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American cities tighten security in wake of Paris attack
American cities are stepping up security measures in the wake of the Paris attacks; but police say it's a tall order. Jeff Pegues reports from Washington.
Paris continues to mourn victims of terror attacks
As France launched another round of airstrikes on ISIS targets, French president Francois Hollande said he's motivated by the names and faces of the 129 killed Friday in terrorist attacks around Paris.
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Obama defends strategy on ISIS
President Obama addressed criticism today of his strategy on ISIS, saying that it is, "ultimately...going to work." He asked other nations to do more in the campaign. Margaret Brennan has more.
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Friends remember American killed in Paris
Friends of Nohemi Gonzalez, an American exchange student who died in a Paris cafe, are struggling to deal with her sudden loss. Scott Pelley has more.
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"60 Minutes" speaks with survivors of the attacks
Scott Pelley interviews two survivors of the Paris attacks for "60 Minutes."
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U.S. governors saying no to Syrian refugees
One of the terror suspects in Friday's Paris attacks may have entered the country disguised as a Syrian refugee. Now some U.S. governors are refusing to accept refugees. Nancy Cordes has more.
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Paris attacker apparently traveled from Syria with refugees
A possibly fake Syrian passport found near the body of one of the Paris attackers indicates he came to Europe by boat with a wave of refugees. Holly Williams has more.
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Paris attacks manhunt goes beyond French borders
The search for those responsible for Friday's terrorist attacks is spanning the globe as authorities try to hunt down the ISIS operatives involved. Allen Pizzey reports from Belgium.
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It happened in Paris, but it shook the world
CBS Weekend News anchor Jeff Glor reflects on the impact the attacks in Paris have had across the globe.
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Survivor stories of Paris theater attack
At least 89 of the victims were killed at the Bataclan theater as a U.S. rock band performed. CBS News correspondent Allen Pizzey reports on some of the incredible survival stories from that attack. Warning: Some of the images are graphic.
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How could ISIS plan the Paris attack without getting caught?
CBS News corespondent Contessa Brewer reports on how technology could have been used to conceal the Paris attacker's communications from authorities.
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Is a new strategy needed to fight ISIS?
Former CIA deputy director and CBS News senior security contributor Michael Morell discusses whether a new strategy in fighting ISIS is warranted after the terror attacks in Paris.
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Kurdish forces launch major attack to retake Sinjar, Iraq
The ground war against ISIS took a sharp turn when Iraqi Kurdish forces, backed by U.S. airstrikes, moved into Sinjar, a strategic town in Northern Iraq that ISIS overran a year ago. Charlie D'agata was embedded with the Kurds as the attack began.
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New study: Student loans are making it harder for Americans to retire
A new study reveals that many Americans are so burdened with student loan debt that it's affecting their ability to save for retirement. Anthony Mason has more.
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Milwaukee set to host fourth GOP debate
Donald Trump and Ben Carson are tied in the national polls and hope to use the fourth Republican presidential debate to gain an edge while their opponents look to catch up. Major Garrett has a preview of round four.
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Arrests made in largest-ever bank hacking
It's not often the perpetrators of major hacks ever see justice, but today two of three suspects charged in one of the biggest thefts of American banking information are in handcuffs for. Jeff Pegues has more.
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Push for seatbelts on school buses renewed
The head of the National Highway Safety Administration said Monday that the agency will take another look at whether or not school buses should have seatbelts. Kris Van Cleave has more.
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2 Louisiana officers charged with murder in 6-year-old's shooting death
A 6-year-old boy was buried Monday in Louisiana after he was shot dead by police during a pursuit last week. The officers who fired those shots have been charged with murder and are now being held on $1 million bail. David Begnaud reports.
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Officers charged in Louisiana shooting death of autistic boy
Two officers from Marksville, Louisiana, have been charged with the murder of a six-year-old autistic boy, whose funeral will occur Monday afternoon. CBS News correspondent David Begnaud has the story.
Study: Chemotherapy and pregnancy
Since parents are waiting longer to have children, a new study has looked into the effects of chemotherapy on babies whose mothers were treated for cancer during pregnancy. Dr. Jon LaPook has one mother's story.
60 Minutes preview: Failures in top secret government clearance system
A “60 Minutes” investigation reveals widespread failures in the system that grants top secret security clearances for federal employees and contractors. Scott Pelley has a report on how people with questionable records are slipping past background checks.
Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's personnel file released
The Fox Lake police department released Lt. Joe Gliniewicz's personnel file and it contains a look at the troubled officer. Sexual misconduct, suspensions, and other complaints have plagued the lieutenant throughout his career. Dean Reynolds has more.
Analysis: How low unemployment could affect interest rates
Now that 271,000 jobs were created in October and unemployment has dropped to five percent, Anthony Mason discusses how the good news may push interest rates up.
Stranded in Sharm el-Sheikh
Extra security proceedures in place in Sharm el-Sheikh have the thousands stranded there facing greater difficulties. With the pace of departing fights slowed significantly, many fear they will be stuck for many days longer. Allen Pizzey reports from Sharm el-Sheikh.
Two new books claim to expose Vatican secrets
Two new books are shining a light on what they say is a financial mess -- the multi-billion dollar enterprise that is the Vatican. Elizabeth Palmer reports.
Classical chamber music performed in homes reignites 18th century tradition
A new service is pairing classical chamber music performers with a home audience-- literally. 'Groupmuse' brings live musical performances into private homes, reports Michelle Miller.
Analysis: Lots of questions remain over Russian plane crash
Michael Morell, a former number two at the CIA and current CBS News senior security analyst, looks at what we know so far about the Russian plane crash.
NFL security questioned after protesters rappel inside Carolina Panthers stadium
An incident during Monday night's NFL game in Charlotte, North Carolina, where protesters rappelled down from the upper deck, is prompting the league to look at new security measures, reports Omar Villafranca.
Eight down, four months left in space for Scott Kelly
Scott Kelly has spent more time in space than any American. His current mission has him orbiting Earth for nearly a year. Jim Axelrod talked with him, via satellite, about what that's like.
Sweetener in some sugarless gums can kill dogs
A sugar substitute in some chewing gums called Xylitol has been found to cause severe low blood sugar and even liver failure in dogs. Chip Reid has more.