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Carolyn Hax: Parents fight grown child’s career change and relocation ‘tooth and nail’
Parents fight grown child's career change and relocation "tooth-and-nail," and blame it all on a new love interest.
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Miss Manners: Can I ask patients not to take calls during visits?
A doctor wants to politely ask patients to not take phone calls during consultations.
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Ask Amy: What do I say when asked about my estranged family?
A reader is happy with their decision to not speak to their family but wonders how to respond when people ask about them.
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How James Franco as Castro highlights exclusion of Latinos in Hollywood
Latino representation in Hollywood has been historically low, even if Latinos constitute 18 percent of the population.
David McCullough helped America understand itself
Historian Douglas Brinkley remembers his friend and colleague, David McCullough, the noted historian who died Aug. 7 at age 89.
My fiance and I can’t agree on what to watch. Carolyn Hax readers give advice.
Carolyn Hax readers give advice to a letter writer who can't agree on what to watch with their fiance.
Janice Bluestein Longone, doyenne of cookbook collectors, dies at 89
Her archive of thousands of antiquarian cookbooks helped give food a place at the table of history.
7 blueberry dessert recipes, featuring cakes, pudding and muffins
Recipes starring the sweet-tart inky blue blueberry, featuring poke cake, cobbler and more.
Pro tips for finding a little space on vacation
It's possible to avoid the mass of humanity at the peak of the busiest summer travel season in a generation — it takes a little legwork.
Causa, Peru’s traditional layered potato salad, changes with the times
Once you’re confident in causa's fundamentals, you can change it up in so many ways.
Summer Book Club final chapter: Thanks to our readers
More than 350 kids signed up to read stories related to ‘Speaking Truth.’
Taylor Swift says peers, not 3LW, taught her about ‘players’ and ‘haters’
A lawsuit alleges Taylor Swift copied a 3LW track in her 2014 hit "Shake It Off." But the music star says she had "never heard" that song before.
Why Barbiecore decor is having a hot-pink moment
Barbie has long been an icon of fashion and mod decorating, as well as a symbol of fun. Now, the Dreamhouse look is coming to real homes, and we're here for it.
Carolyn Hax: Friend pressures others to fix up ‘loser’ brother on dates
A friend wants matchmaking help for her brother, whose story involves “professional disgrace, financial problems and depression.”
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Miss Manners: It was cathartic to go to my abusive mother’s funeral
Reader and their siblings laughed their way through their abusive mother’s funeral.
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Ask Amy: He’s much younger but I fantasize about being with him
Reader is uncomfortable by her fantasies about a man 30 years younger who she hired to do work around her house.
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Solving America’s race problem one byte at a time
How did a girl from D.C. and Prince George's Public Schools became an engineer from the University of Maryland, a public policy expert from Harvard and a big-data scientist from UCLA?
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Domino’s leaves Italy, where — surprise — diners prefer local pizza
The company that ran Italian franchises for Domino's said customers favored mom-and-pop pies.
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Fluffy peach fritters are a celebration of peak-season stone fruit
Delicious peach fritters with a maple-bourbon sauce take advantage of the peak-season fruit.
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Issey Miyake, designer known as the prince of pleats, dies at 84
Famous for his pleated designs and for dressing Steve Jobs, Miyake died of liver cancer at 84.
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Why we feel ‘mom guilt’ — and how to stop
It can feel as if our every move has outsize consequences for our children. Here's how to assuage that guilt.
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Here’s what muscle memory really means, and how to use it
It turns out that muscle memory is not just in the mind. It's in the muscle fibers, too.
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Relationship weight gain is real — and can be a sign of happiness
Some studies indicate that putting on pounds while in a relationship is a common phenomenon.
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How to clean if you have indoor allergies
Although it’s impossible to eradicate all allergens in your home, cleaning will help mitigate and reduce your exposure.
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United States returns looted Bronze Age treasures to Cambodia
The looted Cambodian artifacts were sold by antiquities dealer Douglas Latchford and other illegal networks to U.S. museums.
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Issey Miyake, Japanese fashion designer known as the prince of pleats, dies
Famous for his pleated designs and for dressing Steve Jobs, Miyake died of liver cancer at 84.
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Four boys left a note in a bottle 27 years ago. Someone just found it.
Brian Standefer called it “a surreal and emotional thing, especially since we’d lost Travis.”
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Olivia Newton-John, the pop angel who guided us to the forbidden zone
For Generation X, Olivia Newton-John's turn in "Grease" came just as they started having questions about everything sex. Tell us more, tell us more. And she did.
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Book bans are threatening American democracy. Here’s how to fight back.
It starts with organizing locally, where the greatest threats exist.
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An airline short on baggage handlers is asking executives to fill in
How many zeros in a baggage handler’s salary? As ground staffers call in sick, Australia’s Qantas has asked its executives to pick up the slack.
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