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Airlines Are Using Disinfectant That Kills Herpes and MRSA to Clean Planes in Wake of Coronavirus Outbreak
Qantas used Viraclean, a hospital-grade disinfectant, while Korean Air opted for MD-125
Trump Campaign Sues The New York Times for Defamation Over Putin
The lawsuit said the newspaper knowingly published false and defamatory statements
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Louisiana Governor: Judge Should Resign After Admitting to Racial Slurs
The Democratic governor said the 'state deserves better'
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Multiple Fatalities After a Mass Shooting in Milwaukee’s Molson Coors Brewing Facility
Officials said the number of casualties has not yet been confirmed
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Colorado Set to Become 22nd State to Abolish Death Penalty
Three men are currently on death row in the state
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Congress Approves Legislation Designating Lynching a Federal Hate Crime After 120 Years of Defeats
The Emmett Till Antilynching Act was approved 410 to 4 in the House and now goes to President Trump
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That Viral ‘Shallow’ Singer Who Stunned the Internet Has Blessed Us With a Full Performance
Charlotte Awbery proved she is not just a viral one-hit wonder with her performance of "Shallow" on Ellen.
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The Jury’s Still Out on Whether Love Is Blind But These Memes Prove It Sure Is Funny
The finale of the Netflix reality show is coming soon
Pete Buttigieg Cancels Several Campaign Events Citing Illness
Three of the four events were fundraisers aimed to help Buttigieg reach $13 million in donations by Super Tuesday
Two Months After Child’s Disappearance, Mother of Missing Toddler Evelyn Boswell Arrested for Providing ‘False’ Information to Police
A Tennessee sheriff said the case of missing Evelyn Boswell is "unlike anything I’ve ever seen"
Pope Francis Marks Ash Wednesday Mask-Free as Some Italian Towns Cancel Services Amid Coronavirus Outbreak
The Pope sent his prayers to victims of the virus and the medical personnel treating them
Court Rules Trump Can Withhold Grant Money to States With ‘Sanctuary’ Policies
Wednesday's decision conflicted with three other federal appeals courts
Inside the Efforts to Prepare African Countries for COVID-19
The WHO has said its "biggest worry" with COVID-19 is to make sure that the disease doesn't spread in countries with weaker health systems, many of which are in Africa.
Here’s a Timeline of the Debate About How to Pronounce GIF
The great pronunciation debate has been reignited
The Heartbreaking Story Behind Netflix’s Documentary Series The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez
The new series examines how systemic problems allow horrific cases of child abuse to fall through the cracks
Cruise Ship Carrying Over 6,000 People Denied Entry to Jamaica and Cayman Islands Amid Coronavirus Fears 
The ship is now en route to its next port of call in Cozumel, Mexico
Chrissy Teigen Has a Relatable Method to Getting Her Daughter Luna to Pose for Photos
"She definitely hates photos, paparazzi, anything"
Land Deed for Pioneering School Sheds Light on an Early American Anti-Slavery Effort
The document, expected to sell for up to $350,000, also has a link to Alexander Hamilton
Just Call Him Harry: Prince Forgoes Royal Title at Latest Speaking Engagement in Scotland
The request reflected the shift underway in the British monarchy
A First-of-its-Kind Library of Potential Coronavirus Drugs, Built at Columbia University, Funded by China’s Richest Person
Led by HIV expert Dr. David Ho, the program will catalogue potential chemicals that could work against the next coronavirus to hit humans
5-Time Grand Slam Champ Maria Sharapova Retires From Tennis
Maria Sharapova is retiring from professional tennis at the age of 32 after five Grand Slam titles and time ranked No. 1. She has been dealing with shoulder problems for years. In an essay written for Vanity Fair and Vogue about her decision to walk away from the sport, posted online Wednesday, Sharapova asks: “How…
Jif Peanut Butter Is Having the Most Fun With the Debate Over How You Should Be Pronouncing Gif
Jif peanut butter has waded into one of the most fervent debates of our modern time: the right way to pronounce GIF. The battle has raged for some time now between those with strong feelings as to the hard — or soft — pronunciation of that big “G,” but nothing settles folks down like a…
‘This Will Push Many People Over the Edge,’ Parents Warn as Hong Kong Closes Schools Until April Over Coronavirus Fears
(Bloomberg) — The emails are piling up, office queries need attention, and Jackie Yang’s kids won’t leave her alone. “‘Mom, I don’t know how to log on to the computer;’ ‘Mom, help me print out my paper.’ Imagine hearing ‘Mom!’ every minute. I’m just up to my neck,” said Yang, who works for a Chinese…
7-Year-Old South Carolina Child Dies ‘One Minute Into’ Tonsil Surgery
Family members said the girl snored in her sleep but was otherwise healthy.
Pentagon Plan Calls for a $9 Billion Surge in Nuclear Spending by 2025
It reflects a major boost to an effort started under President Barack Obama to replace aging nuclear systems
Los Angeles Firefighters Respond to Massive Refinery Fire After Explosion
An explosion went off before the fire began burning in a cooling tower at the refinery, the fire department said
Organizers Press Ahead With Tokyo Olympics Despite Threat of Coronavirus
Organizers face a three-month window to decide the fate of the games