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USATODAY - Washington Top Stories
'It's all very positive:' Donald Trump, once a critic of Mexico, now praises its president
Trump, who launched his 2016 campaign attacking Mexico over trade and immigration, on Wednesday lavished praise on the country's president.
Facebook removes Roger Stone accounts linked to 'inauthentic behavior'
Facebook said much of the "inauthentic behavior" occurred just before and after the 2016 election. It said it took down 54 associated accounts.       
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Re-opening federal death chamber: Victim opposition, pandemic threaten first execution in 17 years
Barring a reprieve, Daniel Lewis Lee will be executed July 13 in Terre Haute, Indiana. Relatives of the family he murdered in 1996 oppose his death.        
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VP Pence is encouraged by flattening curve in Arizona, Texas, and Florida
While visiting the Dep. of Education, VP Pence says he is encouraged by the flattening number of new virus cases in Arizona, Texas and Florida.        
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Supreme Court to rule Thursday on President Trump's effort to keep taxes, financial records secret
The justices' rulings will carry political, legal and constitutional implications for the president, Congress and law enforcement officials.        
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University sued after denying records request for Biden Senate collection
The case is the latest in months of pressure on the university to open the collection for public view.        
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Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander: Trump's WHO withdrawal could interfere with vaccine development
Sen. Lamar Alexander said withdrawing from the WHO could make it harder for the U.S. to work with other countries to stop the spread of viruses.       
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Alexander Vindman retires from Army citing 'bullying' from Trump for impeachment testimony
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman saw his promotion delayed this summer after testifying about concerns with Trump's July 25 call to the Ukraine president.       
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Young Black voters say they aren't enthusiastic about a Joe Biden presidency
Joe Biden has touted his record supporting the African American community. But young Black voters want to see more from Biden.
Trump administration plans to withdraw US from World Health Organization
Congress received formal notification of the decision after President Trump announced his intention to end the U.S. relationship with WHO.
Trump has officially withdrawn the US from the World Health Organization as pandemic spikes
The White House notified Congress of the WHO withdrawal even as COVID-19 cases spike in the US and across the globe.        
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'Far beyond garden-variety narcissism.' Book by Trump's niece paints him habitual liar and inept
"This is far beyond garden-variety narcissism," Mary Trump writes, describing President Trump has having a fragile ego "that must be bolstered every moment."        
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Devin Nunes' winery, yacht clubs, a resort in West Virginia owned by its governor — here's who got PPP loans
The PPP data shows wineries partly owned by Rep. Devin Nunes received loans between $1 million and $2 million.        
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Sen. Duckworth, who lost both legs in the Iraq War, hits back at Tucker Carlson for suggesting she hates America
Duckworth who lost both legs in a 2004 helicopter crash, hit back at Fox News host Tucker Carlson by asking if he wanted to "walk a mile in my legs."       
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What to know about Tuesday's primaries in New Jersey and Delaware
A Democrat-turned-Republican faces a fight on both sides and Delaware's favorite son finally has his name on the ballot in his home state.       
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Dr. Anthony Fauci warns US is 'knee-deep' in first wave of coronavirus cases and prognosis is 'really not good'
Fauci said Monday that the United State's current handle on the COVID-19 outbreak is "really not good" and that action is needed to curb the spread.        
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GOP Sen. Grassley: Congress may override Trump veto on removing Confederate names from military bases
Sen. Chuck Grassley, a staunch Trump ally, said Congress would "probably override" a Trump veto on removing Confederate names from military bases.       
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