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33 Turkish soldiers killed by airstrike in northwestern Syria
It was the largest death toll for Turkey in a single day since it first intervened in Syria in 2016.
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U.S. stock market drops amid coronavirus fears
As Coronavirus cases spread throughout the world, the fear and uncertainty is taking a drastic toll on the financial markets. Meg Oliver reports.
Reports of cannibalism among Arctic polar bears rising: Scientists
Among the factors responsible for the change could include increased human activity and diminished hunting grounds.
How deadly is coronavirus and what are the symptoms?
The CDC says COVID-19 symptoms can appear in as little as two days or as long as two weeks after initial exposure.
35 killed in Delhi religious violence as India balks at U.S. reaction
A U.S. government commission urged Indian leaders to stop the "unchecked violence" as mobs attack people, including journalists, in the capital.
Did U.S. companies help fuel fires in the Amazon rainforest?
"I think we're shielded from what our money is doing abroad," said Christian Poirier, the Brazil program director for Amazon Watch.
Trump insists U.S. "very ready" as virus cases surge outside China
President appeals for calm and puts Pence in charge of America's response as the WHO chief worries about mushrooming outbreaks in South Korea, Italy and Iran.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continue farewell tour after split from royal family
Prince Harry is back in Britain for his farewell tour as a senior member of the royal family. While the split has largely been seen as harmonious, some experts suggest that the details reveal a more acrimonious break up. Holly Williams reports.
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Hospitals preparing for coronavirus outbreak in U.S.
There is a run on masks and other protective equipment as concern over the coronavirus grows. U.S. forces in South Korea have raised their alert level to “high” after more than 1,200 infections were confirmed in that country with one American soldier testing positive. Meg Oliver reports.
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The six largest coronavirus outbreaks outside of China
More new coronavirus cases were reported outside of China than inside the country on Wednesday — the first time since global health officials began tracking the virus.
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Scientists find first "animal" that doesn't need oxygen to live
The discovery expands the definition of what an "animal" can be, researchers say.
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Harry and Meghan's new statement hints at widening royal rift
They had originally planned to use "Sussex Royal" as the brand for their charitable foundations and business ventures, according to CBS News' Charlie D'Agata.
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Hong Kong is handing out $1,200 in cash to 7 million people
The big giveaway is an effort to boost the territory's damaged economy after months of political unrest.
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2 Americans accused of murdering Italian police officer go on trial
The Californian men accused of stabbing an Italian police officer to death while on vacation have appeared in court.
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Maria Sharapova retiring from tennis at 32
The tennis superstar announced Wednesday that she is stepping away from the game.
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