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Clorox Bleach Beats 99% of Germs — and Stocks?
For a company that’s in the slow-growth business of selling household cleaners, Clorox sure got expensive quick.
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Virginia open houses Feb. 29-March 1
A list of properties in Virginia that you can visit Saturday and Sunday.
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Markets Are Pricing in a Coronavirus Recession
The deluge of business warnings around the coronavirus is alarming and a correction was overdue anyway. But is the world really headed for recession?
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How IBM, Goldman Sachs, PwC and others are responding to the coronavirus threat to the global workplace
IBM is asking workers in coronavirus-affected regions to ‘work at home wherever possible’
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What ‘Medicare for All’ Means for U.S. Health Care: QuickTake
Through Medicare, the U.S. health-insurance program created in 1965 to help older Americans afford their medical bills, the government helps one in five citizens pay for doctor visits, blood tests, prescription drugs, stays in hospitals or nursing facilities, and hospice care. Why not offer those benefits to everybody? “Medicare for All” has emerged as a rallying cry among so-called progressive Democrats and has split the field of prospective challengers to President Donald Trump’s re-election,
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Germany’s Obstinate Stinginess Hurts Everyone
One of the world’s big economic problems is Germany’s constitutional requirement to balance its public budgets. 
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A Global Rout Is a Great Time for a Command Economy
If there’s one place investors can consider buying the dip, it’s China.
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Markets sink into correction territory as coronavirus spreads
The Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq have all fallen at least 10 percent from their recent highs amid fears the outbreak will bring the economy to a grinding halt.
Mortgage rates head back down on coronavirus fears
The 30-year fixed-rate average fell to 3.45 percent but hasn't declined as rapidly as the 10-year Treasury yield.
Utilities Are Priced for Pandemic, Er, Perfection
Coronavirus fear has given the sector a tech-like valuation.
The Technology 202: Microsoft’s warning to investors shows worsening coronavirus impact on tech
Suppliers in China are not returning to operations as quickly as industry hoped.
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The spread of coronavirus is shuttering film sets and closing theaters overseas
The film industry has taken a hit in China, affected productions in Italy and could dampen the U.S. box office.
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Don’t be afraid to be big and bold when picking a rug for your home
TOWN SQUARE | Ideally, all furniture in a conversation area will fit onto the rug. If that’s not possible, try placing the rug in front of the sofa but under the chairs opposite. It doesn’t look great when every piece of furniture is half-on, half-off the rug.
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Why Tech Firms Want (Some) Facial Recognition Rules
If there’s been a constant in the tech industry’s approach to the idea of regulating new products, it’s been the twin mantras of “leave us alone, we’ll take care of it” and “don’t make rules that will harm innovation.” But now there’s an exception: facial recognition. Governments around the world -- with the huge exception of China -- are also pondering rules to rein in this branch of artificial intelligence. Questions include whether any regulations would go as far as privacy advocates argue is
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Europe confronts coronavirus fallout
Along with disrupting major industries and turning trading screens red, the uncontrolled outbreak may also shake European politics by boosting nationalist sentiment.
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How a Mega-IPO Could Help Plug India’s Budget Deficit
The scale is staggering. State-owned Life Insurance Corp. of India, with its distinctive blue and yellow logo, is ubiquitous across the subcontinent, controlling three-quarters of the Indian market with almost 300 million policies and more than 1 million agents, 100,000 employees, 2,000 branches and 1,400 satellite offices, plus 1,900 outlets of its affiliate, IDBI Bank Ltd. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration plans to sell a stake in LIC, in what promises to be -- if it’s pulled off -
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StanChart Keeps Its Head Amid the Virus Storm
Bill Winters hasn’t always been a favorite with investors. They should be thankful for stability now.
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Best Buy calls it a ‘great offer.’ Some employees disagree.
Employees contend that “Progressive Leasing,” which is pitched to customers who don’t qualify for the electronics chain’s credit card, preys on financially vulnerable shoppers.
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Kazuhisa Hashimoto, creator of the famous ‘Konami Code,’ has died
The most famous cheat in video game history was initially a mistake, but it became Hashimoto's legacy.
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What It Means If the Coronavirus Is Called a Pandemic
Mounting cases of the deadly coronavirus across the Middle East, Europe and Asia are fueling concern the outbreak is widening into a “pandemic” -- a situation when an infection spreads around the world. With cases reaching more than 30 countries, the question of whether the World Health Organization will begin to call the novel virus the first pandemic since 2009 might seem like just semantics; many countries have already acted to protect their populations. But that step could help spark more em
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San Francisco’s coronavirus state of emergency won’t halt Game Developers Conference
A state of emergency was declared to help the city prepare if an outbreak occurs.
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Where We Live | Navy Yard in Southeast Washington
The neighborhood continues to undergo a dramatic transformation with new housing and restaurants arriving.
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How Digital Disinformation Sows Hate, Hurts Democracy: QuickTake
Disinformation, now known as fake news, has tainted public discourse for centuries, even millennia. It’s been amplified in our digital age as a weapon of fearmongers, mob-baiters and election-meddlers to widen social fissures, subvert democracy and boost authoritarian regimes. Companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google are under pressure to take action.
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Energy Is 1% Away From Losing Power to Power
The sectors may swap places in S&P 500 weighting very soon.
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BP is pulling out of three trade groups over climate policies
The move comes after the oil giant vowed to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.
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Fuser is the Frankenstein of music games as Rock Band maker lets you mix songs
Build your own musical beats in this new game from the creators of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.
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