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North Korea Claims Victory Over COVID-19 and Blames Seoul for the Outbreak
Coming just three months after an outbreak was acknowledged, the boast is widely disputed
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‘Hunter Biden’s Laptop’ Is Not a Rational Defense of Trump at This Moment
The Trump orbit didn’t invent this sort of misdirection but it did hone it in significant ways.
Why Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Is Key For Bladder Cancer Patients
Working with a physical therapist who specializes in pelvic floor disorders could offer better control for some patients
A New U.S. Crackdown Has Crypto Users Worried About Their Privacy
Tornado Cash’s service has let hackers flourish, regulators say. But privacy experts worry the ban goes too far.
The Year’s Final Supermoon Reminds Us Why We Love the Night Sky
The Sturgeon Supermoon is coming. The hoopla that's greeting it is rooted deep in our history as a species
The Curious Case of the Australian Activist Arrested for Threatening to Blow Up China’s Embassy in London
Drew Pavlou insists that a Chinese operative sent a bomb threat from a spoofed email account in his name.
Iranian National Charged in Plot to Kill Former Top Trump Advisor John Bolton
The Justice Department announced Wednesday it charged a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in connection with an assassination plot against former National Security Advisor John Bolton. Shahram Poursafi, 45, is accused of orchestrating a $300,000 murder-for-hire plot against Bolton in Washington or Maryland. Poursafi, who also goes by an alias of Mehdi Rezayi,…
A Hotter World Means More Disease Outbreaks in Our Future
Extreme temperatures are fueling more encounters between people and pathogens.
Watch: How Reality TV Reshaped Our World
Rep. Herrera Beutler, Who Voted to Impeach Trump, Concedes
Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler conceded to Joe Kent, a former Green Beret who Trump endorsed in the GOP primary in Washington state.
Trump Says He’s Testifying Wednesday in NY Investigation
The civil investigation involves allegations that the Trump Organization misstated the value of prized assets like golf courses and skyscrapers.
Amazon’s Well-Meaning Revisionist A League of the Own Falls Short of a Home Run
Abbi Jacobson and D'Arcy Carden lead a grown-up reboot whose heartfelt but overly dutiful revisionism almost works.
Want to Do More Good? This Movement Might Have the Answer
Effective altruists believe we should care about people thousands of miles away—and perhaps even millions of years in the future.
“War Is Betrayal.” Coming to Terms With America’s Disastrous Departure from Afghanistan
What does the Afghanistan debacle mean for America's veterans and those we left behind?
Elon Musk Sells $6.9b of Tesla Stocks in Case He Is Forced to Buy Twitter
Bid to avoid a last-minute selloff if he has to go ahead with his aborted Twitter takeover plan
Super Diverse: Turning 60, Spider-Man’s Appeal Transcends All Boundaries
The popularity of this superhero cuts across race, gender and nationality
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Revenge Travel May Be a Big Problem for Places Like Thailand’s Famous Maya Bay
The world famous cove's ecosystem recovered during the pandemic but is threatened again as travel resumes
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Albuquerque Police Charge Afghan Man in Muslim Killings
Shia-Sunni divide over a wedding is among the possible motives being examined
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Trump Allies Are Attacking Biden For a Plan to Hire 87,000 New IRS Agents That Doesn’t Exist
The IRS will get nearly $80 billion in new funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, but most of it won't go to hiring new agents.
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Remembering Issey Miyake Through His 4 Most Innovative Creations
From Pleats Please to Steve Jobs' turtlenecks
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Dropbox Tossed Out the Workplace Rulebook. Here’s How That’s Working
Under its Virtual First program, Dropbox employees are expected to work virtually at least 90% of the time
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Mississippi Grand Jury Declines to Indict Emmett Till’s Accuser
Carolyn Bryant Donham, whose accusation set off the lynching of Black teenager Emmett Till, is now in her 80s
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Watch: These Scientists Are Trying to Stop Future Pandemic Threats
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Mongolia’s Prime Minister Wants to Transform the Country. That Means Looking Beyond Russia and China
Prime Minister Luvsannamsrain Oyun-Erdene wants to transform Mongolia—if geopolitics doesn't get in the way.
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Mastriano, Pennsylvania’s GOP Nominee for Govenor, Cuts Short Interview With Jan. 6 Panel
Doug Mastriano was outside the Capitol that day and helped organize efforts in Pennsylvania to submit alternate presidential electors beholden to Trump.
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The Israel-Gaza Truce Is Holding. But Another Deadly Showdown Looms
All the conditions that sparked the latest showdown remain in place, not least the crippling 15-year-long Israeli-led blockade.
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Why I Stayed in a Marriage That Was Making Me Miserable
"What kind of confident, independent woman was petrified of being single?"
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Trump Allies Predict FBI Search of Mar-a-Lago Will Help Republicans in the Midterms
The unprecedented move by federal law enforcement to execute a search warrant on a former President's home could serve to mobilize Trump's base.
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What to Know About the Monkeypox Drug TPOXX—And Why It’s So Hard to Get
The antiviral treatment isn’t approved yet for monkeypox in the U.S., but is available under compassionate use.
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Bioplastics Make Up 1% of Plastic Production Right Now. Investors Hope To Change That
The bioplastics industry envisions a far bigger role in the hopes of grabbing a larger share of a nearly $600 billion global plastic market
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