail contributed to a third of the city's budget. But inside, prisoners like Floyd got little training or education that would help them reintegrate into society.
U.S. to execute first woman in 67 years for strangling acquaintance, kidnapping unborn child
Lisa Montgomery will be the first woman put to death by the federal government since 1953, when Bonnie Heady was executed for kidnapping and killing the 6-year-old son of a wealthy car dealer.
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Fauci ‘absolutely not’ surprised by Trump’s covid-19 diagnosis: ‘I was worried that he was going to get sick’
Fauci, who has been one of the most trusted voices within the Trump administration on the coronavirus pandemic, has clashed with the president and others in the White House on multiple occasions.
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Park Police officers surrender in Fairfax on manslaughter warrants in Bijan Ghaisar slaying
Officers Alejandro Amaya and Lucas Vinyard were arraigned on an indictment handed up last week, then released on bond.
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In a pandemic, the need for speed challenges old standards of the scientific process
The coronavirus crisis has upended norms, from the way studies are funded through the publication of their findings.
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Live updates: Fauci ‘absolutely not’ surprised Trump contracted coronavirus after ‘superspreader’ event
“When I saw that on TV, I said, ‘Oh my goodness. Nothing good can come out of that, that’s got to be a problem,’” Fauci told CBS News’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday. “And then sure enough, it turned out to be a superspreader event.”
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