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Nobel Prize Awarded to mRNA Pioneers Who Paved the Way for COVID-19 Vaccines
Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman discovered a key step toward making mRNA vaccines, leading to the COVID-19 vaccine and the Nobel Prize.
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Montana Is Appealing Landmark Youth Climate Ruling
In August, a judge ruled that Montana's environmental law violates the plaintiffs' state constitutional rights to a clean environment.
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A ‘Widespread’ Bedbug Outbreak Is Taking Over Paris During Fashion Week
A surge of bedbugs have been spotted in Paris' public spaces. But the problem has been years in the making.
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What to Know About Laphonza Butler, Governor Newsom’s Pick to Succeed Feinstein
She would be California’s first openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator and the first Black lesbian to openly serve Congress.
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The Budget Deal Is a Tragedy for Ukraine
The GOP pulling of support for Ukraine will embolden Putin and weaken the war effort, argues Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.
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How Authorities Tracked Down a Palm Print That Broke Open the Polly Klass Kidnapping Case
The offense that would ultimately yield the palm print was a broken taillight.
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New York Trial Accusing Trump of Lying About His Wealth Opens
The civil case, brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James, accuses the business-mogul-turned-politician and his company of deceiving banks, insurers and others by habitually misstating his wealth in financial statements.
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Go Midwest, Young Man
People sick of forest fires, floods, and extreme heat are fleeing the Sun Belt and heading to cities like Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Detroit.
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The Model Kevin McCarthy Should Follow After the Shutdown Fight—But Probably Won’t
American history shows that Congress can function well even in deeply divided times.
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Everything to Know About Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour Movie Event
Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour has concluded but fans can now look forward to the Renaissance concert film
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Oil Industry to Act on Methane and Flaring, COP28 Chief Says
More than 20 oil and gas producers will cut methane emissions alongside setting targets to reach net zero by 2050, Sultan Al Jaber said.
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Top European Diplomats Meet in Kyiv to Support Ukraine
Top European diplomats gathered in Kyiv in support for Ukraine’s fight against Russia’s invasion as signs of strain show among allies.
Nobel Prize in Medicine Goes to Scientists Behind mRNA COVID Vaccines
Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman won the award for their groundbreaking discoveries in the developing mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.
The Enduring Charm of John Grisham
The author, who has 48 consecutive No. 1 bestsellers, is out this month with a new novel, "The Exchange," a long-awaited sequel to"The Firm."
Trump Is Lying to His Supporters About Gag Orders
In appeals for campaign donations, Donald Trump is claiming a proposed gag order would block him from criticizing Joe Biden. It's not true.
The Story of One iPhone Factory Powering Apple’s Pivot to India
Apple is betting big on India as it pivots iPhone manufacturing from China. Here's how that's playing out for workers in South India
Southeast Asia’s First High-Speed Railway, Funded by China, Launches in Indonesia
The railway, a key project under China’s Belt and Road infrastructure initiative, has been beset with delays and increasing costs, and some observers doubt its commercial benefits.
Gavin Newsom Names Democratic Strategist Laphonza Butler to Fill Feinstein’s Senate Seat
Gavin Newsom fulfilled his pledge to appoint a Black woman if Dianne Feinstein’s seat became open. Butler will be the only Black woman currently serving—and the first openly LGBTQ+ person to represent California—in the Senate.
Taylor Swift Continues to Make the NFL Must-Watch TV
The NFL might be just as excited as Swifties are about the pop star’s budding romance.
Bye Bye BRI? Why 3 New Initiatives Will Shape the Next 10 Years of China’s Global Outreach
Why three new initiatives will shape the next 10 years of China’s global outreach.
Congress Avoided a Government Shutdown—What Happens Next?
Now that a government shutdown has been avoided, what will happen next? Here's what you need to know.
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Gaetz Seeks To Oust McCarthy As House Speaker Amid Calls For New Leadership
Matt Gaetz said he will try to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a fellow Republican, from his leadership position.
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Suicide Bomber Detonates a Device in the Turkish Capital
The attack occurred hours before Parliament was set to reopen after its three-month summer recess with an address by President Erdogan.
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Ukraine Aid Is Dropped From Government Funding Bill, Raising Questions About U.S. Support
Congressional supporters of Ukraine say they won't give up after a bill to keep the federal government open axed aid to the war-torn nation.
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Congress Dodges Government Shutdown With Last-Minute, Short-Term Deal
The bipartisan deal extended federal funding until Nov. 17 and allocated billions for disaster relief, but no funds for Ukraine.
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