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USATODAY - Nation Top Stories
Liz Cheney loses Wyoming seat to pro-Trump rival
Liz Cheney has lost to her Donald Trump-backed opponent, Harriet Hageman, in a Republican primary for Wyoming's lone U.S. House. Trump had made defeating Cheney a top goal since she voted to impeach him for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection. (Aug. 17)      
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Fifth set of skeletal remains found at Lake Mead after Western states hit with drought-inflicted water cuts
The latest discovery comes amid water cuts for Western states due to severe drought slamming the region.       
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Today in History for August 17th
Highlights of this day in history: Hurricane Camille hits Gulf Coast; President Clinton admits relationship with Monica Lewinsky; Gold found in Canada's Yukon; Robert Fulton's steamboat ride; Rudolf Hess dies; Actor Robert DeNiro born. (Aug. 17)      
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FDA approves over-the-counter hearing aids
U.S. regulators have finalized rules expected to allow millions of Americans to buy hearing aids without a prescription, starting this fall. (Aug. 16)      
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Dog missing 2 months found alive in Missouri cave
Jeff Bohnert had all but given up on seeing his poodle-hound mix again after she went missing in early June. Two months later, people exploring a nearby cave found his dog (August 16)      
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Monkeypox Can Spread to Dogs
A medical journal reported the first case of a dog contracting monkeypox from a person, prompting health officials to warn people infected with the virus to stay away from pets (August 16)      
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Florida court rules 'parentless' 16-year-old is not 'sufficiently mature' to have abortion
An appeals court upheld a circuit judge's decision to block a teen from having an abortion without notification and consent of a parent or guardian.       
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How climate bill pushes Americans to go green
President Joe Biden has signed a landmark climate change bill into law, which includes the biggest federal investment in history to fight climate change, some $375 billion. (Aug. 16)      
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New Jersey residents line up for monkeypox vaccine
A New Jersey community organization says demand for the monkeypox vaccine has been rising as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say more than 11,000 people in the U.S. have been infected by the virus this year. (August 16) (AP Video/Robert Bumsted)      
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US agency announces cuts for Colorado River users
The U.S. federal government announced water cuts to states that rely on the Colorado River as drought and climate change leave less water flowing through the river and deplete the reservoirs that store it. (Aug. 16) (AP Video by Brittany Peterson)      
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AP Top Stories August 16 P
Here's the latest for Tuesday, August 16th: Biden signs massive climate and health care legislation; Jill Biden tests positive for COVID-19; Brazil's presidential campaign kicks off amid violence fears; Cincinnati Zoo names new baby hippo, Fritz.      
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Biden signs massive climate and health care bill
Declaring "the American people won and the special interests lost," President Joe Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act, the Democrats' sweeping climate and health care bill and the final piece of the president's pared-down domestic agenda. (Aug. 16)      
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Trump-FBI court battle shifts to sealed affidavit
The Justice Department is rebuffing an effort to make public the affidavit supporting the search warrant for former President Donald Trump's estate in Florida, where FBI agents seized 11 sets of classified documents earlier this month. (Aug. 16) (AP video: Nathan Ellgren)      
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Meet 'Lucky Blue': 'One-in-2-million' bright blue lobster caught by father and son in Maine
"We're throwing it back in two weeks," said the mother of Luke Rand, who found the lobster they named "Lucky Blue."      
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Bulletproof backpack sales are on the rise as parents send their kids back to school
Bulletproof backpack sales are on the rise. They are designed to look like regular backpacks and can protect against different types of ammunition.      
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Voters in one of California's largest counties to decide if it should explore seceding from state
The measure asks voters if they back, among other options, exploring secession from California. Local officials said the county was underfunded.       
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1 dead, 1 missing after jumping from 'Jaws' bridge in Martha's Vineyard
Rescuers resumed a search Tuesday for a man who never resurfaced after jumping from a bridge made popular by the film "Jaws" in Martha's Vineyard.      
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Teen with cerebral palsy learns to surf with new friends during New Hampshire beach trip
18-year-old Enzo Marcantoni, who has cerebral palsy, learned how to surf with the help of a few new friends at a New Hampshire beach       
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Is the Atlantic hurricane season cranking up earlier? Study says yes, thanks to climate change
A new study released Tuesday said the first storms of the Atlantic hurricane season have been firing up about 5 days per decade earlier since 1979.       
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Feds cut Colorado River allocation for Arizona and Nevada in 2023, citing need for 'urgent action'
While Arizona and Nevada will get less water, California will not lose any of its share next year, according to the feds' blueprint released Tuesday.       
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More than 200 human trafficking victims, including children, found in nationwide FBI operation
The FBI-led "Operation Cross Country" in August involved more than 200 state, local and federal agencies and found 121 missing or victimized children.      
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Mississippi police department sued after chief fired over racist, homophobic rant
A month after the police chief was fired in Lexington, Mississippi, the city and police department are now being sued.
Texas child believed to have monkeypox
Officials in the Texas county that includes the city of Houston say they may have their first case of monkeypox in a young child. (Aug. 16)
Tennessee hospital placed on 'brief' lockdown after 6 shooting victims arrive
The hospital was placed under a "temporary and brief" lockdown, a spokesperson told USA TODAY.
US Air Force test launches Minuteman 3 missile
U.S. Air Force tests an unarmed Minuteman 3 intercontinental ballistic missile launched from California. (Aug. 16)
Mysterious metal object falls from sky, nearly hitting Maine Capitol Police worker
A 6-7 pound sleeve-like object fell from the sky and landed 6-8 feet from a Maine Capitol Police worker. "It definitely shocked him."
1 man dead, his brother missing after jumping from 'Jaws' bridge in Martha's Vineyard
Rescuers resumed a search Tuesday for a man who never resurfaced after jumping from a bridge made popular by the film "Jaws" in Martha's Vineyard.
Hungry bear beaks in 'bear-proof' trash can in Alaska as cubs watch from the sidelines
A hungry Alaskan bear was determined to get inside a trash can, holding up oncoming traffic while three bear cubs watched from the sidelines.
10-year-old boy gets leg amputated after traumatic shark attack in Florida, family says
Jameson Reeder Jr. had part of his leg amputated after he was attacked by an 8-foot bull shark in the Florida Keys over the weekend, his family said.
Primaries test Trump strength in Alaska, Wyoming, Tiger pushes back on LIV: 5 Things podcast
Liz Cheney is not expected to survive today's primary challenge from Harriet Hageman, R. Kelly faces another sex crimes trial: 5 Things podcast