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Politics, Policy, Political News Top Stories
Jimmy Carter attends Plains Peanut Festival
The former president has been in hospice care since February.
2 h
McCarthy ally to Republican rebels: Go ahead, make my day
Rep. Garret Graves told CNN it was possible he might force the hand of GOP insurgents.
3 h
Christie slams Menendez but rules out Senate run
New Jersey's former governor said he saw no "legal, or plausible, or ethical explanation" for the senator's conduct.
3 h
Tennessee Republican: I might push to oust McCarthy if he makes deal with Dems
“That would be something I would look strongly at," Rep. Tim Burchett said.
4 h
Ohio Republican on shutdown scenario: ‘I'll bet on Kevin McCarthy any day’
But Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters only sees chaos in the GOP.
5 h
'Repercussions' are essential for slowing immigration flow, Texas Democrat says
"You’ve got to deport people and you’ve got to show images of people being deported," Rep Henry Cuellar said.
6 h
Biden is standing with American workers with Michigan visit, Buttigieg says
“President Biden is doing what he has always done,” the Transportation secretary said.
6 h
Anti-vaccine groups are now rolling in cash
The anti-vax movement emerged from the Covid pandemic as a modern political force.
9 h
Can Joe Biden be made cooler online? This group's placing a $70 million bet on yes
ProgressNow is betting that improving Biden’s online presence — through memes, videos and other social media images — will help win over voters.
9 h
Rep. Wexton helped turn Virginia blue. Now Democrats need to hold onto her seat.
The rising star’s surprise retirement creates an opening that few expected.
9 h
How the Greatest Upset in Presidential History Almost Became a Constitutional Crisis
The 1948 election nearly threw the country into a state of paralysis.
9 h
'A rock star in Hudson County': Menendez's power base stays neutral after bribery indictment
Menendez, currently a Bergen County resident, has his political roots in Hudson County — an urban Democratic stronghold across the river from New York City notorious for its political fiefdoms and bossism.
‘It’s everywhere‘: Fighting the war against fentanyl
Key takeaways from POLITICO’s “Confronting America’s Opioid Crisis” live event in Texas.
Fetterman calls for Menendez to resign
Menendez was indicted for accepting bribes Friday.
1 d
Democrat Andy Kim announces bid to unseat Menendez in the Senate
Kim called for Menendez to resign Friday amidst a new indictment.
1 d
Ukraine targets a key Crimean city a day after striking Russia’s Black Sea Fleet headquarters
Crimea has served as the key hub supporting Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
1 d
Biden receives updated Covid shot amid rocky rollout, vaccine polarization
The updated shot was approved by the FDA earlier this month and the CDC recommended it for all individuals six months and older.
1 d
Burgum makes late break for GOP's second debate
No candidate’s participation is official until confirmed by the RNC.
1 d
Trump hits Biden on UAW visit
"If the UAW 'leadership' doesn’t ENDORSE me, and if I don’t win the Election, the Autoworkers are 'toast,'" the former president wrote on Truth Social Friday night.
1 d
Tropical Storm Ophelia makes landfall in North Carolina as coastal areas lashed with heavy rain
Life-threatening flooding caused by the weather system was forecast for parts of eastern North Carolina and southeastern Virginia.
1 d
McCarthy stares into the shutdown abyss
The speaker has only one clear exit route away from a government closure: working with Democrats. It's a path he still refuses to take.
1 d
Here’s what happens when the government shuts down
Food programs, Head Start, research money and the sausage-making of regulations all get put on hold.
1 d
Collins tries to steer her GOP away from the shutdown cliff
It may be strange for a centrist to be leading on spending strategy for an increasingly conservative party — and House Republicans aren't exactly cheering.
1 d
Opinion | John Fetterman Should Wear a Suit — And Republicans Should Put a Sock in It
The menswear guy is so over the sartorial scandal in Congress.
1 d
Our new poll shows just how much GOP voters have diverged from everyone else on vaccines
A significant number of Republicans question the safety of vaccines and say Americans shouldn’t be encouraged to get them.
1 d
Can Katie Britt Be the Face of the GOP’s Post-Trump Future?
The Alabama senator disdains the politics of hate, rarely mentions her party’s frontrunner and favors robust aid to Ukraine. That positions her well to lead a party digging out from Trumpism.
1 d
Newsom urges SCOTUS to consider encampment ruling that has 'paralyzed' California cities
The Democratic governor's intervention lays down a mark in a legal dispute with potentially profound implications for one of California’s most pressing issues.
2 d
Kagan hopes Supreme Court’s ideological divide on precedent isn’t permanent
The justice said it would be "a good thing" for the court to adopt an ethics code.
2 d
How gun safety advocates won over Biden
The White House said they needed full-time staffing to implement the president’s policies and to identify new creative actions on guns.
2 d
Democrats are running on abortion everywhere — even in Kentucky
The ads home in on a message Democrats successfully used last year.
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