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Rep. Matt Gaetz Faces House Ethics Probe as Federal Investigation Widens
Federal agents have been examining Gaetz’s connections to several other influential Florida political figures
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Earthquake in Indonesia Kills At Least 7 People
The U.S. Geological Survey said the magnitude 6.0 quake struck off the island's southern coast
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Supreme Court Halts California COVID-19 Restrictions That Limit Home Worship
California has already announced significant changes loosening restrictions on gatherings that go into effect April 15
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Prince Philip Honored With 41-Gun Salutes Across U.K.
Batteries of cannons and guns fired 41 rounds at one-minute intervals starting at midday
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What Happens Next in the Rising Violence Between Ukraine and Russia
After a lull in fighting since last July, the last few weeks have seen an outbreak of violence along the ceasefire line separating the breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine with the rest of the country… prompting Moscow to start massing troops along Ukraine’s border. Is it a prelude to war? Not likely. Here’s what happens…
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‘You Can’t Escape the Gravitational Pull of Jeff Bezos.’ How Amazon Won the Preliminary Union Vote in Alabama
After months of campaigning, weeks of voting, and hours of counting thousands of green ballots by hand, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) delivered Amazon an apparent win on Friday afternoon against the most significant labor union drive the retail giant has faced in its 26-year-history. In the Bessemer, Alabama warehouse, 1,798 employees voted to…
‘Haunted Countries Deserve Haunted Stories.’ How America’s History of Racial Housing Discrimination Inspired Amazon’s New Horror Series THEM
The first season of the horror anthology series offers a haunting look at the history of racially restrictive covenants
Why a Weakened NRA May Still Block Joe Biden’s Moves on Guns
This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. Matthew Lacombe literally wrote the book on the NRA’s political power. Well, at least its most recent version, published last month from Princeton University Press. He also teaches an…
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A Surprising Opinion From Justice Thomas May Signal an Ominous Shift on Free Speech
A curious thing happened at the Supreme Court a few days ago. One of the justices, Clarence Thomas, broke from his traditional judicial role and weighed in on a matter of public policy. He tried to put his thumb on the scales of a political dispute and floated legislative ideas that would profoundly and negatively…
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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Watching The Real Housewives
Drama is guaranteed, social currency is key and the shade is definitely real
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Two New Studies Point to How AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Is Linked to Blood Clots
The studies provide a possible explanation for the clotting side effects
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Joss Whedon’s Confusing, Overcrowded The Nevers Indulges in the Laziest Habits of TV’s Dickens Obsession
There was a time, not so long ago, when to describe a television show as Dickensian was to pay it the highest possible compliment. But peak TV tends to debase every marker of prestige it touches, through infinite imitations
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How the Pressure of the Model Minority Myth Restricts Our Imagination—and Our Freedom
Ambition saturates my earliest memories. I was a parody of the so-called “model” minority. As a pre-teen, I scribbled journal entries about my Ivy League dreams. In high school, whenever I visited Boston for debate tournaments, I made a pilgrimage to touch the famous “lucky” foot of the John Harvard statue on which, I later…
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In Arkansas, Trans Youth Face the Country’s Strictest Laws Yet
HB 1570 is just the latest—and strongest—anti-trans bill to pass this year
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How Prince Philip Became Queen Elizabeth’s Unlikely Husband
Philip's unusual background allowed him to help his Queen and wife become the monarch who defined a new era for her nation
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Prince Philip Was Queen Elizabeth’s ‘Strength and Stay.’ Their Marriage Was Also Incredibly Complex
The Queen once noted that Philip was an often-hidden force in keeping her steady
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In the Oscar-Nominated The Man Who Sold His Skin, a Refugee Stakes His Future on a Tattoo
Tunisia's first Oscar nominee tangles with serious issues, among them the plight of refugees and the nature of art and exploitation
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Rioters Ignore Pleas for Calm as Violence Flares Again in Belfast
Despite appeals by U.K. and Irish leaders, unrest has erupted over the past week amid tensions over post-Brexit trade rules
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COVID-19 Patient Receives Lung Transplant From Living Donors
The recipient is recovering after the nearly 11-hour procedure in Japan—the first operation of its kind
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What I Wish I’d Done Before I Lost My Daughter and Mother
Sometimes when my daughter Caitlin was growing up, images and ideas would sneak into my head before I could squeeze them away. What a headstone might say. The Freddie Mercury music that would accompany a heartbreakingly beautiful video of her life at a memorial service. When she reached adulthood and her quality of life began…
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