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All 62 residents at Kansas nursing home caught COVID, 10 have died
Department of health in hard-hit Norton County, Kansas, says an unspecified number of staff at the Andbe Home also have the disease.
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Surge in coronavirus cases puts strain on Wisconsin hospitals
The state of Wisconsin is setting records for new coronavirus cases, hospital admissions and deaths.
Trump calls Fauci "a disaster" on campaign call as Biden leads in polls
On a phone call with his campaign staff on Monday, President Trump was on the attack against Dr. Anthony Fauci and called the country’s top infectious disease expert "a disaster." Ben Tracy has details.
CVS hiring 15,000 for flu season, COVID-19 second wave
U.S. drugstore chain says continuing pandemic only heightens its seasonal need for workers at its 10,000 pharmacies.
As global infections pass 40 million, the COVID-19 fight goes local
Whereas springtime brought blanket lockdowns, this 2nd wave has seen more nations and states opt for targeted measures to curb the coronavirus' spread.
Tough restrictions hit Europe as COVID cases spike
As coronavirus cases are surging across Europe, the governments there are implementing new restrictions to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
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Coronavirus cases and deaths rising rapidly in America
Coronavirus infections are surging across several states — and the national trajectory is worsening. Lilia Luciano has the latest on the current outbreak.
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Ski resorts can reopen in November with COVID restrictions, Cuomo says
The announcement comes one day after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a localized approach to deal with COVID-19 outbreaks.
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Former NSA chief says Russia unlikely to try to change votes
Retired Admiral Mike Rogers said the Russians are more focused on using disinformation online to further divide the nation.
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European cities impose new lockdowns to tamp down COVID-19
CBS News senior foreign affairs correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports from London on the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic.
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