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Experimental treatment changes lives for cancer patients in small trial
An experimental trial for rectal cancer had a 100% resolution rate among its 18 patients.
What you need to know about Medicare Part A's depletion date
Medicare's Hospital Insurance trust fund will run out of money in 2028, trustees say.
Polio shot offered to London kids after more virus found in sewage water
Britain's Health Security Agency said it had detected polio viruses derived from the oral polio vaccine in sewage water from eight boroughs of London.
Lawmakers asking Department of Defense to do more about civilians' medical bills
Only on "CBS Mornings," members of Congress are calling on the Department of Defense to do more to help civilians who have gotten huge medical bills for emergency treatment at U.S. military facilities. A non-partisan government report says even though many of those bills could be waived or reduced, the DOD almost never does. Anna Werner reports.
U.S. moves to stretch out monkeypox vaccine supply
The Food and Drug Administration has greenlit the Biden administration's plan to stretch out its limited supply of monkeypox vaccine by allowing shots that use only one-fifth of the usual dose.
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Pfizer, French firm starting tests of major Lyme disease vaccine
It would be the first major vaccine of its type in 20 years. The companies are seeking thousands of volunteers in the U.S. and Europe as cases keep rising.
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