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Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories
‘Death by a thousand cuts’: How the House GOP took down Cheney
Her lightning-quick removal as Republican No. 3 all started in the Sunshine State.
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A shot at a million: Ohio offers vaccinated a chance to win big bucks, college scholarships
Gov. Mike DeWine said the lotteries would be paid from existing federal coronavirus relief funds.
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How a top New York mayoral candidate was caught up in a classic Albany scandal
Eric Adams was among elected officials who showed "exceedingly poor judgement" according to a state investigation.
WATCH: The latest Israeli-Palestinian conflict, explained
Playbook co-author Ryan Lizza breaks down the week’s top news story.
Biden orders federal cyber upgrade after barrage of hacks
The far-reaching directive is an attempt to close longstanding gaps in the government’s ability to block and investigate hacks.
Trump ‘Havana syndrome’ probe found more than a dozen instances in 5 years
In the Havana cases, victims reported residual headaches, loss of hearing and balance, and some cases of permanent brain damage.
Poll shows DeSantis on solid ground as Democrats try to find openings
Colonial Pipeline restarts operations after cyberattack
The resumption comes after rising panic buying of gasoline through the Southeast.
CDC panel endorses use of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine in young teens
The CDC panel voted 14-0 with one recusal on Wednesday in favor of expanding use of the shot, days after the FDA authorized its use in the same age group.
Chip Roy weighs a last-minute challenge to Stefanik for House GOP No. 3
“I don’t believe there should be a coronation,” Rep. Chip Roy told reporters on Wednesday.
McCarthy after ousting Cheney: 'I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election'
Rep. Liz Cheney lost her leadership spot Wednesday for openly criticizing former President Donald Trump's embrace of the "Big Lie."
'Unacceptable': Only 7 percent of vaccinated Florida residents are Black
Blinken assures Israel’s Netanyahu of U.S. support, urges deescalation as dozens killed
‘When we see children caught in the crossfire losing their lives, that has a powerful impact,’ Blinken said.
‘I have reassessed’: Former Pentagon official now says Trump may not have incited riot
Sparks flew between Democrats on the House Oversight Committee and the Trump appointees.
Facebook says no formal response this week to oversight board's decision, Trump review underway
The next date to watch out for is June 4, the deadline for Facebook to publicize how it will respond to the Facebook oversight board's policy recommendations on how to handle potentially dangerous posts from world leaders.
Evolving and salacious: The Matt Gaetz allegations, explained
POLITICO senior writer Marc Caputo explains what the allegations against Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) mean for the young conservative's future.
White House seeks to calm panic buying as southeast gas stations run dry
The Biden administration is trying to ease the supply panic that started this weekend.
Israeli strike brings down massive Gaza high-rise building
The strike comes amid a mounting death toll and the most severe outbreak of violence since in the area in at least seven years.
Crunch time on infrastructure for Biden and congressional leaders
President Joe Biden and congressional leaders meet Wednesday to hammer out whether a bipartisan deal on infrastructure is possible.
Tech critic Lina Khan gets bipartisan committee nod for FTC post
The Senate Commerce Committee endorsed the Biden nominee's confirmation for the consumer protection and antitrust agency, with only four of the 12 GOP members voting no.
Cheney booted from Republican leadership spot
Rep. Liz Cheney was voted out of House GOP leadership in a quick voice vote Wednesday morning.
Consumer prices shot up 0.8% in April as worries escalate
Over the past 12 months, prices are up 4.2 percent.
Harris once opposed the border closure. As vice president, she supports it.
Democrats, immigration advocates accuse Biden, Harris of keeping the border closed to limit immigration, not protect the country against the pandemic.
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The other targets of Biden's bipartisan outreach: Manchin and Sinema
Even as the White House woos Republican senators, it has its eye on Democrats' two swing votes.
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Opinion | A GOP Civil War? Don’t Bet On It.
We've heard that narrative before. The Democrats believe it at their peril.
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Red states ready to defy Biden’s ‘aggressive indoctrination’ on education
Republicans in states like Wisconsin, Florida and Alabama are already signaling that they would put up a fight against Biden’s expansive social welfare proposal.
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'Let's move on': Congress' other pro-impeachment Republicans stay quiet
Liz Cheney faces ouster from GOP leadership for continuing to rebut Donald Trump. She stands nearly alone in her willingness to sacrifice that perch.
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Grenell still weighing California recall bid as Republican field grows
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Israel, Hamas escalate heavy fighting with no end in sight
Palestinian rockets rained down almost nonstop on parts of Israel.
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Senate Democrats skeptical of extending $300 unemployment benefit
Senate Democrats are increasingly skeptical of extending the added $300 unemployment benefit after the weaker-than-expected jobs report.
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