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How to plan for gift spending, taxes and retirement
More than 32 million Americans already started their holiday shopping, and over half of the season’s shoppers don’t plan to use a budget. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins “CBS This Mornings” to discuss how to find ways to save this holiday season and get your finances organized for the end of the year.
A closer look at Black Friday deals
Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year but many deals are too good to be true. Personal finance strategist Farnoosh Torabi has details for CBSN.
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CBSN business headlines for November 12, 2015
Walmart will offer Thanksgiving deals online, Macy's sales fell last quarter, Tinder changes its matching algorithm and more. CBS News MoneyWatch's Jill Wagner has today's CBSN business headlines.
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April 15: Get ready to pay up if you owe quarterly taxes
Officials face pressure to delay as small business owners, freelancers and gig workers prepare for the first quarter deadline.
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MoneyWatch: Farms hit by bird flu can restock; Best, worst small U.S. cities named
Agricultural officials have cleared most commercial chicken and turkey farms infected by the avian flu to restock. Also, WalletHub has come out with its annual list of the best and worst small cities in the U.S. Hena Daniels reports on the day's top MoneyWatch headlines.
Amazon expanding parental leave for employees
Amazon is rolling out a more generous parental leave that includes up to 20 weeks of paid leave for mothers who give birth. Fathers are eligible for six weeks. A flexible return-to-work program allows employees to ramp back up gradually. The changes come three months after a New York Times investigation of Amazon's work culture. CBS News financial contributor Mellody Hobson joins “CBS This Morning” from Chicago to discuss the retail giant’s new policy.
Are carmakers, government ignoring deadly seat back danger?
Even if you bought a car with a five-star safety rating, if you're hit from behind, your seat may not protect you or the children sitting behind you. Experts say in certain crashes, some car seats can break and collapse, leading to paralysis or death. Kris Van Cleave reveals the findings of the investigation, first on “CBS This Morning.”
Alabama Amazon workers vote against forming union
In a big defeat for organized labor, Amazon has defeated efforts to unionize workers at its warehouse in Bessemer, Alabama.
Job title changes are coming for LinkedIn users
Users can select a "self-employed" job-title option on the website. Options for "sabbatical" or "parental leave" are coming soon.
Your stimulus checks can be garnished – except in these states
Private debt collectors can claim all or part of your $1,400 check. Officials in N.J. and other states are blocking them from doing so.
23andMe CEO on genetic testing relaunch, protecting privacy
Two years ago, the company 23andMe was poised to revolutionize personal genetic medicine. With a $99 saliva kit, it offered to analyze your DNA, revealing your risk for health threats like diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer. The FDA wrote a scathing warning letter ordering 23andMe to halt sales and stop giving customers a health analysis. The feds claimed 23andMe wouldn’t cooperate and ignored inquiries for six months. CEO and co-founder of “23 and Me” Anne Wojcicki joins “CBS This Morning" to discuss the company's future.
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Take charge of your health care and retirement plan
Health care costs are rising, with the average family of four spending more than $10,000 on medical expenses. Also, nearly 40 million American families are saving virtually nothing for retirement. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins "CBS This Morning" to offer tips on taking charge of your future.
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Designer duds, with a 30-year guarantee?
A young fashion designer in London wants to fill your closet with clothes that last - and he's backing them up with a unique guarantee. CBS' Jonathan Vigliotti reports from London.
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Amazon sues over 1,000 fake product reviewers
America's largest online retailer says the defendants sell bogus reviews starting at $5, and it is demanding that the defendants disclose who is buying their service and identify which reviews were paid for. editor and CBS News contributor Nicholas Thompson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the case and how consumers can spot a fake review.
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GM and Ford further cut car production due to chip shortage
Manufacturing slowdown will affect vehicles including the Cadillac XT5, Chevrolet Blazer and other cars.
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MoneyWatch: Report names most desirable places to work; Retailers gear up for Christmas
LinkedIn has named which companies are the most desirable places to work according to its Most In-Demand Employers list for 2015. Also, while Christmas is still months away, Christmas presents may be heading your way much sooner. Hena Daniels reports on the day's top MoneyWatch headlines.
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Billionaire Stephen Ross: I respect Trump, but I don't really see him as president
The real estate mogul and Miami Dolphins owner shares his thoughts on the Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.
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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' tackles racism, talks economy
Stephen Ross is a real estate powerhouse and his net worth is estimated at nearly $7 billion. He became part-owner of the Miami Dolphins in 2008 and later took majority control. His new non-profit RISE, or Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality, is launching a nationwide challenge with the overall goal of advancing race relationships in sports and beyond. Ross joins “CBS This Morning" to discuss the campaign, his thoughts on presidential candidate Donald Trump and why he's not optimistic about the economy.
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Unfiltered look at Instagram's global phenomenon
This month marks five years since Instagram started snapping up users in a flash. More than 40 billion photos later, the social media phenomenon keeps finding new ways to capture hearts and eyes. Only on “CBS This Morning,” the co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, speak to Gayle King for an unfiltered look at how Instagram found its focus.
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Travelers brace for final stage of US Airways-American merger
American and US Airways will complete the final steps of their merger, which creates the nation's biggest domestic carrier. The final US Airways flight leaves San Francisco Friday night, bound for Philadelphia. Kris Van Cleave reports on why some fear there could be a bumpy start to this new era.
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CBSN Business Headlines for October 15, 2015
Delta profits are soaring, US Airways ceases to exist, Danny Meyer's restaurants get rid of tipping and more. CBS News MoneyWatch's Jill Wagner has today's CBSN Business Headlines.
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"Hospitality included": Danny Meyer restaurants eliminate tipping
The restaurant legend plans to bar patrons from tipping his staff, as gratuities are going away for 13 of his Union Square Hospitality Group restaurants. Meyer joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the reasoning behind this change.
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Ex-Blue Bell Ice Cream workers on deadly listeria outbreak
In a CBS News investigation, the former workers claim management ignored complaints about dangerous conditions at their factory. The Texas facility is linked to a listeria outbreak that made 10 people sick and three people died. Jim Axelrod reports.
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MoneyWatch: SABMiller agrees to merger with Anheuser-Busch InBev
The move creates the world's largest beer giant, which would have 31 percent market share. Also, daily fantasy sites had their biggest weekend ever. Jill Wagner reports on the day's top MoneyWatch headlines.
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CBSN Business Headlines for October 12, 2015
A historical tech merger, gas prices may rise, Apple blocks its own app in China, Twitter layoffs and more. CBS News Moneywatch's Jill Wagner has today's CBSN Business Headlines.
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New law aims to limit antibiotics in animal feed
California is home to the nation's toughest law dealing with antibiotics given to animals that people eat. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill Saturday. Eighty percent of the antibiotics used in this country are not taken by humans to fight disease, but to help farm animals grow bigger, faster. That is fueling the rise of antibiotic resistance in people, including the threat from superbugs. Dr. David Agus joins "CBS This Morning" from Los Angeles to discuss the impact of the new law.
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Mystery glitch at Southwest delays flights nationwide
It could be an air travel nightmare for passengers flying Southwest Airlines, as the company delayed or canceled hundreds of flights already because of a mysterious glitch. The airline has no idea what's causing the problem. Arezow Doost from CBS Dallas-Fort Worth station KTVT reports from Love Field in Dallas, Texas.
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Half of S&P 500 report more money for foreign taxes than U.S. taxes
While Disney, Netflix and other big public companies made most of their money in the U.S. last year, their filings show more tax money flowing overseas than to Washington.
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IMF's Gita Gopinath on financial recovery in the wake of COVID-19
On "Facing Forward," Margaret Brennan talks with IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath on worldwide recovery efforts in the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.
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Stimulus cash could help save public jobs
More than 1.2 million public sector workers are out of a job thanks to the pandemic.
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