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Travel expert on safe summer vacations and the year of the road trip
Condé Nast Traveler's contributing editor Mark Ellwood joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss safe summer travel. He shares why rediscovering what is in one's own backyard with road trips and reconnecting with nature are the popular choices.
"Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs on new video questioning the meaning of July 4 for Black Americans
"Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss a powerful new video questioning the meaning of the Independence Day holiday for Black Americans, and how Frederick Douglass' July 4 speech resonates today.
Behind the scenes of Mount Rushmore’s Independence Day fireworks display
In light of the coronavirus pandemic, fears that fireworks displays will attract thousands of spectators has caused cities across the U.S. to cancel Independence Day celebrations. One pyrotechnic company, often called “the first family of fireworks,” shares their concerns while prepping for a show the president is expected to attend.
Epstein accuser: Maxwell's arrest a "win" but more conspirators at large
"You can't have two people just doing all the work, there has to be people helping them," Epstein accuser Michelle Licata claimed.
Doctor shares how to stay safe this July 4 holiday weekend
Nearly half of U.S. states have paused reopening plans as coronavirus cases are soaring in many cities. Ahead of the July 4 weekend, governors in California, Arizona and Texas have closed bars. Dr. Jon LaPook explains whether these actions will prevent a spike in cases. He also explains the safety precautions people should take this weekend.
What flying in the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic looks like
On a normal July 4 holiday weekend, there would be full planes and jammed roads, but not this year. So what does flying look like during the coronavirus pandemic? CBS transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave finds out.
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Several beaches nationwide close for the holiday weekend due to the spread of COVID-19
With a nationwide spike in coronavirus cases, some states prohibit visiting the beach this July 4 holiday weekend. Janet Shamlian reports.
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Florida hits 10,000 new coronavirus cases going into July 4 holiday
Florida broke another record with 10,000 new coronavirus cases reported in a single day. In Texas and California, governors are adding new restrictions ahead of the July 4 holiday in an effort to slow the spread. David Begnaud reports.
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Watch the moment a former sanitation worker finds out he got accepted to Harvard Law
Rehan Staton, a 24-year-old former sanitation worker, was ecstatic when he found out he was accepted into one of the world's top law schools. Raised by a single dad who worked endless hours to provide for him, Staton struggled in high school and was even told by one teacher he needed to be in special education classes. He told Vladimir Duthiers his co-workers inspired him to follow his dream, and credited the people "on the bottom of the hierarchy" for lifting him up.
COVID-19 vaccine sees early positive results
Pfizer and BioNTech reported encouraging signs in early clinical trials of a possible COVID-19 vaccine. The small study triggered stronger immune responses in recipients. More than 15 different possible vaccines are being tested on people worldwide. Dr. David Agus joined "CBS This Morning" with the latest on the global vaccine effort.
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Nation's unemployment rate falls to 11.1% as economy adds another 4.8 million jobs in June
The economy added another 4.8 million jobs in June, dropping the new unemployment rate to 11.1%. CBS News business analyst Jill Schlesinger joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss whether the data indicates the beginning of economic recovery.
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Travelers from low-infection countries welcomed in Greece after it successfully fought off COVID-19
On the Greek island of Skiathos, residents have been enjoying a coronavirus-free few months. With huge reliance on tourism, they're opening their borders to international travelers this week, but not to Americans. The opening is being welcomed by locals who will miss their favorite American tourists, CBS News foreign correspondent Holly Williams hears. She shares what the new normal in paradise looks like.
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Amanda Kloots says "ultimate goal" for husband Nick Cordero is to receive a double lung transplant
Broadway actor Nick Cordero is still fighting for his life after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Cordero has spent three months in the hospital, and his wife, Amanda Kloots, says he's still critically ill, even though he is now COVID-negative and no longer in a coma. In an exclusive interview with Gayle King, Kloots shares why she is holding on to hope and the long-term goal for her husband's recovery.
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Amid calls for police reform, many turn their focus to the powerful unions that protect officers
The Black Lives Matter movement is highlighting police unions and the role they play in protecting officers. Errol Barnett shares how these contracts affect investigations involving officers.
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Florida's Miami-Dade and Broward require all residents to wear masks amid coronavirus surge
In Florida, new emergency orders and curfews have been expanded to slow the spread of the coronavirus. The state is now up to nearly 160,000 cases. Many beaches are closing ahead of the July 4th weekend, and some areas are running low on coronavirus tests. David Begnaud reports.
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1,000-year-old British flour mill helps bread-making during lockdown
The popularity of baking bread during coronavirus lockdowns led to an increased demand for flour. Ian Lee gets a tour of a 1,000-year-old mill in Southwest England grinding to rescue with flour power.
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DOJ looking into Elijah McClain case for possible civil rights investigation
State and federal investigators are looking into Elijah McClain's death after a confrontation with police. McClain's family says they also want to know why ketamine was used on him. Jamie Yuccas reports.
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