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Family, colleagues of aid worker killed by U.S. strike stranded in Afghanistan
The Pentagon promised to resettle members of Zemari Ahmadi family and employees of the aid organization where he worked.
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Activist's video shows Taliban's brutal treatment of women
Women and girls in Afghanistan had their basic rights stripped away when the Taliban took over last year. Imtiaz Tyab spoke to one woman who is fighting back.
5 h
Wolfgang Petersen, blockbuster director, dies at 81
Director Wolfgang Petersen died of pancreatic cancer at 81. He had a string of hits, including "Perfect Storm" and "Air Force One."
5 h
Olympic rugby champion Ellia Green comes out as trans man
The gold-medal winning athlete told The Associated Press it was the best decision of his life.
8 h
Explosions rock ammunition depot in Crimea in suspected Ukrainian attack
Russia blamed the blasts in the village of Mayskoye on an "act of sabotage," without naming the perpetrators.
Nuclear war would kill billions – just from starvation, study finds
Just the soot from a week-long nuclear war would cause a "global catastrophe," researchers said.
U.N. hopes 5th time's the charm in push for treaty to protect oceans
Member states have haggled over the terms of new international laws to protect international waters from exploitation since 2017. Could they finally reel it in?
Afghan women jailed, tortured and forced to hide, but not silenced
CBS News meets a women's rights activist who says she's determined to "show the world what the Taliban are really like."
Afghan women's rights activist tells her story one year after Taliban took over Kabul
Imtiaz Tyab sits down with Afghan women's rights activist, Tamana, who became world famous when she livestreamed the Taliban raiding her home and arresting her. She spent a month in prison where she was tortured and interrogated. She has been living in hiding ever since, scared for her life. In her safe house, Imtiaz hears her story and her thoughts on the future.
Space mission shows Earth's water may be from asteroids, study says
The Ryugu samples could give clues to the mystery of how oceans appeared on Earth billions of years ago, scientists said.
Week of widespread violence shows power of cartel's "vast empire"
Mexico has made more attempts to capture drug lords, something the president previously said he wasn't interested in.
U.S. border arrivals drop, but annual tally set to hit 2 million
Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Chris Magnus called the drop in migrant arrests a "positive trend," but acknowledged that they "remain high."
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French ski mountaineering champ Adèle Milloz dies while mountain climbing
Milloz and an unidentified female died during mountaineering practice on the Aiguille du Peigne, the French Mountain and Climbing Federation said.
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Protests break out in Kenya after William Ruto declared president
Violence has erupted with accusations of election-rigging since William Ruto was declared Kenya's president, after a close race.
1 d
China announces new military drills as U.S. delegation visits Taiwan
China has announced more military drills around Taiwan as the island's president met with members of a new U.S. congressional delegation.
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Around Ukraine's embattled nuclear power plant, "everybody is afraid"
Ukraine says Russia is using the Zaporizhzhia nuclear facility as a base to launch attacks on civilians, bringing heartache, and risking catastrophe.
2 d
CDC tweaks monkeypox guidance over suspected human-to-dog transmission
Researchers studying two men who caught the virus in Paris said "symptom onset in both patients and, subsequently, in their dog suggest human-to-dog transmission."
2 d
China cuts interest rate to shore up slowing economy
"The momentum of economic recovery has slowed," a government spokesperson said.
2 d
Heartbreak among Afghan people who remain under Taliban rule
A year after thousands of desperate Afghans surrounded departing military planes for any chance out of the country, a father who lost two sons that day recalls his heartbreak and anger. As CBS News correspondent Imtitaz Tyab reports, the Taliban clamped down on freedoms in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal.
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Brittney Griner's defense team appeals Russia drug conviction
As the WNBA star's lawyers appeal her 9-year jail sentence, a Russian official has confirmed ongoing talks with the U.S. about a potential prisoner swap.
2 d
Red panda found in fig tree, recaptured after escaping Australian zoo
"We know that red pandas are incredibly agile, and renowned for being escapologists," the zoo's director said. Ravi, 7, is apparently fine after his little adventure.
2 d
Iran denies link with Salman Rushdie attacker, blames writer himself
"We do not consider anyone other than Salman Rushdie and his supporters worthy of blame and even condemnation," said a foreign ministry spokesman.
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Health problems linger and worsen as migrants wait at border
Two days after arriving at a temporary migrant shelter at the border with the U.S. in June, Rosa Viridiana Ceron Alpizar's 9-year-old daughter and 1-year-old son fell ill.
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