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USATODAY - Money Top Stories
USATODAY - Money Top Stories
'I don't care that I'm overpaying': Houses are selling over asking price. Here's how to win a real estate bidding war.
The real estate market continued to break historic records in April, as home prices rose 21% YoY and the median home-sale price soared to $348,500.      
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Colonial Pipeline shutdown triggers gas shortages, higher gas prices and panic buying. We explain why in 4 charts
Pipeline attack aftermath: Large numbers of gas stations in southeast U.S. run dry as anxious motorists line up to fill cars.
You asked, we answered: Colonial Pipeline questions answered
USA TODAY answers consumers' most asked questions regarding The Colonial Pipeline hack
'Do not fill plastic bags with gasoline': US Consumer Product Safety Commission weighs in on gas shortage in Southeast
As people flock to gas stations in wake of the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, the federal consumer agency reminded people of safe gas measures.
Everybody wants a John Deere tractor. But not everybody wants a John Deere job. Why?
Economists are puzzled by the hiring problems that John Deere, long one of Iowa's premier employers, is having at a time when thousands are unemployed
Whether it's ordering dinner or buying more skin products, our shopping habits changed amid COVID-19
As our lifestyles have changed during the COVID pandemic, our shopping habits have changed, too. Here's how.
Krispy Kreme free donuts: Here's how graduating seniors get a 'Graduate Dozen' Thursday
Krispy Kreme is giving graduating high school and college seniors free doughnuts Thursday. They can get a free "Graduate Dozen" May 13 with proof.
Where to find gas: GasBuddy goes down as drivers fill up after Colonial Pipeline cyberattack
The app GasBuddy, which has grown popular in the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, has gone down due to demand.
Gas prices top $3: What you need to know about gas shortages, Colonial Pipeline cyberattack,
Gas prices jumped just above $3 a gallon Wednesday as nervous motorists fill up in the wake of the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline.
Small businesses can become Amazon sellers to leverage both online, retail sales
From the start of the pandemic through mid-January 2021, Amazon reports independent third-party sellers increased their sales by more than 55%.
Uncle Ben's is now Ben's Original: Rice arrives in stores with new name and packaging
Bye, Uncle Ben's, hello Ben's Original. The rice has a new name and look almost a year after parent company Mars Food said it would overhaul imaging.
'It's really frustrating': Worker shortages are putting more money in employees pockets but could slow the economy
Worker shortages are forcing firms to give more hours to current employees, increasing their pay. But they can't meet demand, shrinking the economy     
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Is another stimulus check coming? Maybe if you live in California and make less than $75K.
Governor Gavin Newsom is promising checks of $600 or more to millions of taxpayers in California, "regardless of immigration status."      
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Panic buying: Florida governor declares state of emergency over gasoline supply
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, in an executive order, declared a gasoline-related state of emergency, allowing for activation of the National Guard.      
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NRA bankruptcy dismissed: National Rifle Association's Chapter 11 case rejected as not 'in good faith'
A federal judge rejected the National Rifle Association's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, forcing the NRA to solve its New York AG dispute out of court.      
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Tax return deadline is May 17: Why filing is vital for parents
Many people, including those who normally aren't required to file, will want to file a tax return by May 17. Child Tax Credit to offer cash in July.     
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What you need to know about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack, gas prices, shortages
With a cyberattack temporarily hobbling the critical Colonial Pipeline, the prospect of gas shortages in the Southeast is making some nervous.      
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Should I tell my boss I'm hunting for a new job? Ask HR
It's common for someone to quit a job when there's no growth opportunity. Letting your boss know you're looking for a job depends on the circumstance.     
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McDonald's working with Biden administration to raise COVID vaccine awareness through billboard, new coffee cups
McDonald's hot coffee cups will be updated in July with a "We Can Do This" campaign message and information about COVID vaccines.      
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