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ACM Awards nominees announced
Country star Keith Urban will host the awards show, taking place in Las Vegas on Sunday, April 5.
What's behind the destruction of the Amazon rainforest
Between destructive fires and four decades of rapid deforestation, the largest rainforest in the world, is being destroyed at an alarming rate. Now, people worry that the Amazon is at a tipping point of ecological collapse due to both domestic and foreign demand for minerals and land. Adam Yamaguchi hiked into the Brazilian rainforest to see what is driving the deforestation and what locals think.
Black voters on Trump's impact and divisions in the U.S.
As President Trump tries to boost support among black voters, he is touting the record low unemployment rate among African Americans. Jericka Duncan speaks with two black voters in South Carolina who having opposing views on whether African-American communities are doing better under Mr. Trump’s presidency.
2 black voters are split on Trump — but they agree on one thing
President Donald Trump often claims black people are better off under his administration, citing low unemployment numbers.
Lori Loughlin's college admissions scam trial brings new evidence
Lawyers for actress Lori Loughlin and her husband claim new evidence shows the couple is innocent in the college admissions scandal that upended dozens of wealthy parents’ efforts to allegedly bribe their kids’ ways into top U.S. colleges and universities. Attorneys claim that prosecutors provided them with notes written by Rick Singer, the scheme’s admitted ringleader, that they say prove they did not pay a bribe to get their daughters into USC. Nikki Battiste explains what the new potential evidence may mean for the ongoing case.
Latest California coronavirus case raises alarm bells
California health officials are raising alarm over the first possible U.S. coronavirus case with no links to worldwide travel. The case is one of 60 known cases in the U.S. and over 82,000 cases worldwide. Across the world, Saudi Arabia closed all its major Islamic holy sites to foreigners, while Japan said it will close all schools for an entire month to keep the coronavirus from spreading. Carter Evans is in California where the latest U.S. patient is being treated in isolation.
California family left homeless after parents lose their jobs
A California couple who lost their jobs two years ago have found themselves living in a motel with their two children for a year as they struggle to recover their financial situation like hundreds of families all over the state. More than 17,000 children are estimated to be homeless in just the Los Angeles unified school district alone. Maria Elena Salinas speaks to the family as part of CBS News’ Eye on America series exploring the country’s ongoing homeless crisis.
How the 2020 Democrats are preparing for Super Tuesday
The Democratic presidential candidates are intensifying their campaigning ahead of Saturday’s South Carolina primary and the upcoming Super Tuesday election that will see them competing in 14 states. Nearly 1,400 delegates will be in play as the campaigns stretch thin in an effort to appeal to voters across the country. Ed O’Keefe breaks down the campaigns’ strategies.
Mother of missing kids to be extradited back to Idaho from Hawaii
Lori Vallow, the mother of two children whose 2019 disappearance continues to dominate headlines and baffle authorities, is now awaiting extradition back to Idaho after being arrested in Hawaii. Vallow appeared in court on Wednesday where a judge denied a request to reduce her bail. Errol Barnett reports on the latest details in the ongoing investigation.
Family living in motel speaks out amid homelessness crisis
When asked what she would want people to know about situations like hers, Kristin Eddings – who said she came from a middle class family – warned that "it can happen to anyone."
Former Homeland Security official on U.S. coronavirus response
As Homeland Security adviser to President George W. Bush, Fran Townsend helped create his administration’s strategy to handle a potential flu pandemic. She joins “CBS This Morning” to weigh in on the current state of coronavirus preparations both at home and abroad as the outbreak threatens to become a global pandemic.
Trump frustrated by CDC's coronavirus severity warning
President Trump’s Wednesday coronavirus press conference marked his second-ever appearance in the White House briefing room. Flanked by administration health and CDC officials, he tried to reassure Americans that the situation was contained even as the CDC warned those living in the U.S. that a likely outbreak would cause a severe disruption to daily life. Paula Reid is at the White House where Trump is reportedly frustrated that health experts did not paint a more positive outlook.
Molson Coors employee speaks out after gunman kills five at plant
A worker at the Molson Coors plant in Milwaukee said he was in an office just 15 to 20 feet away when gunshots rang out during his shift change. A fellow employee opened fire at the plant on Wednesday, killing five before turning the gun on himself. Dean Reynolds reports from the Wisconsin city where heavily armed authorities stormed the campus after receiving reports of an active shooter.
Los Angeles' Mayor Garcetti on helping homeless California families
Los Angeles' Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke to CBS News' Maria Elena Salinas about the perils facing families living along the poverty line in California and what more can be done to combat the country's mounting homelessness crisis.
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Senator Tim Scott on the trailblazer who inspires him
For Black History Month, hear from trailblazers about who has inspired them. South Carolina Senator Tim Scott says he found inspiration in Booker T Washington, who founded the famed Tuskegee Institute, one of the premiere universities for African Americans at a time when there were few options. In 2014, Scott became the first black senator from the South since Reconstruction.
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TV reporter accidentally does weather report with Facebook's googly-eye filter on
WLOS ABC 13 anchor Justin Hinton recently did a live weather report on Facebook to mark the first major snowfall in Asheville, North Carolina. Little did he know that he had accidentally turned on augmented reality filters that continuously changed as he spoke for nearly a minute.
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Dr. Tara Narula
Medical Contributor, "CBS This Morning"
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Personal finance expert on smart retirement strategies
Suze Orman, one of American’s most recognizable personal finance experts, has released a new book titled “The Ultimate Retirement Guide for 50+: Winning Strategies to Make Your Money Last a Lifetime.” She joins “CBS This Morning” to preview some of the new challenges facing this generation of retirees.
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Weinstein's guilty verdict is a #MeToo milestone
Harvey Weinstein’s criminal conviction comes nearly two and a half years after New York Times investigative reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey broke the story of the disgraced mogul’s sexual assault allegations. Kantor joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss Weinstein’s guilty verdict and how it is a milestone for the #MeToo movement.
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Family forced to buy medicine eight times the price of alternative
A father was stunned to learn that a drug used to treat his daughter’s rare medical condition costs eight times more than a similar alternative approved for adults only. For our series “Bill of the Month” we spoke to the Taksali family about the staggering $37,500 per year price tag.
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Winners and losers of fiery South Carolina Democratic debate
A fiery CBS News debate saw Democratic candidates go after frontrunner Bernie Sanders and former Republican NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg ahead of the Saturday South Carolina primary. Senior political analyst John Dickerson and CBS News political contributor Joel Payne join “CBS This Morning” to talk about the winners and losers on Tuesday night.
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Grandfather to plead guilty in toddler's cruise ship death
An Indiana grandfather will plead guilty to negligent homicide after his 18-month-old granddaughter fell to her death from the window of a cruise ship in Puerto Rico in 2019. Salvatore Anello initially pleaded not guilty in Chloe Wiegand’s death before he was offered a deal that spares him from going to jail and from having to admit to facts alleged by prosecutors. David Begnaud shares a statement given to CBS News from the grieving grandfather.
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Weinstein juror describes tension during deliberations
A juror in Harvey Weinstein’s New York trial told CBS’ “Inside Edition” that she felt like her heart “was going to pop out” of her chest after tense deliberations led to a guilty verdict for the disgraced movie mogul. Jericka Duncan reports from the courthouse where Weinstein was led away in an ambulance following his trial for what his attorney said were chest pains.
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Grandfather will plead guilty in girl's cruise ship death
Chloe Wiegand fell 150 feet from a window on the cruise ship while it was docked in San Juan.
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Is the U.S. ready for a severe coronavirus outbreak?
Everyone from medical officials to lawmakers on Capitol Hill are looking to make preparations for what the CDC says is an inevitable coronavirus outbreak in the country and pandemic across the globe. CDC Principal Deputy Director Anne Schuchat joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss their "aggressive approach" to keeping the disease contained.
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South Carolina Democratic debate highlights
Tuesday night’s Democratic debate in South Carolina saw the primary opponents clash over issues like race relations, healthcare and electability. Presidential candidates made their cases in what was the final encounter before both the South Carolina primary and the Super Tuesday elections. Major Garrett reports from South Carolina where he spoke to a confident-sounding Joe Biden after the debate.
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Democrats clash in final debate before Super Tuesday
Democratic presidential candidates repeatedly attacked front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders during the tense CBS News debate in Charleston, South Carolina. A poll taken after the debate saw nearly half of the viewers express nervousness about the candidates, while almost the same amount said they were optimistic. Ed O’Keefe breaks down what issues took center stage on Tuesday night.
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Congress prepares for inevitable U.S. coronavirus outbreak
The CDC issued a stark warning that Americans should prepare for an inevitable coronavirus outbreak, and that the disruption to U.S. life may be severe. So far 58 Americans have been diagnosed with the virus, a number the CDC has called “very few” compared to the 80,000 infected worldwide. Nancy Cordes breaks down lawmakers’ reactions on Capitol Hill.
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