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USATODAY - Washington Top Stories
USATODAY - Washington Top Stories
OnPolitics: Biden tackles climate change
Biden issues executive action on climate change. But the Senate filibuster could put a pause on Biden's ambitious legislation. #OnPolitics        
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Homeland Security worries extremists 'emboldened' by Capitol riots may cause more violence
DHS warned of a continuing threat posed by domestic extremists, cautioning that a "heightened threat environment" may persist into the spring.       
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Biden signs new climate change orders, says we've 'waited too long' to deal with crisis
President Biden signed executive actions tied to combating climate change, including elevating climate change as a national security concern.        
6 h
Biden to prioritize climate change as national security concern, pauses oil drilling on public lands
Biden is set to issue another raft of executive actions tied to combatting climate change, prioritizing science and evidence-based policy federal agencies and pausing oil drilling on public lands.        
9 h
Politics live updates: Biden to unveil executive orders on climate change; Fauci to speak on COVID
Biden on Wednesday is set to issue another raft of executive actions tied to combatting climate change, while the White House COVID-19 team hosts its first of what will be regular news conferences.
Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden's pick for US Ambassador to the United Nations
Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Biden's pick for US Ambassador to the UN has held numerous diplomatic posts around the world during her 35-year career in foreign service.
Now majority leader, Sen. Chuck Schumer has plans for the nation, NY and impeachment
Now as one of the most powerful people in the nation, Schumer has a lengthy list of goals for New York, the nation and potentially impeaching Trump.        
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Vice President Kamala Harris receives her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine
Vice President Kamala Harris received her second dose of COVID-19 vaccine.        
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Five Republican senators vote against motion that impeachment against Trump is unconstitutional
The trial of Trump's second impeachment, a first for a president, will begin as scheduled the week of Feb. 8.        
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Senators swear in as jurors for President Trump's impeachment trial
Senators took oaths to ensure "impartial justice" as jurors in former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial.        
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Biden reaches agreement to buy 200 million more COVID-19 vaccine doses by summer
Biden announced the U.S. has reached an agreement to secure 200 million more coronavirus vaccine doses, enough to fully vaccinate 300 million Americans.        
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Bernie Sanders, Democrats push for $15 minimum wage by 2025, passage faces tough sledding in Congress
Democrats have been trying to raise the federal minimum wage, now $7.25, for years. Republicans have blocked the effort citing potential job losses.        
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OnPolitics: Let's talk about race, baby
Can President Biden's messaging bring an end to political rancor under former President Trump?        
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President Biden jokes about phone call with Vladimir Putin
President Biden joked around when a reporter asked about his first phone call with Vladimir Putin.        
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Federal judge halts Biden's 100-day deportation ban after Texas attorney general's challenge
A federal judge on Tuesday barred the U.S. government from enforcing a 100-day deportation moratorium that is a key immigration priority of President Joe Biden.      
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Biden signs new executive orders, says 'now's the time to act' on racial equity
President Joe Biden signed four new executive orders, building on steps taken as part of his campaign promise to create a more equitable society.        
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States of America: What does America do with its Confederate monuments?
Take them down, move them to a museum? There are a lot of ideas but few answers on what the United States should do with Confederate monuments.        
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Janet Yellen, the first female Treasury Secretary
Janet Yellen became the first woman to head the Treasury Department on Jan. 25, 2021.        
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Racial equity agenda takes center stage in President Biden's new executive orders
President Joe Biden on Tuesday will take steps to address what the administration calls systemic racism while laying out his racial equity agenda.        
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As Trump impeachment trial begins, he lacks star lawyers, full Republican backing
Former President Donald Trump doesn't have a star-studded legal team or a united Republican conference backing him this time in his impeachment trial.        
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Amid calls for unity, President Biden and Republicans don't agree what that looks like
Republicans say Biden's aggressive agenda doesn't reflect his unity talk. Biden says unity is more than just bipartisanship in Congress.        
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House sends Senate second Trump impeachment for 'gravely' endangering security of U.S.
House Democrats have sent the impeachment charge of "incitement of insurrection" to the Senate, kicking off the trial process.        
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