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USATODAY - Money Top Stories
USATODAY - Money Top Stories
Gas prices drop under $4 nationwide for first time in months. Will they continue to fall?
Less than two months after reaching an all-time high, gas prices are declining and reaching levels not seen since March.      
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Want to buy a 'fixer-upper' home? Here are the top U.S. cities.
A new study shows many working-class, rust-belt cities in the U.S. are havens for fixer-upper homes just ripe for purchase.
The Daily Money: Inflation drops to 8.5% but food prices and rent keep rising
Overall, inflation dropped six-tenths of a point in July. But the news isn't all good: Core inflation, which ignores energy and food, went up 1.4%.
What will the Inflation Reduction Act mean for small businesses?
Overall, the Inflation Reduction Act is a good-sized win for most small businesses and a huge win for some. Rhonda Abrams explains why.
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4: New folding smartphones launching Aug. 26
On Wednesday, Samsung introduce its latest foldable smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4, which launch on Aug. 26.
Next Fed rate hike size may be based on soaring 'core' costs, not food and energy prices
Overall consumer inflation probably eased in July, but the core rate likely rose. That may mean another big Fed rate hike ahead.     
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Copy-paste error results in Nevada homebuyer getting 86 properties for the price of one home
A copy-and-paste error landed a Nevada homebuyer with title ownership to not just the property she was buying but also 85 additional lots.      
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Rent's the new gas: Surging housing prices become a top inflation worry. Who's hit hardest?
Consumers can't get a break. Just as gas prices are easing, ongoing rent increases are taking over in pinching consumer budgets.     
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Are debt consolidation loans a good idea? More Americans are wondering as Fed raises rates
Can you consolidate credit card debt with bad credit? In some cases, yes but you may not get a good enough rate to make it worthwhile      
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Ferrari recalls nearly every car sold since 2005 over brake fluid leaks
The NHTSA has issued recalls for the week of July 28 through Aug. 4, including a major issue impacting more than 23,000 Ferraris.     
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Sonic just brought back its Pickle Juice Slush. And I drank it. Here's what to expect.
Does the idea of a pickle juice slushie sound intriguing or disgusting? Decide for yourself at Sonic: They're offering one through Aug. 28.      
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Automakers group says most electric vehicles won't quality for tax credit in Senate bill
An automotive group representing car makers including Ford and Toyota said most EVs will be ineligible for a tax credit proposed in a new Senate bill.     
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What practical steps can I take to manage work-related stress? Ask HR
When your job becomes stressful, it's OK to ask for help. Reducing stress will give you your confidence and energy back, making you more productive.     
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The wealth gap: These traits are common with affluent Americans. How do you compare?
A new U.S. Census Bureau report on affluence and the wealth gap highlights commonalities of wealthy people. Some could help you build your net worth.     
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