USATODAY - College Football Top Stories
USATODAY - College Football Top Stories
Opinion: College football programs need to get comfortable with transparency or risk losing credibility
If college football programs are going to be secretive in their handling of COVID-19, then they won't have credibility when things get bad.
Dabo Swinney says 2020 championship would be legit even without two from Power Five
Despite two Power Five conferences not playing this fall, Clemson coach Dabo Swinney says a 2020 national championship would be legitimate.
New Mexico State will not play football in fall due to COVID-19 concerns
New Mexico State athletic director Mario Moccia confirmed Thursday that the school was postponing playing college football in fall due to COVID-19.
Why college football will never be the same financially
USA Today Sports' Dan Wolken and Paul Myerberg explain the financial debt college football will incur from a fall without football.
Infectious disease experts warn NCAA of dangers of fall sports amid COVID-19 pandemic
In a sobering Webinar hosted by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, multiple experts and the NCAA chief medical officer took a cautious tone.
Florida State wide receiver says school leadership neglecting to respond to health issues
Florida State wide receiver Warren Thompson posted to Twitter that school leadership is neglecting health issues during football camp.
Ohio State won't pursue fall football, athletic director says
Earlier Wednesday, in a conference call with reporters, OSU coach Ryan Day floated the idea about possibly playing other Big Ten schools.
NCAA council recommends eligibility relief for athletes who lose seasons due to COVID-19 pandemic
The NCAA's Division I Council has recommended that the Division I Board of Directors extend some protections to student-athletes impacted by COVID-19.        
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Ohio State AD Gene Smith says school will not try to play football this fall
Ohio State AD Gene Smith dismissed idea that the school would defy Big Ten and try to play fall football, hours after coach Ryan Day floated the idea.        
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Former Pro Bowl DB Dwight Hicks is latest Michigan football alum alleging abuse by ex-team doctor
Former Pro Bowl safety Dwight Hicks is the latest Michigan football alumnus to claim that ex-team physician Robert Anderson abused him in college.        
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Opinion: Nebraska bailing out on Big Ten may be more than bluster
Nebraska's tantrum following the Big Ten's announcement to shutdown fall sports isn't merely performative red meat being thrown to the base.        
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Ohio State's Ryan Day suggests playing Big Ten schools who don't want to postpone football: 'That's a fluid situation'
During a conference call with reporters, Ohio State coach Ryan Day raised possibility of playing some Big Ten schools, calling it a "fluid situation."       
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ESPN analyst Desmond Howard says Big Ten should kick Nebraska out of conference
ESPN's Desmond Howard said Nebraska needs to apologize for football coach Scott Frost suggesting the Cornhuskers might play outside the Big Ten.        
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Why postponing the college football season to the spring would only create more problems
USA Today Sports' Paul Myerberg and Dan Wolken explain why postponing the college football season to the spring is not as easy as it sounds.        
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