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Ask Amy: ‘Shefault’ parent wants to rebalance home life
Her husband needs wake-up calls and a coordinator for his parental involvement.
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Miss Manners: Boyfriend is doubly rude to waitress
He thinks a patronizing name and an inquiry about the tip are perfectly acceptable.
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Hints From Heloise: To beat the winter blahs, get moving
Planning a trip or simply getting out of the house can help with seasonal depression.
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Carolyn Hax: Mom sets parameters for her son’s college fund to an extreme degree
He probably won’t be going to a university, so why not let him use the money wisely?
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Authors of ‘Rage Baking’ say they’re learning from the controversy their book has generated
They’re still “proud of the book and the women that we’ve brought together” to express their rage.
Warren and Klobuchar stopped tone-policing themselves. It created the realest debate moments yet.
The most intense debate so far also felt like the first in which the candidates truly grappled with gender dynamics.
How to use Instagram to plan your vacation
Focus on hashtags, look beyond influencers and let the feed be your guide.
Do’s and don’ts for your wedding day, according to Carolyn Hax
Don’t let others pick your wedding dress for you.
Let spaghetti squash bowls carry savory beans, escarole and sausage to the table
Fun to make -- and eat.
‘Rage Baking’ authors under fire for not crediting African American baker behind a similar project
Tangerine Jones says the cookbook has “whitewashed” a kitchen movement with its roots in black resistance.
My 7-year-old taught me prison is part of our family story, but not the whole story
In coping so gracefully with our family’s challenges, changes and differences, Melly has shown me how to own our story, with confidence, and then move on to what matters now.
Gene Weingarten: No, I’m not too old to run for president
You are thinking that 68 is ancient. Think again. Here’s my 10-point platform.
I was a wealthy suburban woman. Then I went to federal prison for bank fraud.
Celebrities are talking more about their own mental health. It’s helping — even if it’s complicated.
As stars ranging from Billie Eilish to Bruce Springsteen go public with their struggles, experts offer praise and caution.
Date Lab: His love of ‘Jurassic Park’ was a plus
They bonded over their love of movies.
‘The Color Purple movie is turning 35.’ But it’s impact on audiences is ageless.
On social media, scenes from the film have become memes and memorable lines have turned into catchphrases.
For his first debate, Mike Bloomberg wore a nice suit and a look of boredom
The former New York mayor did not come to Las Vegas to explain himself to Democrats. He came to endure.
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Ask Amy: Love and humor help transgender man at family gathering
Thanksgiving had been painful, but a new tactic made Christmas a different story.
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Hints From Heloise: Commercial shower cleaners are money down the drain
For pennies per use, make up a vinegar mixture.
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Miss Manners: With a BOGO offer, a friend could all, some or none of the savings
Reader wonders whether it’s polite to suggest splitting the savings on airline tickets.
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Carolyn Hax: Her husband left her, and her family is far away, but she’s not alone
The woman is pregnant and has two young children, but the situation isn’t totally dire.
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A father and son, born premature, came into the world 33 years apart. This nurse delivered them both.
A New Jersey father was stunned to learn the nurse who took care of him when he was born prematurely was the same one who took care of his son, who was born early as well.
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‘Greek Freak’ Giannis Antetokounmpo outshines LeBron James so far this season
The Bucks have the best record, but the Lakers and Raptors aren’t far behind.
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Here’s what to know about Mimi Haleyi’s allegations against Harvey Weinstein
Jurors in Weinstein’s trial have asked to hear a read-back of Haleyi’s account of two 2006 sexual encounters.
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Pop Smoke’s voice was larger than life. It makes his death feel unreal.
The slain rap star had an unmistakable sound and an unwritten future.
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John Solomon columns on Ukraine ripped in newspaper’s internal investigation for conflicts and distortions
The Hill found major flaws in the columnist’s reports asserting Biden corruption and Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 election.
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Dear Prudence, how did Slate’s advice columnist find himself here?
Daniel Lavery‘s job is to have answers. He has faced some big questions in his own life.
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You can make restaurant-quality phat si ew at home in under 30 minutes. Here’s how.
Get this favorite stir-fry on the table in less time than it takes to order takeout.
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My disabled daughter isn’t your inspiration porn
Even though you may find her inspiring, heaping praise on her for merely existing says more about how able-bodied people view her than it does about how great she really is.
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