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Noah takes a look at Bloomberg getting stumped on stop and frisk
Bloomberg will debate fellow Democrats for the first time tonight. He'll have a lot to explain. Comics take a look in Best of Late Night.
For Mike Bloomberg, tonight's debate is his opening night
Can Bloomberg be cool under fire as incoming salvos of 'stop & frisk' and 'big, bad billionaires' are shot his way?       
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Michael Bloomberg is not the candidate who can beat Donald Trump
Michael Bloomberg is trying to hide his Republican New York City mayoral record.       
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Judge James Buckley deserves the Medal of Freedom for a lifetime of public service
Bestowing nation's highest civilian honor on Judge Buckley could be a milestone for Trump in bringing establishment and populist Republicans together.        
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Hunter Biden's drug use doesn't make him a 'loser'
President Donald Trump needs to recognize that addiction is a brain disorder, not a moral failing. We work, vote and pay taxes like everybody else.       
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Barr, Wray and top security officials: Help us protect the 2020 elections and your vote
Our state-based system protects us from election disruption. You can help by being on guard against social media disinformation and divisive messages.
Blacks and Hispanics should not ditch Mike Bloomberg over his 'stop and frisk' mistake
Single-issue voting is shortsighted and overlooks that Bloomberg and other politicians may make amends through policies that help those they hurt.
Boy Scouts bankruptcy a warning to others who have ignored sexual abuse
Release of the 'Perversion Files' in 2012 revealed scale of Boy Scouts problem which still entangles the organization.       
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Trevor Noah: Bernie Sanders rubs his hair with a balloon
The late-night comics turn their attention to Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg and the rest of the Democratic presidential hopefuls.        
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Democrats' Bernie Sanders problem: They're are damned if they nominate him and damned if they don't
If Bernie Sanders is nominated, a major political party would have put a socialist on a plausible path to the White House.       
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Coronavirus ghost town: Shanghai has changed since the outbreak
The streets are empty. Roped-off playgrounds gather dust, not giggles. Aside from grocery stores and emergency facilities, virtually nothing is open.        
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Don't forget Justice Clarence Thomas in Black History Month celebrations
In remembering the legacy of extraordinary black Americans, why does Clarence Thomas always go ignored?      
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'Danger of getting coronavirus now is just minusculy low'
Did the new coronavirus start in a market? Is China fudging COVID-19 numbers? How close are we to a vaccine? Do masks work? Dr. Anthony Fauci answers.        
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President Trump has a right to his opinions and to remove executive branch personnel
Those who would deny Donald Trump his authority are denying the sovereignty of the people, writes Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots Action       
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Impeached but unconvicted, Donald Trump settles scores and solidifies power
Two weeks since Senate acquitted Donald Trump, president has provided voters more evidence of abuses of power on a near-daily basis: Our view       
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