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CBS Evening News, August 16, 2022
Historic shortage forces new water cuts in Southwest; Volunteers supply homeless students with backpacks
1 h
Mom goes viral for conducting school shooting drills with 5-year-old son
The video shows her son crouching in a corner of his bedroom, demonstrating how he would hide in his classroom and use his bulletproof Spider-Man backpack as a shield.
2 h
NTSB: Co-pilot was "visibly upset" before he exited plane in mid-air
The NTSB has released a preliminary report which offers some insight into what may have prompted a 23-year-old co-pilot to exit a damaged plane in mid-air, prior to an emergency landing.
4 h
Employees walk out as job unhappiness soars
Fed up and frustrated, Amazon workers walked off the job, calling for a raise and safer conditions at a California facility. Thousands of health care workers are on strike. It's the latest in a number of walkouts and strikes amid a Gallup poll showing worker stress is at an all-time high. Elise Preston has the details.
4 h
"We've been to hell and back": Employees walk out as job unhappiness soars
A new Gallup poll that found half of workers are stressed, and one in five battles anger or sadness during the day.
5 h
Volunteers supply homeless students with backpacks
The average family spends nearly $900 each year in back-to-school shopping, but not everyone can afford it. A group of volunteers is helping distribute backpacks to homeless students. Meg Oliver shares more.
5 h
FDA clears path for over-the-counter hearing aids
The Food and Drug Administration will make hearing aids available without a prescription as soon as mid-October. The agency estimates it could save consumers nearly $3,000 on a pair of hearing aids.
5 h
Liz Cheney tries to hold on in GOP primary shaped by Trump
Republican Rep. Liz Cheney's political career could be nearing an end after becoming one of former President Donald Trump's fiercest critics. She tells Robert Costa what's at stake in her primary.
5 h
Pennsylvania order protects LGBTQIA+ community from conversion therapy
The order directs commonwealth agencies to "do everything in their power to discourage conversion therapy."
6 h
Dr. Seuss' $19M estate hits market for first time in more than 50 years
Southern California compound once owned by children's book author Theodor Seuss Geisel is up for sale.
7 h
Dodge is discontinuing muscle cars Charger and Challenger
Calling it the end of an era in automotive history, car maker says it plans to refocus the brand on electric vehicles.
7 h
Liz Cheney says primary is "beginning of a battle" that will go on
CBS News' Robert Costa caught up with Cheney soon after she had voted in the Wyoming primary.
7 h
American tourist dies at Bahamas resort after testing positive for COVID, police say
Police in the Bahamas​ are investigating the death of a 70-year-old American tourist who was found dead in a resort located on the same island three people died of carbon monoxide poisoning in May.
7 h
Biden signs Inflation Reduction Act, sealing major victory for domestic agenda
"Let me say from the start, with this law, the American people won and the special interests lost," Mr. Biden told the crowd assembled at the White House.
8 h
Wolfgang Peterson, "Das Boot" and "Air Force One" director, dies at age 81
Heralded as an antiwar masterpiece, "Das Boot" was nominated for six Oscars, including for Petersen's direction.
8 h
Judge rejects plea deal in spy case because sentences weren't harsh enough
Jonathan and Diana Toebbe pleaded guilty to espionage charges in February. But the judge rejected their plea agreements.
9 h
Drought-stricken Arizona and Nevada to get less water from Colorado River
The move came as officials predict levels at Lake Mead, the largest U.S. reservoir, will plummet even further.
9 h
LexisNexis illegally collected and sold personal data, suit claims
Immigration advocates claim data broker's technology lets police surveil Americans without their consent.
9 h
Democrats say DHS watchdog won't comply with requests about missing texts
The Department of Homeland Security inspector general says he's following federal guidelines for ongoing probes.
Palin fights for seat in Congress in Alaska's first ranked-choice election
Results may not be known for a couple weeks, since absentee ballots can be received until Aug. 26.
Football player Manti Te'o discusses high-profile catfishing scandal
Manti Te'o is speaking out about the 2012 catfishing incident in order to heal from it, he told "CBS Mornings."
GM recalls 484,000 large SUVs over possible seat-belt malfunction
The belts may not properly restrain a passenger in a crash, increasing the risk of injury, regulators said.
Stunning video shows tornado-like waterspout off Florida coast
Thunderstorms around the Florida panhandle caused several waterspouts, which look like tornados in the ocean, to form Tuesday morning.
Ezra Miller seeking treatment for "complex mental health issues"
"I want to apologize to everyone that I have alarmed and upset with my past behavior," Miller said.
For these Democratic women running for office, Roe's reversal is personal
The Supreme Court's decision ending the constitutional right to an abortion served as a springboard for Democratic candidates to share their personal experiences.
FDA to allow buying of hearing aids without a prescription
U.S. regulators have finalized a long-awaited rule that's expected to allow millions of Americans to buy hearing aids without a prescription.
Judge rules against Alex Jones, says Sandy Hook defamation case can proceed in Connecticut
A federal bankruptcy judge filed an order this week that allows another defamation case against Jones to continue in Connecticut.
U.S. conducts missile launch after postponing due to China tensions
The planned test had been postponed after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan; China reacted to the visit by announcing live-fire exercises in the waters surrounding the island.
8/16: CBS News Mornings
Justice Department wants to keep Trump FBI search warrant affidavit sealed; Summer cooldown brings below-average temperatures
"One-in-2 million" blue lobster captured by father, son in Maine
The discovery is a one-in-2 million find, according to the New England Aquarium.