We all scream for National Ice Cream Month!
July marks National Ice Cream Month. How well do you know one of America's favorite desserts?
2 h
Keep your kitchen cool by moving your roasts out onto the grill
Rest your oven and make this roast on your outdoor grill.
2 h
How to help when a parent friend faces a crisis
Showing up and participating in small, concrete daily activities can be a lifeline.
3 h
When the going gets tough, these French restaurants offer a dose of civility
Jacques’ Brasserie, La Piquette and Convivial offer food worth toasting to.
4 h
These epic travel disasters will take the edge off your wanderlust
Dengue fever, curious sharks and parasitic worms make sheltering in place seem downright cozy.
4 h
Why quarantine led some people to better fitness habits, and how they can maintain them
Focus on reasons, schedule exercise, embrace “good enough” and be creative.
4 h
‘Great new book!’: President Trump and his many, many tweets about his favorite authors
How the president hypes the published work of his political and media allies on Twitter.
6 h
Ask Amy: She wants marriage; he wants a clean shave
Woman learns boyfriend never plans to marry her
Miss Manners: I’m clean and dressed. Isn’t that enough to go out?
Relatives insist that hair should be styled and clothing without flaws when leaving the house.
Hints From Heloise: Keep on rollin’
Reader stores precious photos in wheeled suitcase in case of house fire.
Carolyn Hax: Doctors agonize over skipping a non-socially distanced wedding
Fiance’s sister says things have “gone back to normal,” to their alarm.
We took a plane, train and (rental) automobile for the experience, not the journey
Passengers and staff face new rules, such as masks, but don’t always comply.
At the Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, socially distanced stargazing
This remote 1,416-square-mile territory boasts the clearest skies in the continental United States.
Covid-shaped cakes and cupcakes are popping up in fine-dining restaurants, bakeries and home kitchens around the world
People are re-creating the virus in buttercream, fondant and candy.
Voice of America faces loss of international journalists as new overseer lets visas expire
Without extensions, the agency would lose about 100 of its foreign-language specialists.
1 d
Fluffy grated egg delivers a pop of color and protein to this creamy cucumber salad
This salad, fragrant with dill and tossed in a creamy yogurt dressing, gets protein from a grated egg mimosa topping.
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Our mental health system is failing my son. So I asked experts how to fix it.
The pandemic has made it more difficult for us to access competent care, but my son’s problems affected him before covid-19, and I’m sure they’ll continue once it’s over.
1 d
Gene Weingarten: Leggo my Lego
One figurine bears a striking resemblance to this humor columnist.
1 d
Yes, you can keep up your green practices during the pandemic
A pressing issue for environmental groups is the potential waste being produced by more people using single-use items, such as disinfecting wipes and paper towels.
1 d
A former high school football player dove and caught a child dropped from the balcony of a burning building
Moments later, another bystander ran into the deadly fire to save the child's sister. The men now say they're bonded for life.
1 d
Joy Reid named new MSNBC host for 7 p.m. hour
The network veteran will become the only black woman hosting her own primetime show on cable news starting July 20.
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Date Lab: ‘We were sort of roasting each other,’ he says
She was just what he was looking for — but would their age difference be a sticking point?
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Hints From Heloise: Whole grain benefits
More fiber, protein and other nutrients make this bread more healthful
2 d
Ask Amy: Mother worries about daughter’s rage
She acts as if everyone — family included — is out to get her
2 d
Miss Manners: Generous donations beget more requests
Charities want to meet with donor
2 d
Carolyn Hax: A resolution to help keep your resolve
Starting with small goals, followed by rewards, helps form new habits.
2 d
Washington’s football team may at long last get a new name
Owner Daniel Snyder said for years he wouldn’t change it, but he’s reconsidering.
2 d
A new generation of black artists are reclaiming the roots of techno music
How the HAUS of ALTR label is fighting “white supremacy in electronic music.”
2 d
Draw a picture of summer, and you may become a KidsPost weather artist
Sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy — we need it all for our weather forecast.
2 d
Shepard Smith, former Fox News anchor and frequent Trump target, to host CNBC nightly news show
“The News with Shepard Smith” comes after Smith's abrupt departure from Fox News.
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