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USATODAY - Tech Top Stories
USATODAY - Tech Top Stories
Disney+ shows, movies that kids, teens should watch, based on their age
Kid-friendly recommendations for Disney's streaming service.
Dell XPS Desktop 8950 Review: Do it all
The best-value Dell XPS Desktop 8950 includes an Intel Core i5-12600K and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti. This isn't a gaming PC, it's built like one.
The 5 best Apple Watch apps for when you're traveling
Traveling can be a headache, but these Apple Watch apps can help make the most of every vacation.
Florida high school student wins Google Doodle contest by showcasing her mother's support
Sophie Araque-Liu, 16, of Stuart, Florida won this year's Doodle for Google contest with a drawing of her hugging her mother.
As Black Hat security conference turns 25, a lesson: security doesn't have an end point
Researchers unpack how they found and exploited vulnerabilities in everything from car key fobs to Starlink satellite terminals.
High-tech shopping help: Apps that help you save on back-to-school purchases
With inflation on the minds of many back-to-school shoppers, here's some advice on apps and websites to help save money online and at favorite stores.
Tech at school: How teachers are maximizing digital tools in today's classrooms
Inspired by the need to connect remotely, and supported by billions in federal funding, education technology is on the rise in many school systems.
How do I keep my children safe online? Advice from the front lines, including teens themselves
Researchers are working to find out what role technology and social media play in kids mental health.      
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Can I buy a foldable phone someplace other than Samsung? Apple, Motorola also have them
One of the biggest obstacles to high-volume sales of foldable smartphones isn't predictability, it's cost.      
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Would you pick Samsung's new Flip4 or Fold4 phone? What your response might say about you
Mobile phone makers can guess with surprising accuracy which Samsung's new Flip4 or Fold4 smartphone is calling your name.      
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It is possible to DIY solar panels for your home—here's how
It can be hard to know how to DIY solar panels for your home, but with the right skills and materials, you can generate energy at home in no time.      
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Financial startup valuations plummet as market takes closer look at fundamentals
Private fintech company Stripe privately took a massive valuation cut. Other fintech companies are especially vulnerable to rising interest rates.     
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Making the grade: These educational games keep kids informed and entertained
The world of educational programming and video games is vast, not all offerings are created equal. So how is a parent or teacher to choose?      
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