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Trump addresses coronavirus threat to U.S.
President Trump is outlining plans for dealing with the coronavirus threat after his administration sent mixed signals this week. Cases worldwide are now top 80,000 with more than 2,700 deaths. Paula Reid reports.
How the 14th Amendment's "reduction clause" could help fight voter suppression
Section 2 of the 14th Amendment permits a state's number of congressional representatives to be proportionately reduced for instances of denying eligible voters of their rights. Joshua Geltzer, executive director and visiting professor of law at Georgetown's Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, joined CBSN to discuss the "reduction clause" and how it could work today.
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Bloomberg campaign surrogate on his debate performance
A CBS News poll found only 25% of Democratic debate viewers were impressed with Mike Bloomberg's performance, the second-lowest out of any candidate. Karen Weaver, the former mayor of Flint, Michigan, is a surrogate for Bloomberg's campaign and she joined CBSN to discuss is performance.
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Trump campaign opening "community centers" to win over black voters
The campaign is opening several "Black Voices for Trump Community Centers" in key states like Florida.
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Trump campaign sues New York Times over opinion piece
The Trump campaign claims the paper knowingly made false accusations.
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Senate blocks two anti-abortion bills as reproductive rights battle heats up
Senate Democrats blocked two anti-abortion bills that were not expected to pass. CBS News reporter Kate Smith explains why Majority Leader Mitch McConnell forced votes in a likely effort to weaponize the issue ahead of 2020 elections.
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Supreme Court tosses D.C. sniper case after change in Virginia law
The Supreme Court heard arguments in Lee Boyd Malvo's case in October.
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Bloomberg unveils TV ad slamming Trump for coronavirus response
The new 30-second ad highlights Bloomberg's managerial experience as mayor of New York City.
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House to vote on bill to make lynching a federal crime
The bill is named for Emmett Till, a black teenager brutally murdered in a racist attack in 1955.
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Feds arrest alleged neo-Nazi for "swatting" scheme targeting Cabinet member
John Cameron Denton, 26, was arrested in Texas and will appear in federal court later on Wednesday.
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Watch live: President Trump to speak on coronavirus
The president complained that news outlets are stoking panic in the markets over the coronavirus.
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Moments you might've missed during the debate
Michael Bloomberg made a reference to a bizarre and comical Times Square stalwart unique to New York City.
"We get it done": Black women play key roles in South Carolina campaigns
Five women talked exclusively with CBS News about being recognized as black women in leadership roles, the issues that matter most to South Carolinians, and how they're working to combat voter disengagement here.
Democrats clash in final debate before Super Tuesday
Democratic presidential candidates repeatedly attacked front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders during the tense CBS News debate in Charleston, South Carolina. A poll taken after the debate saw nearly half of the viewers express nervousness about the candidates, while almost the same amount said they were optimistic. Ed O’Keefe breaks down what issues took center stage on Tuesday night.
Two bills banning most late-term abortions blocked by Senate Dems
Both were voted down several times in recent years but Republicans raised them anew to provide an election year spotlight on their anti-abortion rights efforts
CBS News Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina: Watch in full
Seven Democratic candidates for president took the stage in Charleston, South Carolina, in a debate hosted by CBS News. Watch the debate in its entirety here.
Fact-checking the Democratic debate in South Carolina
Here's how the facts match up to what the candidates are saying on stage.
Debate watchers most impressed by Sanders, Biden - CBS News poll
But many say this 10th debate made them nervous about the Democratic field.
Warren: Progressives have "exactly one chance" to make change happen
Warren told CBS News after the tenth Democratic debate that her track record demonstrates why she should be the progressive candidate to win the party's presidential nomination.
Sanders: "The truth is, nothing I am saying is radical"
Bernie Sanders was also pressed about his comments on "60 Minutes" about Fidel Castro, saying "Cuba is a dictatorship. I've said that 8 million times."
Full transcript of the South Carolina Democratic debate
Seven Democratic candidates met on stage in South Carolina for the last debate before the state's primary and Super Tuesday.
Bloomberg campaign responds after candidate's partner spoke about NDA controversy
Erin McPike, national spokesperson for the Bloomberg 2020 campaign, spoke to CBSN's Elaine Quijano about comments made by Diana Taylor, longtime partner of Michael Bloomberg, about Bloomberg’s non-disclosure agreements.
Democrats pressed on how they would respond to coronavirus
Democrats vying for the presidential nomination said they would boost federal funding for the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health and improve relations with U.S. allies.
Black women leading 2020 campaigns reveal their role models
CBS News 2020 campaign reporter LaCrai Michell speaks exclusively to four black leaders in South Carolina about who they find inspiring.
Official who briefed Congress on Russia threat to remain in post
"Ambassador Grenell has not asked me to leave," Shelby Pierson said in a statement Tuesday.
What impact could South Carolina have on the 2020 race?
The South Carolina primary is the last primary before candidates face off on Super Tuesday. Danielle Vinson, politics and international affairs professor at Furman University, joins CBSN's "Red & Blue" with the impact the Palmetto state may have.
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Poll: Joe Biden enters South Carolina debate with a slim lead over frontrunner Bernie Sanders
The 10th Democratic debate in Charleston, South Carolina, may be the most important, coming four days before the South Carolina primary, and one week before Super Tuesday. The latest CBS News poll shows Joe Biden with a slim lead over national frontrunner Bernie Sanders. Ed O’Keefe reports.
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Trump completes India trip optimistic about new trade deal
In joint remarks with India's prime minister Tuesday morning, President Trump touted progress on a trade deal, but both leaders declined to reveal new details. The president did, however, announce a new deal with Exxon Mobil to improve India's network of natural gas. Weijia Jiang reports.
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How to watch the Democratic debate tonight in South Carolina
Tuesday's debate is the last one before the South Carolina primary on Saturday — and before voters in 16 states and territories go to the polls on Super Tuesday, March 3.
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Live from the Gaillard Center before the CBS News Democratic debate
Watch what's happening in the auditorium before the CBS News Democratic debate gets underway in Charleston, South Carolina.
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