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Supreme Oreos are selling on eBay for over $10,000
Fans are eager to get their hands on the limited-edition cookies — and are willing to spend whatever it takes to do so.
White House says economy is clicking, but trade battles hurt
President Donald Trump's chief economist said trade uncertainty dampened business investment last year.
LeBron James's media company accused of infringing trademark
A youth-focused nonprofit says the NBA star's company improperly used its slogan, "I am more than an athlete."
Bloomberg and NDAs: How these agreements work
Critics say the legal restrictions muzzle employees — and there is recent precedent for freeing them to speak.
Victoria's Secret to be sold and become private company
L Brands CEO Les Wexner will step down after private equity firm strikes deal to take control of the retailer.
Job hunters face a new hurdle: Impressing AI
Artificial intelligence is increasingly deciding whether you're fit for a job, but some experts call it "snake oil."
Morgan Stanley buying E*Trade for $13 billion
Blockbuster deal reflects a bet on the growth of smaller investors, a switch from Morgan Stanley's focus on the rich.
1 Mike Bloomberg = 660,000 American households, wealthwise
The billionaire media mogul's vast wealth has fueled his run for president, but it could also become a liability.
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Coronavirus economic hit could exceed $1 trillion
Companies from Apple to Puma say outbreak is hurting sales, but economists warn the toll could be much steeper.
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Redlining is illegal, but some say it's still around
Beginning in the 1930s, the practice of "redlining" by banks and real estate agents denied many people of color around the U.S. access to home loans. Federal laws now ban such mortgage discrimination, but some housing advocates say it has taken new forms.
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Redlining maps are gone, but problem hasn't disappeared
Mike Bloomberg claims the practice ultimately triggered the 2008 housing crash — but where does the term come from?
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Tesla tricked into speeding with simple electrical tape
A security firm says its car test highlights some of the potential pitfalls of automated driving systems.
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Wendy's fined for violating child labor laws
Massachusetts crackdown has also ensnared Chipotle and Qdoba, with the state uncovering thousands of violations.
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As economy flails, debtors' prisons thrive
More than a dozen states around the country are jailing people who can't afford to pay their criminal justice debts
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