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Schools nationwide trying to stay ahead of any coronavirus arrival
Online lessons being prepared, trips overseas being scrapped, "perfect attendance" awards even being rethought
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Answering common questions about the coronavirus
CBS Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joined the "CBS Evening News" to answer frequently asked questions regarding the coronavirus.
Officials investigate mysterious coronavirus case
Health officials are urgently trying to track down everyone who came in contact with the most recent U.S. coronavirus patient in California. Carter Evans reports.
The right way to wash your hands
People around the world are clamoring to buy face masks amidst fears that the coronavirus will continue spreading, but washing your hands is actually the best way to prevent the spread of disease.
How deadly is coronavirus and what are the symptoms?
The CDC says COVID-19 symptoms can appear in as little as two days or as long as two weeks after initial exposure.
Trump taps Pence to head up coronavirus outbreak response
The president said the $2.5 billion his administration has requested is a "lot," but they'll spend "whatever's appropriate."
Roughly 40% of U.S. adults are obese, 10% very much so, CDC says
The trend continues in the wrong direction, a CDC expert says, bringing with it all the health problems obesity could lead to
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Trump insists U.S. "very ready" as virus cases surge outside China
President appeals for calm and puts Pence in charge of America's response as the WHO chief worries about mushrooming outbreaks in South Korea, Italy and Iran.
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"Contagion" star Gwyneth Paltrow posts photo in face mask
"Paltrow's just going to go ahead and sleep with this thing on the plane," the actress said.
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Trump addresses coronavirus threat to U.S.
President Trump is outlining plans for dealing with the coronavirus threat after his administration sent mixed signals this week. Cases worldwide are now top 80,000 with more than 2,700 deaths. Paula Reid reports.
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Hospitals preparing for coronavirus outbreak in U.S.
There is a run on masks and other protective equipment as concern over the coronavirus grows. U.S. forces in South Korea have raised their alert level to “high” after more than 1,200 infections were confirmed in that country with one American soldier testing positive. Meg Oliver reports.
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Face mask prices surge as coronavirus fears grow
Amazon is cracking down on mask sellers after prices for some products soared into the triple digits.
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The six largest coronavirus outbreaks outside of China
More new coronavirus cases were reported outside of China than inside the country on Wednesday — the first time since global health officials began tracking the virus.
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CDC says to prepare for the coronavirus. How?
"We should plan as if a big storm was coming," said CBS News medical contributor Dr. David Agus.
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Facebook to prohibit deceptive ads about coronavirus
Social media platform says it'll stop companies from touting so-called cures or preventions for the deadly disease.
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Staggering price tag for daughter's rare medical condition
Supprelin costs a staggering $37,300 per year, and is the only one of the two options FDA-approved specifically for children with central precocious puberty.
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Jimmy John's linked to E. coli and salmonella outbreaks
FDA says fast-food chain "engaged in a pattern of receiving and offering for sale adulterated fresh produce."
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Watch live: President Trump to speak on coronavirus
The president complained that news outlets are stoking panic in the markets over the coronavirus.
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