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GANNETT Syndication Service
GANNETT Syndication Service
Trump is deflating. Delay his impeachment trial to help Biden and raise conviction odds.
When Trump is no longer protected by the presidency, he's going to look a lot less formidable and the Republican political calculus will be different.        
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The Trump years: USA TODAY editorial cartoonist Mike Thompson looks back
Donald Trump's presidency as seen through the eyes of USA TODAY editorial cartoonist Mike Thompson.        
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Time to mourn: As COVID-19 deaths reach 400,000, let's remember those we have lost
President-elect Joe Biden has called for today, Jan. 19, to be a moment of national unity and remembrance.        
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Sen. Josh Hawley isn't a censorship victim, he's a free speech menace
Too many on the left and right agree that the government can use economic leverage to curb our rights.        
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Biden inauguration amid Trump COVID failure could end Reagan-era disdain for government
Trump and Reagan galvanized hostility to the federal government. Biden won because voters want national leadership on challenges like COVID-19.        
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Applause for 10 Republicans who stood up to Trump: Reader views
President Donald Trump has become 'an existential threat to the party'
The self-pardon trap that may catch our rogue President Trump
Joe Biden's pick for attorney general, Merrick Garland, is a man of the law. He may consider it important to establish, against Trump's self-pardon, that no one, including a president, is above the law.
A divided america needs Dr. King's unifying social justice principles
In these times of violence and deep political and social divide, it's important to look back to people like Dr. King and apply his principles to today.        
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'Where Do We Go from Here?' King's question amid the chaos of the '60s still resonates today
King emerged from a retreat to Jamaica with a new book and fresh worries about the direction of the country and the Civil Rights Movement.       
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Kamala Harris makes history. Her swearing-in as vice president shows 'strength of our democracy.'
Kamala Harris' inauguration is a marker that the arc of history is bending toward the democracy America deserves. Support her, and hold her accountable.        
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Alaska is a new model for ending toxic political partisanship in America
Alaska may have shown a way to make our political system reward rather than punish moderation, open the system to new voices and encourage civility.       
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COVID safety precautions are as important as ever. Here's how to persuade resisters.
Even with COVID vaccines ramping up, closing the gap between conservatives and liberals on masks, social distancing and other measures is critical.        
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Save COVID-19 vaccine rollout by injecting speed, simplicity and flexibility
Our View: Joe Biden promises 100 million vaccinations in 100 days. But it will mean broadening standards, potentially sidestepping CDC guidelines.        
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COVID-19 vaccine rollout shouldn't sacrifice equity for efficiency
Another View: Vaccination distribution cannot exacerbate health disparities. Focus on front-line workers, older adults, those with chronic disease.        
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